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Discussion in 'Homebrewing' started by GormBrewhouse, May 2, 2018.

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  1. GormBrewhouse

    GormBrewhouse Disciple (393) Jun 24, 2015 Vermont

    Attempting another saaz lager. I have been reading where some brewers are using 5 or more oz of bottleing sugar per 5 gallons.

    Normally I use 3 per batch for other brews. What do you Brewers use?
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  2. invertalon

    invertalon Devotee (433) Jan 27, 2009 Ohio

    It depends on your carbonation level you desire. For my lagers, I actually like higher volumes around 2.7-3vol's, or around 4-5oz of priming sugar if you are bottling.
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  3. GormBrewhouse

    GormBrewhouse Disciple (393) Jun 24, 2015 Vermont

    Yep, I bottle and will try more sugar, thanks.
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  4. frozyn

    frozyn Zealot (572) May 16, 2015 New York
    Premium Trader

    You can also check out or another priming calculator to help decide how much to use. For 5 gallons at 2.7 volumes, it advises 4.97 ounces of corn sugar, so it seems your instincts are great.
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  5. Lukass

    Lukass Savant (935) Dec 16, 2012 Ohio

    @minderbender 's post on Omega's new Hornindal kveik yeast inspired me to order some, and ferment a raw ale with it. Never brewed a raw ale, never fermented with kveik yeast.

    I want to create a 'hop tea' with 1 gal of boiling water, and add to the mash. My guess is, hops isomerization in boiling water is completely different than in wort... any advice on how to calculate IBUs in boiling water?
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  6. PortLargo

    PortLargo Devotee (435) Oct 19, 2012 Florida

    Just put the lid on a Smoked Stout . . . pitched some rehydrated US-05 that looked so good I took a pic:

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  7. MrOH

    MrOH Champion (848) Jul 5, 2010 Maryland

    Hopefully gonna brew a saison on Sunday. Plan to hit it at bottling with some Brett C and sit on it until fall. Weird grainbill, too: Maris Otter, toasted flaked rye, and a little GNO. UK Fuggles and Vojvodina. BE-134 (first time using this yeast, bought it on a whim a while back and has been sitting in the fridge for months). Basically, using up some odds and ends and hoping I have a nice, toasty, bready, earthy, spicy and slightly fruity crisp beer that should be tasting nice once cooler nights are back around.
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  8. GormBrewhouse

    GormBrewhouse Disciple (393) Jun 24, 2015 Vermont

    bottleing irish stout
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  9. Kamikazehops

    Kamikazehops Initiate (34) Feb 23, 2018 Texas

    Came across this NEIPA style recipe on Brewers friend. This will be my first BIAB batch, so trying this out as a 1 gallon batch. Ill be brewing this next week!

    2 lb American - Pale 2-Row 37 1.8 83.3%
    0.2 lb Flaked Oats 33 2.2 8.3%
    0.15 lb German - Carapils 35 1.3 6.3%
    0.05 lb German - Acidulated Malt 27 3.4 2.1%
    2.4 lb Total

    6 g Magnum Pellet 15 Boil 60 min 69.42
    12 g Simcoe Pellet 12.7 Whirlpool at 205 °F 25 min 40.26
    12 g Galaxy Pellet 14.25 Whirlpool at 205 °F 25 min 45.18
    20 g Galaxy Pellet 14.25 Dry Hop 11 days
    20 g simcoe Pellet 12.7 Dry Hop 3 days

    1.75 gal - 154 F 60 min

    Wyeast - London Ale III 1318
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  10. Supergenious

    Supergenious Disciple (343) May 9, 2011 Michigan

    I have 2 brews planned over the next week or two (probably one more this month, but still working out the details). The first will be a NE IPA with El Dorado, Mosaic, and Amarillo. Fermented with WLP644. The second will be a German Pils. The LHBS was out of WY2206, and I wanted a lager yeast I’ve never used so went with WY2007 instead. We’ll see.
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  11. GreenKrusty101

    GreenKrusty101 Crusader (730) Dec 4, 2008 Nevada

    Prickly Pear IPA on the agenda for today...with $25 worth :grimacing: of nectar added on day 3 of ferment.
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  12. meatst1ck

    meatst1ck Initiate (67) Feb 22, 2015 Pennsylvania

    Back in the saddle after a 4 month hiatus...

    Got my hands on TYB House Sour Blend, ended up tossing in some WY3726 and some 3F/Tilquin dregs all in primary along with it as well, excited to see how this one turns out!

    Boil Time: 90 min
    Batch Size: 3.5 gallons
    Boil Size: 5 gallons
    Efficiency: 74%

    OG: 1.056
    IBU: 7.54
    SRM: 4.49

    4.29 lb - Dingemanns Pilsner (67%)
    1.2 lb - American - White Wheat (20%)
    0.19 lb - Gambrinus Honey Malt (3%)
    0.72 lb - Flaked Oats (10%)

    0.3 oz - East Kent Goldings, AA: 4.6, 60 min

    Infusion Mash @158F for 90 min

    WY3726 Farmhouse
    TYB House Sour Blend
    3F/Tilquin dregs
    -Pitched at 68F, will hold at 68F for ~2-3 days, then slowly ramp up to ~78F for 2-3 weeks before racking to secondary for 6-12+ months

    Ca2: 53
    Mg2: 5
    Na: 31
    Cl: 99
    SO4: 79
    mash pH: 5.25

    ~0.7oz Med Toast French Oak Cubes tossed in

    -Ended up steeping some additional flaked oats pre-boil at ~170F for a few min for unconverted starches for the brett/bugs, not sure if it really does anything (although I did overshoot my OG goal of 1.050 a bit, so perhaps that played a role lol).

    -Started my mash at 157.5F, and 90 min later was sitting at about 150.5F (Kettle wrapped in thick blankets and towels). Curious to see how fermentable the wort ends up being, but I'm glad to see some activity starting only 12 hours later.
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  13. AleInAPale

    AleInAPale Initiate (37) Apr 16, 2018 Ohio

    bottling chocolate holiday ale(1 gal), adding in lemon zest tincture to my coriander weiss(5 gal), and brewing a honey blonde(5 gal)... all this weekend :beers: AND IT IS CINCO DE MAYOOOOO:stuck_out_tongue:
  14. invertalon

    invertalon Devotee (433) Jan 27, 2009 Ohio

    Prepped grain, brewing water and equipment for a brewday after work tomorrow. Will be a NE IPA with Vic Secret, Galaxy and Simcoe. Around 6% ABV. Pitching WLP007 as the yeast of choice.

    Grist is 9# 2-Row, 2.5# white wheat and 1# Vienna.

    West coast water profile (300+ sulfates). Will hope to keg and spund by Mon/Tues and tap by May 12th for a party. Wee!
  15. Kraz

    Kraz Initiate (83) Feb 12, 2018 Indiana

    I was concerned about my Wyeast 1318 smack pack nutrient not popping last Sunday, but, boy, I have nothing to be worried about. 5 days in and that yeast is still munching down hard. Might be the healthiest happiest yeast I have ever pitched.

    It is my first time using lactose though, is that why?
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  16. csurowiec

    csurowiec Disciple (334) Mar 7, 2010 Maryland

    I have a starter of WLP530 spinning around on the cigar box stir plate. Hosting an event at my house with my club for AHA Big Brew tomorrow. All this talk of recipe formulation for the AP Dubbel has me making one tomorrow.
    11lbs Belgian pils
    .5lb caramunich
    .25lb special B
    1lb D-90 syrup
    Magnum to bitter
    Hallertau Mittelfru for aroma
  17. TheBeerery

    TheBeerery Initiate (84) May 2, 2016 Minnesota

    working on my control panel and interface...
  18. Supergenious

    Supergenious Disciple (343) May 9, 2011 Michigan

    No, lactose is a non-fermentable sugar. That is why it adds body and boosts your FG.
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  19. Prep8611

    Prep8611 Aspirant (250) Aug 22, 2014 New Jersey

    Just kegged a saison and English mild. Tomorrow brewing 20 gallons of ESB with a few homebrew club members. Overall we are brewing 150 gallons!
  20. OldBrewer

    OldBrewer Aspirant (247) Jan 13, 2016 Ontario (Canada)

    Brewing a Paulaner Premium Pils clone/taste-alike tomorrow along with some changes in methodology - more of a low-oxygen approach.
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  21. invertalon

    invertalon Devotee (433) Jan 27, 2009 Ohio

    Brewed up my new IPA, with Simcoe, Galaxy and Vic Secret. Grist just 2-Row, White Wheat and Vienna. WLP007. OG of 1.051.

    Really liked using my new pump to whirlpool... Got those hops really moving in the beer, basically making the wort look like a NE IPA by the time it was chilled and done (never seen it like that before, bright yellow and turbid). Chilled the wort down to 170ish for a majority of the whirlpool. Also made an epic hop/trub cone in the middle which was nice for racking to the fermenter. Never could get that by hand...

    Also got my tap lines cleaned and lines replaced during the off-times while brewing. Ready to tap them four new beers soon! Speaking of, Hefe is all set to go into the keezer. Spunding has completed.
  22. CarolusP

    CarolusP Initiate (107) Oct 22, 2015 Minnesota

    Seeing what bugs I can catch in the backyard. No long-term plan yet of what I’ll do if I’m successful.

  23. CarolusP

    CarolusP Initiate (107) Oct 22, 2015 Minnesota

    Well, damn it. Next time I do this I'll check the forecast first.

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  24. wasatchback

    wasatchback Aspirant (270) Jan 12, 2014 Utah

    Big day tomorrow but no actual brewing, hopefully Monday...

    Moving my first truely Sour beer into secondary. I’ve used Brett before, but never Brett + Bugs. Went the New Belgian route and primaried with lager yeast, 34/70. Beer ended up attenuating a little further than expected and actually tastes great but going to transfer and pitch some Russian River, Jolly Pumkpin, HF dregs I’ve been propping up. Revisit it in 6 months.

    Moving a Brett Saison into secondary for hopefully no more than a month. Tastes great already but needs a little longer to dry out.

    Dry hopping a Belgian Pale with some Mandarina. Used the latest Wyeast PC release, Belgian Schelde, for this. So far pretty subdued phenolics which is nice.

    Gotta figure out how much coffee to dose a 5% Milk Stout with. I steeped grounds in my last coffee beer and didn’t like the slight green pepper I got from it. Gonna try cold brew this time. Anyone ever mess with their water when doing this? Optimal PH specifically?

    Going to transfer a Mexican inspired lager of sorts to a corny and let it sit at 50 for a few days while my next lager gets going so I can krausen the present batch. I was really pleased with the last Pilsner I krausened. I really think it had a very positive effect on the mouthfeel specifically.
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  25. Kraz

    Kraz Initiate (83) Feb 12, 2018 Indiana

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  26. Prep8611

    Prep8611 Aspirant (250) Aug 22, 2014 New Jersey

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  27. Kraz

    Kraz Initiate (83) Feb 12, 2018 Indiana

    Thanks, can you tell me how you used it? Did you just dump it in during secondary? Did you sack it? How long did you let it sit to achieve the flavor you were looking for?
  28. Prep8611

    Prep8611 Aspirant (250) Aug 22, 2014 New Jersey

    Dumped it into primary.
  29. MrOH

    MrOH Champion (848) Jul 5, 2010 Maryland

    Slight change in plans- found a half pound of over-toasted flaked oats in the malt bin, so using that instead of the GNO. Oats are toasted at what I estimate are around SRM 60 (brown malt), rye is toasted at around SRM 30 (amber malt). Other than that, everything else is the same. Should be interesting...
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  30. AleInAPale

    AleInAPale Initiate (37) Apr 16, 2018 Ohio

    In a bag? Did it separate just fine?
  31. Prep8611

    Prep8611 Aspirant (250) Aug 22, 2014 New Jersey

    I literally dump it all in. No bag.
  32. GormBrewhouse

    GormBrewhouse Disciple (393) Jun 24, 2015 Vermont

    Brewing another chocolate stout this afternoon. Too many requests to ignore
  33. Kraz

    Kraz Initiate (83) Feb 12, 2018 Indiana

    That is my next brew too. I want to dump a little french pressed coffee in there this time. Go for an iced chocolate coffee vibe for the summer
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  34. GormBrewhouse

    GormBrewhouse Disciple (393) Jun 24, 2015 Vermont

    @Kraz I use bairds chocolate malt, imo the most chocolatyr malt out there.
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  35. Kraz

    Kraz Initiate (83) Feb 12, 2018 Indiana

    Me too, but only a pound. It is about 60% pale 2 row, 10% maris otter 10% roasted barley, 10% chocolate and 10% simpsons brown.

    I always think about adjusting this but it just has never been bad so I leave it alone *shrugs*
  36. bryantc3

    bryantc3 Initiate (150) Apr 12, 2017 New Jersey

    first brew of the month (well technically April 30th but whatevs) didn't go great. It's a slight variation of a NEIPA i've brewed a few times before, but first time I scaled it up to a full 5G batch (as I finally got a keezer/5G keg).

    Totally missed my SG (1.058 vs 1.072) with terrible efficiency. I know why, and hopefully I figured out thefix, but if all goes well (i'll pull a sample today and cold crash), I should have a decent citra/mosaic session IPA, which is nice i guess.

    So, I have a 10.5G pot that I BIAB in. I use a "hotrod" connected to a pid controller to maintain mash temps. To keep my grain bag off the element, I use an aluminum steamer basket - the one that came for the pot was much to big to allow for the use of the heat stick, so I purchased a smaller one -- much too small apparently at 30 something quarts. With roughly 15LBs of Grain (and 7 gallons of water), the steamer basket compacted the grain way too much and despite plenty of stirring and mash recirculation, the grains just didn't get properly "soaked" so to say. So I purchased a new stainless steel basket that is 40QT compared to the original 42QT and with the help of pliers and a hammer - I can fit the heatstick in and should have plenty of room for grain and water. I'll be doing a test run of it this coming week with a 3 gallon batch -- it'll also be a test of mixing some dry yeast.
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  37. wasatchback

    wasatchback Aspirant (270) Jan 12, 2014 Utah

    Have you ever used Chocolate Rye?
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  38. GormBrewhouse

    GormBrewhouse Disciple (393) Jun 24, 2015 Vermont

    Not yet, do u like it?
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  39. GormBrewhouse

    GormBrewhouse Disciple (393) Jun 24, 2015 Vermont

    11lb marris otter
    1.5 lb bairds chocolate
    1 Munich l10
    .5 Simpsons roasted barley
    .75 l60
    .75 flaked oats
    .5 carapills
    Notty yeast
    Accidental recipe which proved super.
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  40. Kraz

    Kraz Initiate (83) Feb 12, 2018 Indiana

    @GormBrewhouse hmmm that sounds fun. Is it as sweet as it looks like it should be?
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