Brewery Branded IPA/Cider Taster Glasses

Discussion in 'Breweriana' started by KingforaDay, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. KingforaDay

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    Does anyone know of any breweries that sell this 5 oz. taster glass branded with the Breweries name/logo?
    I love these glasses and can buy the generics but wondering if any breweries might sell these on their website. Any help in finding these glasses is appreciated.
  2. Mothergoose03

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    I've picked up a few over the years but they have always been at the brewery, so branded ones are out there to be found.
  3. matthewp

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    I can't see the picture of the glassware but I do know several that sell taster glasses. The tulip style 5 oz tasters for example are sold by Night Shift:

    Jack's Abby sells one that looks more like a shot glass style:

    Night Shift used to sell their wooden taster flight serving "tray" (not sure what you'd call it). I don't see it online anymore. I always wanted to buy one of those for my home bar but at the moment my home bar doesn't exist :slight_frown: