Breweries doing good things for good people

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    This is sort of an updated discussion that follows a thread I started in late 2021 and then lost traction with the end of the 2021 holiday season. There were several examples posted of breweries doing good for the less fortunate or for misc. charitable causes. This year I teamed up with All-American Brew Works here in Anaheim CA, for the benefit of Semper Fi & America's Fund (SF&AF), but this is not a regional issue (so mods, please don't punt this to a regional forum). This is for the benefit of American military nationwide. SF&AF cares for our nation’s critically wounded, ill, and injured service members, veterans, and military families. The brewery is providing the venue and promotion and a generous gift basket of $175 worth of stuff (hat, tee shirts, logo glass, logo cutting board, gift card) related to the brewery which will be raffled off in late January. I'm providing the $2 match for every $1 donated for the first $2500 in donations. Donations can be made through the AF&AF website or at the brewery and I make sure the raffle tickets are added in the donor's name. If you win and are not local, I will ship the stuff to you (within the continental US) and buy the related $50 gift card back from you. What other examples of holiday spirit have you seen from breweries this year?
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    Nationally, Jess Mitchell of Kinship Brewing in Waukee, Iowa led a nationwide collaboration beer this September called Scars Are Beautiful to support breast cancer initiatives.

    At least two local breweries supported the effort, including Penrose which brewed a WCIPA I enjoyed, and Revolution which brewed a Dragon Fruit version of their Pursuit of Freedom Kettle Sour and donated 100% of the proceeds toward two cancer charities.

    Penrose Brewing

    Revolution Brewing*s*s-R

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