Bought my KBS this week...2015?

Discussion in 'Cellaring / Aging Beer' started by dlcarst, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. dlcarst

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    My store has a 2 bottle limit on KBS and keeps it in the back. That's pretty standard. I bought two bottles Tuesday and went back today and bought two more. I went to drink one that I bought today. I thought it odd that it had a black cap. Then I saw the date. 2015. The bottles I bought Tuesday were 2018. I'm guessing they had a stash that wasn't supposed to be sold and the employee (who clearly knew little about craft beer) got the wrong KBS. I'm disappointed. Fresh KBS is awesome. Year old KBS falls off a lot. I've never had it beyond a year, but the coffee and chocolate that make it so great will be as good as gone. Do I bring them back and ask to exchange for fresh bottles? Drink them for the experience and be disappointed? It was mostly just weird. This isn't a huge craft area. I wouldn't have expected them to have an aging stash.
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    Seems like a pretty easy choice when put that way.

    Might have just been "lost" in the retailer's backroom storage or distributor warehouse.
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    I agree, take them back. If I new for sure they were stored properly, I would keep one for science.

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    I would probably be slightly dishonest by opening one 2015. If I enjoyed it, keep them and say nothing. If I did not enjoy it, take them both back and say you did not know it was 2015 until you opened it and tasted that it was off. No one's going to fight with you about it. It's their fault.
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    I talked to the manager and asked what he wanted. I said I'd drink them, but if he wanted them back I'd bring them back. I knew he probably had them stashed away, and that was the case. He said I could bring them back and I did. I chat with him most times I'm in there, so I figure I'd ask. I want to stay on his good side for when they get rare stuff...
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