BLVR&D Barrel-Aged Pack 2019

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    The BLVR&D Barrel-Aged Pack liberates three brand new oak-influenced creations from the barrel cellar to the shelf starting Monday, October 7th. Expect to see this mixed six-pack available throughout our national distribution footprint. Ryan McNeive, lead brewer of our barrel-aging program, details each new beer in the pack.

    Whiskey & Cabernet Cask Imperial Stout

    I drink red wine more than beer some weeks, and I’ve always loved the way imperial stouts, cabernet casks and bourbon casks blend together. Ever since we did our Cabernet Cask release a few years back I’ve been wanting to take another stab at this style. The finished beer is a blend of two different imperial stout recipes aged in an arrangement of rye finished cabernet, French oak cabernet, bourbon and barrels once containing both cabernet and bourbon. I was able to get a lot of great oak barrels from some Napa California wine producers for the blend, and there are a lot of tannins in this beer from all of the different casks.

    This was a blend of two different imperial stout recipes aged in a arrangement of rye finished cabernet, French oak cabernet, bourbon, twice barreled cabernet bourbon casks. There is a lot of tannins in this beer from all the different oak casks. The blend of the 2 stout recipes gives us more chocolate and cocoa flavors, with the base beer plato being higher than Whiskey Barrel Stout, making it ideal for barrel-aging.

    Bourbon Barrel Belgian-Style Dark Ale

    We tried to clone my favorite beer, Rochefort 10, and then obviously barrel-age it. So it is really just an homage to my favorite brewery. The beer derives a lot of dark fruit flavors from the yeast with barrel flavors and tannins giving it more depth and complexity.

    Imperial Sweet Stout in Bourbon Barrels

    We added some different malts and lactose sugar to an imperial stout base to make a really sweet imperial stout that was like drinking a pastry stout without adding any adjuncts after barrel-aging. It has a lot of different chocolate flavors as well as a small amount of licorice. This is different than Whiskey Barrel Stout, but similar to our release Good L’Oven we did earlier this year, which lent itself well to barrel-aging and was my favorite Brewhouse One release so far.

    I’ve been working with a broker to get freshly dumped barrels from my favorite distiller, just for us. I don’t know really anyone else getting full truckloads from this brand (which we can't reference by name because of broker agreements, sorry!). We were able to age this whole project in these barrels, giving each beer a great taste, and the barrels are high quality with big, bold tannins. Great barrel-aged beer needs to be aged in great barrels; it seems simple, but it takes a lot of time sourcing barrels and coordinating with distilleries in getting large amounts of fresh barrels.

    Bourbon Barrel Belgian-Style Dark Ale
    • 11.9% ABV, 16 IBUs
    • Pair with bacon-wrapped dates, dark chocolate torte, blue cheese
    Whiskey & Cabernet Cask Imperial Stout
    • 12.5% ABV, 28 IBUs
    • Pair with wine-braised short ribs, venison, smoked cheeses, bittersweet chocolate
    Imperial Sweet Stout in Bourbon Barrels
    • 11.9% ABV, 26 IBUs
    • Pair with roasted leg of lamb, Mexican mole, spicy BBQ, smoked cheddar

    On a personal note, I am a HUGE of boulevard's barrel program and their pricing. I know the rest of you will pay less than I did, but I was thrilled to get this mixed 6 for $20. What a tremendous value! After I try some of these, I might go back for a case.

    On another personal note, it's a shame that easy to get, nationwide releases like this don't get attention on BA anymore. This has apparently been out for almost two months and I had no idea it existed.
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    National distro you say? I'll definitely keep an eye out!
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    The only thing that is probably going to keep me from buying this is how the shops around here usually price barrel-aged anything. If this was $15.00, I'd say hell yes, but at $20.00 it's getting close/into a no-go zone for me.
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    I was thinking if I found that collection for $20 I'd jump on it. I will keep my eyes open.
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    This sounds fantastic and would happily pay 20/6 here in NY if I find it. Really underrated brewery with a nice barrel program. I haven’t seen hide nor hair of these beers yet in NYC, Hudson valley or NJ so I fear if any made It this way it’s come
    And gone.
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    Where in PA?

    Its about the same price as Willetized. Im in.

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    Beer and beverage shoppe on Roseville road in Lancaster. They had several cases.
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    Just got a Quadruple Conundrum pack with the glass for $20 and that’s only 4 beers- still a no brainer...

    Will certainly grab a 6er if I see it!
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    It was ~$16.99 pretty consistently within Kansas City.
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    This pack out-shined their IPA R&D pack (which I also enjoyed), and is the first Boulevard release in a long time that left me feeling impressed. Hope to see Boulevard do more like this going forward.

    I'd recommend picking this one up if you get the opportunity.