Brewmeister suicide over Reinheitgesbot (?)

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  1. pjbear05

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    I've heard this one for years, but never located an article or other verification, so I'm throwing this out here.

    Allegedly a brewmeister in Germany, having been arrested for some violation of the Brewing Purity Law, committed suicide rather than to go trial.

    Real Magilla or urban legend? Sources, please. Thanks.
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    I could not find any sources substantiating this when googling for it in German.
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    Can they really "arrest" someone for Reinheitsgebot violation? I can see a fine or loss of brewing license after so many violations, but cuffed, perp-walked, and thrown in the slam?

    I smell tall tale.
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  4. einhorn

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    Never heard this before. My guess is urban legend, but that would also require many people hearing the story.... so it's a rural legend?
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  5. ManforallSaisons

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    My cousin heard it from a guy who visited the brewery right around when it happened ...
  6. steveh

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    When they were cleaning the dregs out of the boil kettle to make Bock? ;-D
  7. FrankenBier

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    Sadly, brewer suicides in Franconia are not all that uncommon. Mostly they are older brewers who don't have a family take over the brewery. Ambros Brütting in Staffelstein some 25 years ago (the brew house ended up at Anderson Valley Brewing), the "Young Brewer" at Seelmann in Zettmansdorf (forget his name -- his father Georg had to come out retirement and ran it for a few years before closing). One of the countryside breweries around Bamberg had a brewer attempt but was unsuccessful and his brother took over. There were a few more I've heard about over the years but I am having a senior moment -- probably just depression because I was supposed to leave tomorrow for three week trip to Bamberg!
  8. einhorn

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    Getting the kids to take over the family business is not easy, many smaller "Handwerker" companies close due to lesser interest in being a plumber, baker, brewer, blacksmith, farmer and so forth. It's been an ongoing problem the last 20-30 years, kids see how much their parents invest, mentally and time-wise, no wonder they'd rather work at a bank for 38.5 hours per week with a healthy social network and 6 weeks paid vacation.

    I do feel as though we're having a small resurgence in that respect here in the States, which I greet with open arms. Now the education system needs to catch up with the idea of only having a college degree gets you anywhere in this country. Heck, here in my neck of the woods, the HVAC, plumber, woodworker, pest control, landscape guys (etc) make solid bank if they know how to run a small business.
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