Release Bourbon County Barleywine

Discussion in 'Beer News & Releases' started by xnicknj, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. kdb150

    kdb150 Devotee (457) Mar 8, 2012 Pennsylvania

    Pick a beer store next to a Target.
    Slip each soccer mom in the horde outside a coupon for 50 cents off some crap.
    Tell them to throw elbows and knees at any man not wearing a yellow sweater.
    Wear a yellow sweater to go buy BCBBW.
    Don't step on anyone's nuts on the way into the store because that ain't cool, bro.

    SPLITGRIN Poo-Bah (1,592) May 13, 2003 Kentucky
    Beer Trader

    Absolutely hilarious post. Just gave me a good chuckle. And I love chuckles.
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  3. leftyhyzer

    leftyhyzer Initiate (169) Jul 10, 2012 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    I was told a couple weeks ago it still needs about 7 months in the barrel.
  4. aderousseau

    aderousseau Initiate (78) Jun 22, 2008 Arkansas
    Beer Trader

    It comes out in November.
  5. Knifestyles

    Knifestyles Initiate (154) Jun 7, 2005 New York


    MCMASTERSANCHEZ Aspirant (259) Jun 28, 2012 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    Hope some makes its way to Indiana
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  7. shredder83

    shredder83 Devotee (423) Feb 21, 2013 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    I can't completely disagree with your logic, however I would be remiss if I didn't point out that fbs is a great beer. One of my, and I'm sure many others favorite easy to get stouts.

    That being said, who knows that it would barrel age well, maybe founders tried at some point and it just didn't make the cut. I'd be willing to agree thigh that there probably is a good reason some highly regarded ba beers don't have a base beer release/availability simply because they're not that good without the barrel treatment and excellent with it.
  8. PHBoiler

    PHBoiler Meyvn (1,319) Jan 14, 2013 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Brett Porter told me on Saturday that it's going to be fucking fantastic. His words, not mine. He said specifically to make sure not to miss it. He brought it up himself in discussion. I took note of it. I just talked to him at the Binny's Lincoln Park event, it's not like we're buddys or anything so take it for what it's worth.
  9. InVinoVeritas

    InVinoVeritas Zealot (567) Apr 16, 2012 Wisconsin
    Subscriber Beer Trader

    I think we need to give Brett an alias . . . how about GI Super Star?!?! For the lazy, *this guy* I skimmed this post and got all excited making up my own story . . . Goose Island will be releasing Bourbon County Brand Barleywine Brett, which is a barleywine aged in spent BCBS barrels with the addition of brett. The mind is a powerful thing at making up stories that it wants to hear hahahaha
  10. atomic

    atomic Disciple (328) Sep 22, 2009 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    LMAO I was at the same event, Brett was drunk off his ass.
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  11. PHBoiler

    PHBoiler Meyvn (1,319) Jan 14, 2013 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    I thought so, but I wasn't sure. HAHA He was a riot. Greg Hall was fun too. Great time at that event. Brett just decided to buy a $19 mini-bottle of a Plum Sour from Italy, crack it open, and give it out for sampling.
  12. stupac2

    stupac2 Zealot (518) Feb 22, 2011 California
    Beer Trader

    Oh, yeah, I agree that FBS is a great beer (honestly I think it's better than KBS), but I do find it interesting that it's not KBS's base. I have no idea how well it would barrel-age, maybe it'd work great, but maybe it won't! As far as I'm concerned this is all voodoo. Maybe if I can spot Bryndolson at FWI I'll try to chat with him about this topic, he probably knows it all.
  13. Scalzo

    Scalzo Aspirant (244) Feb 27, 2012 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Brett Porter told me that it would be available at the Black Friday party and would get distributed sometime after that

    This was at GI's block party last weekend
  14. mjshearer1

    mjshearer1 Aspirant (213) Dec 16, 2011 Michigan
    Beer Trader

  15. Scalzo

    Scalzo Aspirant (244) Feb 27, 2012 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    He seemed kind of drunk :wink:
  16. mjshearer1

    mjshearer1 Aspirant (213) Dec 16, 2011 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    :slight_frown: I totally misread your prior post, thinking that the "This" you were referring to was BCBBW. Dammit...
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  17. Scalzo

    Scalzo Aspirant (244) Feb 27, 2012 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    let me clarify

    Brett Porter said at the GI block party last weekend that the Bourbon County Barleywine would be released at their annual Black Friday Party in November, and that it would see distribution sometime after that
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  18. RhyminBelmont

    RhyminBelmont Initiate (0) May 14, 2013 Illinois

    As of the 25th Anniversary Block Party last Sunday, it looked like it was still being aged.

    At least, in their barrel warehouse, there were a tower of barrels, presumably aging, and labeled "Barley Wine". So based on that, I should say that it's not quite ready to bottle.
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  19. Corbet

    Corbet Initiate (164) Nov 7, 2010 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Mmmm LoverBeer
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  20. effyeaAB

    effyeaAB Initiate (0) May 28, 2012 New York

    Is there any demand for LoverBeer outside of NYC and/or Italy? B/c I have access to a ton of it that's too expensive for me to justify the expenditure but if people want it, BM me.
  21. Knifestyles

    Knifestyles Initiate (154) Jun 7, 2005 New York

    Short answer: there's a reason why you have access to a ton of it.
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  22. effyeaAB

    effyeaAB Initiate (0) May 28, 2012 New York

  23. opwog

    opwog Defender (663) Jun 16, 2008 Minnesota

    Maybe not as dramatic as shit beer into world class, but have you ever had Totality; the base beer for the Eclipse beers? While it rates high on here with the typical grade inflation, the reality is that is a very mediocre beer that turns world class after barrel aging.
  24. aderousseau

    aderousseau Initiate (78) Jun 22, 2008 Arkansas
    Beer Trader

  25. Hefewiseman

    Hefewiseman Disciple (397) Sep 6, 2011 Florida
    Beer Trader

    We all know it ain't cheap to use those Pappy Van Winkle barrels. My guess is the BCBW will be very good, but idk about living up to the King.
  26. PlayaPlaya

    PlayaPlaya Aspirant (202) Sep 19, 2012 Illinois

    As someone who had King Henry at the GI 25th block party.....I hope this beer is better.

    I was not impressed with KH. Not well rounded enough for me. Still too much bite....And this is coming from someone who would not mind if regular BCBS was bumped up to 20%. . . . .
  27. jar72404

    jar72404 Initiate (137) May 31, 2009 Florida

    I had King Henry recently and had BCBBW the very next day, and there's really no comparison. King Henry is WAY better. So unfortunately, Greg Hall hasn't been proven wrong.
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  28. MarcWP

    MarcWP Initiate (0) Dec 2, 2012 Arizona
    Beer Trader

    The brewers said it themselves at the Bourbon County release party, BCBBW is literally the same recipe as King Henry, no tweaks. I believe BCBBW needs age and will resemble the current King Henry a lot more in 2 years.
  29. 2beerdogs

    2beerdogs Poo-Bah (1,560) Jan 31, 2005 California
    Supporter Beer Trader

    The new BCBBW is stunning!!!
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  30. PsilohsaiBiN

    PsilohsaiBiN Defender (608) Aug 10, 2010 New York
    Beer Trader

    I've had both and BCBBW is definitely more similar to King Henry than different, if not almost an exact copy(minus the PVW barrels I doubt that most can discern the difference between anyway). Yea, I know there is the whole Rare having been in the barrels for TWO years factor at play as well, however...

    I went into this beer with low expectations, fearing that this would pale in comparison to The King, but I was happily proven wrong. I bought a few extra because I want to have this around for special occasions and such, because, well; good luck trading for King Henry.

    Even some of the most picky BAs I know have agreed that BCBBW and KH are very close, FWIW.
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  31. Dupage25

    Dupage25 Aspirant (279) Jul 4, 2013 Antarctica

    Well, either they lied to you or they need to update their website, because two of the four malts for BCBB are different (including the absence of crystal wheat, which KH had).

    The beers are obviously cut from the same cloth, but I wouldn't put BCBB in the same class as King Henry. Whether or not that is due purely to batch variation (and literally every variable went perfect for King Henry), the difference in aging times, the difference in barrel types or some combination of the three, we won't know until we get a larger backlog of BCBB releases to compare. If it's purely batch variation that's the culprit, well....then I'm giddy that this batch is a lesser batch, as it means it could be even better in the future. "Better" by my preferences would be less stout and more wood (that is, less chocolate and more coconut and vanilla).

    I really think the big difference here is the amount of time the wood was exposed to liquid (whiskey and stout) before the barleywine went into it though. If these were the standard BCBS barrels then they couldn't have been any older than 18 years old by the time the barleywine went into it, figuring 12-16.9 year bourbon barrels plus a year or so of stout. With King Henry, those barrels were nearly 26 (around 23 years of whiskey exposure and then 2+ years of stout). Forget the "Pappy" branding; the relevant part is that there aren't very many 23-year bourbon barrels out there. I'm pretty sure a lot of brewers claim they can't tell any difference between beers aged in different brands of barrels as long as the age is the same. From a brewer's perspective the age of the barrel is more important. And that's going to be even more so if most of the whiskey has already been absorbed by something else (like stout in this case).
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  32. PaulyB83

    PaulyB83 Crusader (781) Sep 1, 2013 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    So if they used BCBS barrels to age the BW in, doesn't it stand to reason that with the huge amount of BCBS this year, there will be a much larger quantity of BCBW next year? Because I sure hope so, it is my favorite one of them all, although I haven't had my Backyard yet and won't get to try the Proprietors this year.
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  33. Dupage25

    Dupage25 Aspirant (279) Jul 4, 2013 Antarctica

    Yeah I would hope so. Not all of the barrels will be usable probably, and I'm sure they don't have room to have 1500* barrels of BCBS and 1500* barrels of BCBB aging at the same time, assuming they release as much stout next year as they did this year. But I would guess this year was to some extent a trial year anyway and they would expand production of it at least a little as long as it was successful.

    *I'm just half-assedly recalling a number I read in a newspaper article that I can't be bothered to find, please don't take 1500 barrels as gospel
  34. DrewLikesBeer

    DrewLikesBeer Disciple (328) Jul 16, 2013 Florida

    i honestly can't see BCBW being as good as KH after being aged 2 or 3 years. it doesn't quite have the same base characteristics in place that i think would lend it to reach the same potential as when i had KH the first time. it's a super tasty beer for sure, just not at the same level.
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  35. PaulyB83

    PaulyB83 Crusader (781) Sep 1, 2013 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    I'm sure King Henry is an amazing beer and probably better than BCBW but it makes me sad that I will probably never find out for myself as I can't see it ever really being brewed, at least the same way, ever again. :slight_frown:
  36. DrewLikesBeer

    DrewLikesBeer Disciple (328) Jul 16, 2013 Florida

    just my own personal experience! that being said, it's floating around a bit in trade's just w the current BCBS trade and it's own age it takes a bit to land :grimacing:
  37. primrose54

    primrose54 Initiate (143) Apr 7, 2009 Ohio
    Beer Trader

    I was amazed by the barleywine. I do not even like barelywines and I loved this beer!
  38. TonyJ815

    TonyJ815 Disciple (394) Apr 3, 2013 Florida
    Beer Trader

    Was able to score 3 12 oz singles last night... Round $5.50 a piece. Only BCBBW left in town and unfortunately was not able to get any BCBS this go round.
  39. MarcWP

    MarcWP Initiate (0) Dec 2, 2012 Arizona
    Beer Trader

    Calling out the experts. Okay Dupage, okay. Sure are passionate about your Barleywine and King Henry. So King Henry is way better than and a class above BCBBW, and BBCBW is way better and a class above Sucaba. Ha! As long as you don't start rambling about how the sisters are better than Russian River sours I'll believe you :wink:
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