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Discussion in 'Homebrewing' started by jbakajust1, Jan 2, 2019.

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  1. FathomlessBrewing

    FathomlessBrewing Initiate (37) Mar 1, 2018 California

    I haven't posted on BA in years, in fact I don't even remember the name of my old account. Oh well, here we go;

    Recently brewed a Golden Stout with my fiancee. Going to make a tincture with cocoa nibs and vanilla beans this weekend to add in two weeks. Going to also add coffee beans the same weekend.

    Kegged up a hoppy pilsner. Just waiting for it lager before I tap it.

    Brewing a Stout with hazelnut and vanilla this weekend. Also going to be brewing a hazy IPA with Vic Secret and Citra. Brewed that one several times and it's one of my favorites.

    Looking forward to brewing and posting again!
  2. pweis909

    pweis909 Poo-Bah (1,872) Aug 13, 2005 Wisconsin

    Doing something different. Did an overnight BIAB mash with 67% pils and 33% rye, and did an overnight mini starter from a 1 g packet of Mysterium Ehwaz Nordic yeast flakes. Will hop with US Tettnang and ferment warm. Contingencies plans are US-05, Mandarina Bavaria, and Huell Melon, depending on what the yeast does. Beer name will have to be Rye Kveik, because it sort of sounds like the way I say Reyjkavyk, and because Iceland and Norway are like cousins, and because stupid beer names are my thing.

    Mini starter = half pint low gravity wort in Mason jar (birds eye view)
  3. NorCalKid

    NorCalKid Initiate (128) Jan 10, 2018 California

    Brewing outside the box today.

    Chocolate Oatmeal Stout:
    Flaked Oats
    Chocolate Wheat
    Pale Chocolate
    Carafa 1
    C-60 & DRC-120

    Pitching Safale-04. Added 4 ozs. of Cacao powder in the whirlpool. I’ve got a tincture of an ounce of Cacao nibs and vodka waiting to be added. Not sure if it’s enough but it was recommended to me by the LHBS. Shot for only 25 ibu’s. Mashed high with a 1085 OG. So I’m interested to see how it turns out. I’ll post when it’s done.
  4. Eggman20

    Eggman20 Initiate (77) Feb 14, 2017 Minnesota

    Brewed up my strawberry vanilla cream ale today. Simple recipe of 2-row, flaked corn, and honey malt and fermented with 1056. Got to get those summer beers ready to go as summer is bound to show up sometime.

    Also had a taste of my coffee stout that is sitting in a 10 gallon barrel. Tasting quite good so planning to add a bunch of vanilla beans tomorrow and will bottle in a couple of weeks.
  5. Push_the_limits

    Push_the_limits Initiate (43) Feb 8, 2018 Antarctica

    Brewed a Ginger Kolsch with wyeast 2565. OG was 1.062 in about 6 gal.

    2 row
    Crystal 75L
    Briess Aromatic Malt
    A bit of Rye

    0.5 oz fresh ginger @ 15 mins
    El dorado
    Hello Melon
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  6. pweis909

    pweis909 Poo-Bah (1,872) Aug 13, 2005 Wisconsin

    It doesn't have much going on that is Kolschy (the yeast), but looks like it could be really tasty. I'll be curious to hear more about this. I could see myself doing one of my cream ale riffs with a similar hop & yeast combo (and, yeah, people might tell me it doesn't look much like a cream ale).
  7. Push_the_limits

    Push_the_limits Initiate (43) Feb 8, 2018 Antarctica

    Since it's not made in Cologne and has a darker munich malt and a bit more hops, it's really a Kolsch Style-Style Ale. But it's delicious so far!! 0.5 oz of ginger is light but certainly perceptible. I could go up to 1 oz next time to make it stand out. As for the yeast, it's definitely a great one.
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  8. jbakajust1

    jbakajust1 Crusader (736) Aug 25, 2009 Oregon

    Kegged my 3.7% Saison from under the pellicle on Saturday, then dropped my 3.7% Wit wort onto the yeast cake. In a couple weeks I'll keg that and drop a cereal heavy Saison onto it.
  9. deadwolfbones

    deadwolfbones Initiate (145) Jun 21, 2014 Oregon

    Brewed a grisette using this really interesting-sounding yeast yesterday. Lotta pils and a little red wheat. 1.043 OG, which given this strain's supposedly lower attenuation should still yield a nice 4%ish. Bittered with Magnum and used Hallertau Blanc for the aroma additions (up to about 25 IBU).

    Starter tasted and smelled great, very saison-like.
  10. Naugled

    Naugled Savant (923) Sep 25, 2007 New York

    Washed 6 kegs, 2 cases of bottles and plate chiller this weekend.

    Gearing up for my next brew sessions, next brew will mostly likely be the APA American Brown recipe. I've picked up all of the ingredients, now waiting for the final recipe/process to be completed.
  11. Push_the_limits

    Push_the_limits Initiate (43) Feb 8, 2018 Antarctica

    Brewed another one already. Wanted to create a unique beer and use up some ingredients so I brewed this up. It's has orange, toasted wood, oats, and lots of hops. I think it has things it doesn't need, but I know it's going to be a good, strong ale.

    OG = 1.085 in 6 gallons. I added WLP500 (Monastery yeast). Should be about 9%.

    Maris Otter
    1 lb Victory
    1 lb Dextrin malt (meant to put in 8 oz!)
    10 oz Special B
    2.1 lb 5-Grain Oats, steeped and rinsed separately (added the rinse after boil)
    3 lbs cane sugar added end of boil

    --Hops / spice
    1 oz orange peel (added to primary after major fermentation)
    1.5 cup (4.5 oz) toasted wood cubes in boil and primary
    2 oz Nugget @ 60 min
    2 oz Mandarina Bavaria @ 30 mins
    1 oz Willamette @ 20 mins
    1 oz Willamette @ 15 mins
    2 oz Kent Goldings @ 5 mins
    1 oz Heull Melon @ 1
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  12. Buck89

    Buck89 Poo-Bah (3,140) Feb 7, 2015 Tennessee
    Society Trader

    I just kegged a Vienna Lager and successfully completed my first truly closed transfer. ~2 PSI of gas into my BrewBucket and pushed into the keg. No issues with the lid thankfully...
  13. deadwolfbones

    deadwolfbones Initiate (145) Jun 21, 2014 Oregon

    Wow, that cacao yeast took my beer from 1.043 to 1.008 in ~36 hours and seems to be done already. 81% AA.
  14. wasatchback

    wasatchback Disciple (360) Jan 12, 2014 Bahamas

    Going to attempt one of the modern Sour IPAs that places like Rare Barrel and Hudson Valley are brewing. I’ve had both recently and it’s amazing how different they are yet similar at the same time.

    Hudson Valley FG is 1.024-1.030 and pH is closer to 3.5-3.6. They’re also using lactose. Rare barrel I had was 1.011 pH and 3.87 pH, I don’t believe there’s lactose in their’s. Both breweries are supposedly blending barrel aged sour beer into an IPA. I’ve got some really sour beer that’s been again for a year that I could use but I think I’m just going to brew a kettle sour and blend that in.

    Plan is to brew two separate 6 gallon beers, one standard heavily hopped IPA and one heavily fruited kettle sour. When all is said and done blend some samples to see how much sour beer I need to add to get the balance correct then blend that into one 5 gallon keg. Remaining beers will go into two separate 3g kegs. So I get one Sour IPA, one heavily dry hopped IPA, and one heavily fruited kettle sour.

    Going to attempt to split the difference gravity and pH wise. According to Rare Barrel they have to dry hop at 8lbs per barrel to get any hop presence to come through when blending in acid beer. Probably won’t go that high but maybe...
  15. minderbender

    minderbender Aspirant (222) Jan 18, 2009 New York

    I got substantial hop character in a sour saison at a fraction of that level of dry-hopping. If I recall correctly I used 3 ounces of Mandarina Bavaria in 5 gallons of beer. It was, if anything, too much hop character for me.
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  16. wasatchback

    wasatchback Disciple (360) Jan 12, 2014 Bahamas

    What was your FG? What was your pH? Keep in mind I’m not dry hopping a sour beer. The reason these breweries are doing it this way is the odd character you get when dry hopping a low pH beer. I’m dry hopping a normal beer then blending in acid beer after the normal beer has been removed from the hops.
  17. minderbender

    minderbender Aspirant (222) Jan 18, 2009 New York

    I'll have to look up my FG when I get home, but it was fairly low, being a saison. I rarely measure the pH of my beer and I didn't record the pH of this one, but I would guess in the neighborhood of 3.4 or 3.5 based on similar beers I've had.

    Good point on the methodology, though, I didn't read very carefully. Still, assuming a 1:1 blend, that's 4 pounds per barrel of finished product or ~10 ounces for every 5 gallons. A lot of hops.
  18. Prep8611

    Prep8611 Aspirant (281) Aug 22, 2014 New Jersey

    Just kegged a blonde ale and added 1 liter of pineapple juice to the keg to have on tap for upcoming hot days and the beer honestly needed something . Tastes pretty nice now.
  19. Push_the_limits

    Push_the_limits Initiate (43) Feb 8, 2018 Antarctica

    That's way higher than what you might expect from the White Labs website. They say it's 65% - 70%. It's good though?
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  20. Buck89

    Buck89 Poo-Bah (3,140) Feb 7, 2015 Tennessee
    Society Trader

    Update: the brewery tapped this last night. Despite the intent to make a West Coast IPA, it's super hazy despite use of whirlfloc, suggesting that the Kveik behaves like London III, etc. at least when dry-hopped. No oats or wheat in the grist, just 2-row, Pilsner, and Carapils. Hops included 15 IBU of Warrior, and then Citra/Amarillo/Simcoe all at flameout with 1oz/gal DH for 7 days. It is the most citrusy beer I've made, and the yeast clearly added strong orange/tangerine esters which seemed to complement the Citra. Dry with moderate bitterness. Not as piney as expected but really interesting. I'm planning on tweaking this on my home system next month, and I'm excited to play with Kveik some more.
  21. Jesse14

    Jesse14 Initiate (195) Jul 21, 2011 Massachusetts

    What do you plan on tweaking? Sounds good so far. I hope to use this yeast this summer.
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  22. Buck89

    Buck89 Poo-Bah (3,140) Feb 7, 2015 Tennessee
    Society Trader

    Not much. I might back off the Simcoe just a bit and bump the Amarillo as the piney notes seemed to clash with the Citra and the Kveik esters. Also, the sparge on their system was less efficient than expected so the OG was only 1.054 - I'd like to have it around 1.064. I'm also debating what to do with the water profile - it had a relatively high SO4/Cl ratio - I might try it with more of a NEIPA profile.
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  23. deadwolfbones

    deadwolfbones Initiate (145) Jun 21, 2014 Oregon

    Right now it's hard to say, samples are full of sediment and yeast. I'll let you know once it's kegged and carbed. I think it'll be nice though.
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  24. deadwolfbones

    deadwolfbones Initiate (145) Jun 21, 2014 Oregon

    Tonight I'm going to rack my pastry stout out of the whiskey barrel it's in and onto 2lb of toasted coconut in a keg, let it sit for a week or so, then pressure transfer to a second keg. Meanwhile I'm going to rack the Britfoot barleywine into the now vacant barrel.
  25. deadwolfbones

    deadwolfbones Initiate (145) Jun 21, 2014 Oregon

    Well, that was successful. Got a nearly full keg out of the barrel, which had plenty of headspace, so apparently the barrel is >5gal. Filled it all the way to the top with barleywine and now it's overflowing out of the airlock because physics. (I put it in there at like 33F and as it warms, liquid expands! And also CO2 comes out of solution!)
  26. skleice

    skleice Aspirant (276) Aug 6, 2015 Connecticut

    - Racking the GF Grisette onto Raspberries.

    - Brewing an IPA with Citra & Mosaic. Grain bill is pale millet with 10% red colopils millet. We'll see what comes of that combo...
  27. deadwolfbones

    deadwolfbones Initiate (145) Jun 21, 2014 Oregon

    Gonna attempt 5 gallons of Munich Helles this evening. Will also be my first attempt at a Hochkurz mash. :sweat_smile:
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  28. Prep8611

    Prep8611 Aspirant (281) Aug 22, 2014 New Jersey

    Just brewed ten gallons of a mash with pils,wheat, and aromatic. Hopped with goldings throughout the boil. Half will get westmalle, the other half will get east coast saison.
  29. pweis909

    pweis909 Poo-Bah (1,872) Aug 13, 2005 Wisconsin

    Checking in on this beer after 1 week spent at 81F. I had the fermenter wrapped with a heat mat / Ronco temp controller contraption, covered with a trash bag, wrapped in blankets, during fermentation to help keep the heat in. I removed 1x and witnessed very slow, quiet airlock activity. When I removed the wraps and opened the fermenter, I was really nervous. There was no evidence of krausen, no braun hefe residues on the top of the fermenter.

    I dipped a sanitized cup in and pulled a sample from the top and took a gravity reading. With 1 gram of yeast and a very small, short starter, I fermented 2.75 gallons of 1.056 to 1.008 (6.3% ABV) in under a week (not sure of the exact time, as this is the only time I checked gravity). The hydrometer sample was crystal clear. I have never had a beer look this clear in this short amount of time. (FWIW, I did use half a whirlfloc tablet with 15 min left in the boil).

    Taste? I was surprised that this is pretty clean. Some people think US-05 has a peachy character to it (I'm not sure I agree). This has a peachy-cantaloupe character, pleasant. My beer is very lightly hopped with US Tettnang, no real hop character noticed, which is what I was aiming for because I wanted to taste the yeast impact. I think the yeast character would be obscured by highly aromatic new world hops. Perhaps if I fermented warmer than 81F, the fruit notes would be more obvious, but 81 was based off something I read at Milk the Funk for this strain.

    I have to decide how I want to drink these 2.75 gallons, dry hopped or straight. Straight, it will be like a rather strong blonde or cream ale. I actually think this would be a great yeast for cream ale. I think will keep it as is rather than dry hop, because I think I will use the yeast cake to make an IPA, next weekend.

    All in all, I am pretty impressed with what I was able to do with 1 g of this kveik.
  30. invertalon

    invertalon Devotee (471) Jan 27, 2009 Ohio

    Prepped to brew my English Porter tomorrow, which is probably one of my favorite beers I have done.

    This time though, subbing in some chocolate rye VS chocolate malt, replacing carapils with flaked rye and also added about 10oz of smoked malt.

    Easily one of the most complex grain bills, for sure.

    My last brew day until after our vacation, so over a month until I get back at it!
  31. Naugled

    Naugled Savant (923) Sep 25, 2007 New York

    I couldn’t wait. I just finished brewing the APA American brown (even though the thread is not finished). Hit all the numbers, except FG I adjusted slightly with water. Wanted to ensure I nailed it.
  32. Supergenious

    Supergenious Disciple (377) May 9, 2011 Michigan

    Brewing a tripel tomorrow. Somebody gave me a couple pounds of honey, so I’m going to use that instead of Belgian candi syrup or sugar. Fermenting with Omega Belgian W strain, which appears to be the same as WY3787.
  33. wasatchback

    wasatchback Disciple (360) Jan 12, 2014 Bahamas

    Kolsch V9 yesterday

    Weyermann Pilsner
    3% Carahell
    5% Chit Malt
    Spalt @ 90
    Sterling @ 20
    2oz Wai-iti @ WP


    Been trying a few of the low alpha “aroma” hops at the end of the boil for the last few just to add a little different twist. Last one was Calista, probably do the next few with some NZ varieties.

    For V8 I followed the Kolsch tips from Matthew Steinberg from a CB&B article this spring. Namely the really slow cooling and leaving it at 48 for a while before lagering for a few weeks. Will try it again this time around.
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  34. minderbender

    minderbender Aspirant (222) Jan 18, 2009 New York

    How did the Calista turn out?
  35. wasatchback

    wasatchback Disciple (360) Jan 12, 2014 Bahamas

    Meh. Probably should have used a bit more of it.

    Pretty straight up Pilsner today.

    Czech Pils malt
    Maybe Decoction to bring up to 170
    Spalt/Hersbrucker 90/40/10
    German Lager X
    Pitch at 44, ferment at 48
    I’ve always let them finish at 48 but going to try to allay step this one down after about 60% attenuation or so.

    Flying back to Boston tonight and headed straight to HF tomorrow morning. Probably the only one there that’s gonna be drinking lagers all damn day. Pumped!
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  36. VikeMan

    VikeMan Poo-Bah (1,910) Jul 12, 2009 Pennsylvania

    I think my crush might be too fine.
  37. Beejay

    Beejay Poo-Bah (2,728) Dec 29, 2008 Virginia

    Brewed a saison a week and a half ago, and am going to throw a NEIPA (kinda) on the yeast cake this weekend. Drinking in an esb and stout.
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  38. Brewday

    Brewday Initiate (155) Dec 25, 2015 New York

    Ez pils using barke,vienna,carahell, saaz,liberty and lemon drop. Also changed my mill (3 roller) settings to .045 for a sea salt like course crush and got the same efficiency as .035.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  39. Prep8611

    Prep8611 Aspirant (281) Aug 22, 2014 New Jersey

    Looks like that will make some nice pancake
    Mix, congrats!
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  40. chavinparty

    chavinparty Initiate (128) Jan 4, 2015 New Hampshire

    Finally brewing beers for a wedding that’s a month away. Meant to get to it a few weeks ago but should be good timing. Changed my recipes a bit. Brewing a 10 gallon split fermentation all neomexicanus American wheat ale with sabro and Medusa barbarian in half and us5 in other. Other beer is going to be neipa with Citra and mosaic at end of boil. Half dryhopped with Citra and mosaic and half dryhopped with strata. London 3 in half and s04 in half. Yeast starters are a little sluggish to start the yeast has been in my fridge for about 3 months. Guess I’ll just make sure it looks and smells alright before I pitch it or dump it. I’ll have extra dry yeast on hand before tomorrow’s brew day. Gonna be a long day
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