Brewery added but yet to appear.

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  1. JonnoWillsteed

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    Now and again I find beer from a brewery that's not yet on BA, and so I add it to the listings. Meanwhile I hold off drinking that beer until the listing is approved and appears (seems to be a day or two), so I can add the beer and then rate it.

    5-7 days ago I tried to add two new breweries one in the town of Witney, Oxfordshire, UK, the other Milton, in the same county. On hitting enter the top of the screen indicated 'Success' (as I recall), but neither yet are in the listings. I also noticed that the Directory/Places/UK has indicated 2496 listings across this week too, ie no recent additions.

    Can anyone confirm whether approving new listings is presently suspended/'out of order' or similar? If so fair enough I'm not here to moan. But if it's up and running then it suggests the prob is maybe a browser conflict at my end or similar... and I'll seek out alts.

    Cheers! Jon
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  2. Todd

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    They're still in the approval queue.
  3. JonnoWillsteed

    JonnoWillsteed Crusader (780) Apr 12, 2013 England

    Great thanks, it's good to have confirm of where the lag lies. I'll pop a beer and learn to be more patient. Cheers! :-)
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    The lag is with the Moderators/Site Editors - I have had a crazy last week or so (out of town twice, ran a half marathon, kids out of school, etc.) but will try to catch up the queue over the weekend.

    Update: I have approved a few Places tonight and will be doing a few more this evening.
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    Got a like just for this. Well done. Onwards to ultra marathons now :slight_smile:
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