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    I have a question. I have had Breckenridge beers in the past, but awhile ago. Today I bought their Orange Cream Ale (haven't had it yet). I searched for Breckenridge to see if I had already had it (I doubt it). I remember have a few beers including something vanilla. The only success I have had in finding Breckenridge (the brewery). states that there are only three beers by them and I haven't had any. Does anyone have any idea why the long list of beers from Breckenridge is not there?
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    Breckenridge Vanilla Porter is what you're probably thinking of.

    I'm pretty sure Breckenridge is owned by one of the "big 3" through one of their brand portfolios (like Leinenkugel, Golden Road, etc.). @jesskidden could discuss this in more detail than I ever could
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