Bourbon County 2017

Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by whatruDOINdragic, Jun 11, 2017.

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  1. FlaviusG

    FlaviusG Initiate (154) Aug 15, 2009 Illinois

    Jewel on Soutport has Regular, 5 cases or so. I noticed they raised the price to 10.99 (it was 9.99 on Black Friday)
  2. DKerr

    DKerr Initiate (81) Oct 23, 2017 Colorado

    2017 Prop is at Little Bad Wolf in Edgewater. 18 dollars for a FULL snifter.
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  3. DKerr

    DKerr Initiate (81) Oct 23, 2017 Colorado

    *Bartender said that he expects it to kick fairly soon at Little Bad Wolf. Little spot but there are plenty of open tables and a few open spots at the bar.
  4. bmr29

    bmr29 Initiate (70) Apr 30, 2017 Illinois

    Arl Hts Binnys had 4-5 cases of Regular sitting out a couple hours ago. 11.99. Limit 4.
  5. MikeVDH

    MikeVDH Initiate (26) Nov 24, 2017 Indiana

    Any update on what the tap room has today?
  6. Vitamin_Hop

    Vitamin_Hop Initiate (148) Mar 26, 2015 Illinois

    Isn't this the location that has some weird restrictions on selling individual bottles of a certain volume. I thought they couldn't sell singles of bourbon county, but maybe I misheard
  7. JimGlonke

    JimGlonke Disciple (365) Apr 27, 2012 Illinois

    There is some AH ordinance about not allowing sales of single 12oz. bottles, maybe that's what you're thinking?
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  8. vrundmc

    vrundmc Initiate (46) Mar 23, 2017 New Jersey

    Of course it's there now. I live down the street from there but am out of town for the holidays.
  9. Chris_H_2

    Chris_H_2 Aspirant (266) Jan 3, 2013 Illinois

    So there were some of us talking at the Forbidden Root share the other day about making our own variants. One of the ones we mentioned was blackberry.

    To circle back, and for anyone interested, last night i mashed about 8-10 blackberries at the bottom of a French press and then poured a 2017 regular and let it steep for 60-75 mins. I strained it and enjoyed. It was really, really solid. But again, I love fruited BA stouts.

    Merry Christmas.
  10. Beer_Economicus

    Beer_Economicus Defender (629) Apr 8, 2017 Ohio

    I'm strongly considering opening a 2017, drinking half while I let the other half steep with a vanilla bean, and try that. No french press presently, but for Vanilla beans I suspect it is less important than like coconut or berries?
  11. Lazhal

    Lazhal Devotee (474) Mar 13, 2011 Michigan

    Let it go overnight or even for a few days. 1/2 a bean seems to be about right for me. A full one and the vanilla can sort of take over.
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  12. ECCS

    ECCS Aspirant (210) Oct 28, 2015 Illinois

    Careful... I’ve heard you can lose all of your beer karma here on BA if you ever say there’s too much vanilla in a beer
  13. Redsunsx01x

    Redsunsx01x Initiate (133) Jul 5, 2016 Illinois

    I let a full bean in a 3 bottle uKeg with Flecha Roja Coffee stay for 9ish months and the vanilla didn't take over. But I really like vanilla.
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  14. DarkMagneto

    DarkMagneto Initiate (148) Apr 17, 2007 Illinois

    Emerson's in Mt. Prospect has Coffee, Regular and Deth by Cherries still on tap. Been on tap for 3 days, not sure how much is left.
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  15. HouseofWortship

    HouseofWortship Champion (890) May 3, 2016 Illinois

    I disliked Blackberry BCBS when I had it at GI. Was too bitter and needed sweet fruit to offset it.
  16. Lazhal

    Lazhal Devotee (474) Mar 13, 2011 Michigan

    Might just be a fruit ripeness/etc thing.

    I did a blackberry + raspberry bcbs and it got too sugary and not fruity. I think high quality fruit could go a long ways.
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  17. Chris_H_2

    Chris_H_2 Aspirant (266) Jan 3, 2013 Illinois

    Get off my lawn.
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  18. HouseofWortship

    HouseofWortship Champion (890) May 3, 2016 Illinois

    There is a reason that GI added raspberries to the blackberries in Bramble Rye....
  19. stevegoz

    stevegoz Disciple (313) May 5, 2008 Illinois

    On the Binny's tip, it was sort of soul-crushing to be in the LP store a week after BF and see a suited-up highly preferred customer at checkout be handed a box containing 4 Props, 2 Reserves and some other BC product. Double the allotment that the plebes who endured Occupy Marcey Street received. It's good to be in the 1 Percent!
  20. Quilentro

    Quilentro Disciple (331) May 12, 2017 Illinois

    Don’t be mad. I’m sure that bro is gonna immediately take his new tax return, buy a Lambo, and find the nearest lamp pole to wrap it around. Then, after taking advantage of the finest surgeons and medical advancements money can buy, he’ll be rebuilt into an ageless Adonis to whom supermodels flock. But, as he Randalls prop verticals through caviar and truffles, while beautiful women molecularize pappy over his crystal chalice, he’ll experience mild indigestion. Jokes on him!

    ¡Viva la revolucion!
  21. flat_lander

    flat_lander Crusader (757) May 11, 2016 Illinois
    Society Trader

    Don't you even zero-scape, bro?
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  22. Beer_Economicus

    Beer_Economicus Defender (629) Apr 8, 2017 Ohio

    Because Blackberries alone are disgusting? :grin:
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  23. Wowzors

    Wowzors Initiate (94) Feb 19, 2015 Illinois

    JP liquors in Naperville has BCBS as well as variants (no Reserve or Prop). His prices are a little whack but not unheard of. $40 Northwoods seemed to have about 2-3 cases. I am not endorsing the prices just giving a heads up if anyone is desperate.

    Edit: he had coffee and barley wine but I didn't bother with pricing.
  24. croush

    croush Champion (803) Mar 20, 2015 Illinois

    If they’re gonna do that for people, they should have them pay over the phone and have it bagged up already so it isn’t for us nobodies to see.

    Or, they could just not do that kind of stuff.
  25. toastjeff

    toastjeff Initiate (45) Mar 27, 2014 Illinois

    For our Joliet friends, they're working on their keg of coffee currently. Still 12 oz. Still $7. Still in a Mason jar.
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  26. bradner

    bradner Aspirant (269) Dec 26, 2007 Illinois

    Maybe I’ll grab some tomorrow.
  27. JJH1018

    JJH1018 Initiate (189) Sep 13, 2013 Illinois

    I work down the street but I'm out of the office this week. Glad to see they haven't tapped Reserve or Northwoods yet.
  28. macewank

    macewank Initiate (171) Aug 28, 2010 Illinois

    Continuing the trend of completely off the wall bars that got Reserve kegs in Bloomington-Normal...

    Maggie Mileys (an irish pub that moves a lot of Guinness) and 8 Bit Arcade Bar (which has been open for < 6 months).

    Weird distro down here...
  29. flat_lander

    flat_lander Crusader (757) May 11, 2016 Illinois
    Society Trader

    Dude. I don't think CU has even seen regular on tap yet. Maybe they're confusing you for KY :wink:
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  30. jlsims04

    jlsims04 Devotee (489) Jul 14, 2013 Illinois

    Thats way too long. A full bean and a half of a bean overnight was way too much vanilla. Like drinking vanilla extract. A full bean for a few hours seems to be just right. Pop a half of a bean in it the morning before work and when you get home it seems to be just right.
  31. jlsims04

    jlsims04 Devotee (489) Jul 14, 2013 Illinois

    WTF. I mean good for BLNO. Love the town but seriously. WTF.
  32. HouseofWortship

    HouseofWortship Champion (890) May 3, 2016 Illinois

    Instead of Black Friday, Goose should have opted to release BCBS today. I would have passed- not worth waiting in line at negative whatever we are at.
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  33. Icculus38

    Icculus38 Initiate (0) Mar 18, 2014 Illinois

    Oh, sorry to upset you poverty boy. I didn’t think anyone was spying on me.

    But seriously... if anyone has $60 burning a hole in their pocket the Shitty little bodega on armitage and Oakley(ish) has northwoods.

    When I asked the the shopkeeper if that was priced correctly he said “oh yaaaaa very rare very rare you can’t find....” to which I couldn’t help but start laughing and walked out as he muttered “yea I know” quietly and sadly.
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  34. Bryan71

    Bryan71 Initiate (108) Apr 22, 2015 Illinois

    $30 cash on the counter and no need for a receipt and it would be yours!
  35. Egotist

    Egotist Aspirant (203) Feb 19, 2011 Illinois

    They used banana essence. Not sure if that's just a fancy word for extract. I think you're right about this being the first year they used extracts.
  36. HouseofWortship

    HouseofWortship Champion (890) May 3, 2016 Illinois

    Banana essence can be either banana extract, or more ominous and likely given they didn't just say banana extract- synthesized banana flavor from artificial chemicals....Yikes....
  37. thereal

    thereal Initiate (98) Apr 20, 2010 Illinois

    The banana essence tastes delicious. Gimme more essence!
  38. GrumpyGas

    GrumpyGas Poo-Bah (1,999) Apr 7, 2009 Illinois
    Society Trader

    I found BC Reserve on tap at Chuck's Burbank. $14 for 12oz snifter.
  39. Alex_Awesome_H

    Alex_Awesome_H Initiate (50) Jan 2, 2016 Illinois

    Does anyone know the status of bottles at Clybourn GI? Do they have Reserve, Coffee 16, and Northwoods for onsite?
  40. Ferocious

    Ferocious Aspirant (268) Nov 17, 2012 Illinois

    They have been changing bottles frequently
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