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Discussion in 'Extreme Beer Fest in Cyberspace (2021)' started by Todd, Feb 5, 2021.

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  1. Todd

    Todd Founder (13,172) Aug 23, 1996 California
    Staff Super Mod Pooh-Bah Society Trader

    Virtual Booth/Discussion Thread for:

    Carton Brewing Co. (Atlantic Highlands, N.J.)

    The World's Turned Upside Down; 12oz can; ABV% TBA; A grilled pineapple and maraschino cherry Barleywine. Brewed and canned for Extreme Beer Fest: Cyberspace (2021).

    Joining us: Augie Carton

    Have a question for Carton? Drop it in this thread and your question could make the live feed!

    Like what you're drinking? Support the brewery and grab some merch!
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  2. MattyBlayze

    MattyBlayze Crusader (404) Nov 3, 2015 New Jersey

    Carton is really the reason I'm attending EBF. For years, I went to Carton every Wednesday afternoon to try whatever was on randall that day, and I remember @augiecarton always talking about the crazy stuff he was bringing up to Boston for EBF (still have an odd desire to try Deli). Having other commitments this weekend every year, I'm delighted to finally have the opportunity to participate!
  3. TimHitchings

    TimHitchings Initiate (0) Oct 7, 2010 New Jersey

    I understand that you mixed different portions in order to arrive at the final product. What is that process like and how do you scale that up to production?
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  4. entheos

    entheos Initiate (0) Nov 9, 2019 California

    Should I age this beer in its original can?
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  5. entheos

    entheos Initiate (0) Nov 9, 2019 California

    What do the initials O.W.C nean?
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  6. Dtour

    Dtour Initiate (199) Nov 27, 2020 Oregon

    As this is my first EBF, is this something you do specifically for the fest every year? That is awesome! What are some of your past favorite EBF brews?
  7. entheos

    entheos Initiate (0) Nov 9, 2019 California

    I have tried barely wine and find it interesting that it's called a wine rather than a beer? Is this really just beer-like wine?
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  8. Orvallian84

    Orvallian84 Initiate (0) Jan 13, 2021 New Jersey

    Is this a Hamilton reference?
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  9. socon67

    socon67 Grand Pooh-Bah (3,479) Jun 18, 2010 New York

    Barleywines are a style that isn't trendy in the current hazy beer scene. Do you think they could be more mainstream?
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  10. Lupin

    Lupin Initiate (0) Jun 4, 2006 Connecticut

    My friend Newsie hates barleywines so I am excited for his reaction to this. Was this inspired by a cocktail?
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  11. MattyBlayze

    MattyBlayze Crusader (404) Nov 3, 2015 New Jersey

    Given the obvious love affair that Sam and Augie have for each other, might I suggest we auction off "A Night with Sam and Augie" for charity? I'll gladly make the first bid!
  12. JMaurice

    JMaurice Initiate (0) Dec 5, 2020 Canada (QC)

    What’s the best thing about brewing in New Jersey?
  13. LoriS17

    LoriS17 Devotee (328) Apr 4, 2013 Arizona

    So excited to try this one!
  14. JMaurice

    JMaurice Initiate (0) Dec 5, 2020 Canada (QC)

    What is your guilty pleasure movie?
  15. jpthebrit

    jpthebrit Initiate (0) Jun 9, 2017 New Jersey

    What’s the most unusual combination of beers you’ve ever blended?
  16. Bostonianite

    Bostonianite Initiate (0) Feb 4, 2017 Massachusetts

    How do you respond to people who (accurately) refer to New Jersey as the armpit of America? (Spoken as a former NJ native)
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  17. JoanArkham

    JoanArkham Initiate (191) Apr 4, 2014 District of Columbia

    I have the song stuck in my head now...
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  18. 8ate8

    8ate8 Initiate (0) Aug 10, 2013 New Jersey

    Augie will say it has no meaning, but one of the first times they referenced it, they said it stood for Original Wooden Carton.
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  19. MattyBlayze

    MattyBlayze Crusader (404) Nov 3, 2015 New Jersey

    Pork Roll or Taylor Ham? (And since I know his answer, can @augiecarton enlighten everyone to the differentiation between North, Central and South Jersey?) And, to make it beer related, can we have a Pork Roll beer at EBF next year?
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  20. trainman74

    trainman74 Initiate (0) Jan 12, 2021 California

  21. JMaurice

    JMaurice Initiate (0) Dec 5, 2020 Canada (QC)

    How much beer do you consume on an average workday?
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  22. chetw

    chetw Initiate (0) Jan 24, 2013 Pennsylvania

    I drank so much Boat beer but I still haven't received my boat. Do you need my address again?
  23. entheos

    entheos Initiate (0) Nov 9, 2019 California

    Sorry if this question is misplaced, but I tried to check in to Untappd, and there is no beer advocate location for the virtual extreme beer festival. Where is it?
  24. giantleprechaun

    giantleprechaun Initiate (0) Jan 12, 2021 New Jersey

    There's no such thing as Central Jersey. Everyone knows the divider line is the Driscoll Bridge aka Raritan River.
  25. Kraemer111

    Kraemer111 Initiate (0) Jan 19, 2021 Ohio

    You should play the video for the next beer during the break. These videos are great.
  26. gpapp9631

    gpapp9631 Initiate (0) Jun 19, 2015 New Jersey

    Any plans to expand?
  27. mardolin

    mardolin Initiate (0) Mar 28, 2008 Massachusetts

    What classifies this as a barleywine? This tastes like a flat Shirley Temple with a splash of bud light and a shot of Campari.
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  28. FBarber

    FBarber Grand High Pooh-Bah (6,989) Mar 5, 2016 Illinois
    Super Mod Pooh-Bah Society Trader

    I just need to point out how absolutely incorrect this is ... there is definitely a central jersey. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
    Pork Roll baby!
  29. Chuehgriffith

    Chuehgriffith Initiate (0) Dec 5, 2020 California

    What is the best selling style of beer on the Jersey Shore?
  30. hearmerawrrr

    hearmerawrrr Aspirant (289) Sep 21, 2010 Connecticut

    Should I drink this while upside down?
  31. UrbanCaveman

    UrbanCaveman Pooh-Bah (1,866) Sep 30, 2014 Ohio
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    This is exquisite. Holy crap. How often can I buy this?
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  32. murphmeister4000

    murphmeister4000 Initiate (0) Jan 12, 2021 New York

    I've always enjoyed barleywines (usually because the ABV :grin: ), but what exactly is a barleywine?
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  33. hypeduponsugar

    hypeduponsugar Initiate (0) Jan 17, 2021 Nebraska

    You mention about flavors a bunch in the video. Do you cook alot at home?
  34. Naugros

    Naugros Initiate (0) Apr 24, 2010 New Jersey

    Since this is a dessert beer, and since you're a foodie, what meal would this follow?
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  35. ericandersen

    ericandersen Initiate (0) Jan 13, 2021 Massachusetts

    What is O.W.C. and where did the artwork inspiration come from?
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  36. forty2j

    forty2j Initiate (0) Jan 12, 2021 New Jersey

    Tastes like a cherry mead!
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  37. Transamguy77

    Transamguy77 Initiate (0) Oct 4, 2015 Pennsylvania

    I watched your video and it sounds like this is like a pinnacle beer, if and how do you think you could top it?
  38. asjordan

    asjordan Initiate (0) Jan 12, 2021 California

    I smell apples.

    This is my first barleywine.
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  39. cryptichead

    cryptichead Grand Pooh-Bah (3,441) Jul 3, 2014 Illinois
    Data Mod Pooh-Bah Society Trader

    What were the barrels used?
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  40. 2beerdogs

    2beerdogs Grand Pooh-Bah (4,626) Jan 31, 2005 California
    Pooh-Bah Society Trader

    Dude, you are blessed. I used to get a lot of Carton love by way od BA extraordinaire @SammyJaxxxx . I have loved each and every beer sent my way.
    #40 2beerdogs, Feb 6, 2021
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