Breweries With Generic Names

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    Mind blown!

    Not a hard and fast rule and I have been wrong occasionally.
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    Really? How so?
    I just searched "local craft beer in California", and "Local Craft Beer, Tehachapi California" was my first result.
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    I didn't get that, but you have a point. For me, they did come up as a map result, and things like their Yelp and Instagram came up as results scattered amongst the links generally about beer in California.
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    Pulled out a list of the 157 US breweries in existence in 1962 ('cause it was a simple 1- 157 list and that was a reasonable number to go through :grin:) and these are the only breweries that were not named after the founder/owner OR the city/state or some similar geographic location name, and a few are somewhat debatable (Atlantic, Northern, Queen City, Lone Star, Buckeye). #1 Lucky Lager Brewing Co. would also go by the generic "General Brewing Co." at times in its existence.

    So, about 20% and, obviously, the majority of them are essentially named after their flagship brand (or, maybe, vice versa?).

    1. Lucky Lager
    2. Falstaff
    3. Pearl
    4. Associated
    5. National
    6. International
    7. Canadian Ace
    8. Buckeye
    9. The Lion
    10. Lone Star
    11. Metropolis
    12. Old Crown
    13. Sunshine
    14. Fox Head
    15. Atlas
    16. Sterling
    17. Atlantic
    18. Northern
    19. West End
    20. Tivoli
    21. Globe
    22. Queen City
    23. Eagle
    24. Pilsen
    25. Century
    26. Columbia
    27. Enterprise
    28. Home
    29. Peoples
    30. Northern
    31. Anchor
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    Just wait until the new one in Lancaster opens up: "Our Town Brewery"
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    If I were starting one, I'd seriously consider "Beer Brewing Company" just for the raised eyebrows and eye-rolls. Deep fucking eye-rolls.
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    If it weren't for those crazy Canucks having some strange spelling, it's been done: