Bruery 2018 RS/HS Allocations

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    InB4 a super polite response of “that’s not a solution”
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    That is a brilliant idea. I never thought of that. Instead of hoping for them to improve efficiency I should plan to give them even more notice. Why stop at 72 hours? Maybe I should just get in the habit of letting them know one month in advance. If I have 3 boxes to pick up that works out to about 1 bottle per day being put in a box. Which I agree, would alleviate stress for them
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    Blue BBLs is one of my favorite beers and this year's batch absolutely does not disappoint. There are great beers that I've had that I've tried again in subsequent batches and the love is lost. But not for Blue BBLs. It's such an awesomely complex and enjoyable beer!
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    Even better... Polish off that resume of yours and send it in to the fine folks at The Bruery. Get yourself a job there so you can show them first-hand your brilliant ways of process improvement and logistics management. Then we can all experience the glory of your wisdom and offer you "overly polite" showers of praise directly to your face.

    ...And of course still come here to bitch about you behind your back.

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    This thread is now giving that toppling Goliath thread a run for its money lol
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    Haha I was just thinking this whole order pickup discussion is cringe worthy.
  7. fegelFatso

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    I love the Baby Blues (as I call them now that they are 375s). So far haven't maxed on anything this year, but I maxed on those.
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    well, it was actually @SHODriver's brilliant idea to give them even more time than they ask for. he deserves all the credit. He should actually be the one applying for a job there because they would benefit more from his logistic skills than mine.

    Maybe they could implement some of his ideas into the tasting room as well, so that it takes longer for people to get pours

    There’s no reason that a good idea couldn’t become cross-departmental
  9. AyeDogg

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  10. ScottWoerner

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    Still discussing this? C
    Hey bud, if you want I can proxy for you. I only require 4 hours notice prior to pick up.
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    Lol. It’s to the point where dude is either trolling everyone. Or he just really likes pointing out, in this thread, how busy his life is.
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  12. Black_Rider

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    nah dogg
  13. RDMII

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    Jesus man, you really can't let this go? You KNOW the policy, you seem to understand the reasoning behind it, you've read plenty of discussion on why and how it was an issue for you to just drop in on them on a Saturday mid day, you know it's the end of 2017 pickups and they're probably slammed all to hell most days, plus there's welcome packages to deal with, what is it you want? Patrick Rue to kiss your ass? I don't think it's going to happen. You've had two dozen people chime in on a variety of good, solid reasons of why the policy is what it is, you aren't going to change anything or get anywhere by continued complaining. People may see your point, but no one is going to sympathize with you. You went outside the lines of a policy that was set in place to make it easier on EVERYONE. You don't get special treatment just because you want it.
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    Give the dude a free case of waxed BT and he still wouldn’t be satisfied. Anyways, any word on when embroidery drop off is or when it’s going up on allocations? Usually February every year.

    Can someone start a new thread dedicated only for complaining?
  15. PMR

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    Wow, this has been entertaining to read! I know you're well intentioned and I'm sorry the last few pages have been at your expense. Your concern is very much valid and something we take seriously.

    As others have expressed, this is a particularly busy time of the year due to the cutoff period for 2017 purchases. It's without fail that we have a long list of pickup requests, and it's the most fair that we honor the requests in the order received. No one likes telling a customer they can't pickup their beer with a few hours notice (or immediately if they request it in person), but we don't want to fulfill last minute orders at the expense of someone else who did give us more notice. It's not your individual request that's the problem, it's having a significant percentage of our orders being requested last minute (and us fulfilling them at the expense of someone who did give notice) that's really the issue.

    As far as behind our operations-- we have seven employees who are dedicated to our California Society Fulfillment Center who handle around 90 hours a week of operations in the Fulfillment Center. We generally have around 3 people working at a time. Several will handle packing orders and assisting with member pickups (shipping and pickups), one person is generally responding to member inquiries / pickup requests typically via eMail (200-300 requests a day during peak periods), and we're also frequently managing inventory levels and requesting inventory from our warehouse, which our warehouse team delivers. Yesterday, for example, we had 161 orders fulfilled, and probably another 150-200 orders packed up for pickup today.

    Much of the year is slower than now, where sometimes we'll have as few as 20-30 orders packed up in a day. Managing labor year round is a big consideration. We use a staffing agency to add extra support during these peak periods, who are generally given tasks that don't require much in the way of training, as temps tend to come and go. Unfortunately much of the work during this time of year is in picking and verifying orders, which we tend to only have our employees do.

    I wish I could go over and help the Society Fulfillment Center during these peak times, but we all know I'll just screw things up and get in the way!

    We'll continue to look at ways of improving our response times, and my apologies in the meantime.

    The Bruery
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  16. RDMII

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    Patrick is a gotdamn rockstar. Period.
  17. brewaddict

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    I can confirm. Placed my shipping order last Monday. Shipped this Monday. Glad I got to try OTWB before the cutoff. I would tend to agree with the other reviews. Just a little too much cinnamon. Smells great! Funny how the almond is the most prominent scent but the cinnamon is so front and center on the pallet. Plenty of room for improvement.
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    Well that was unexpected and pretty cool
  19. Scottie_A25

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    :popcorn::rolling_eyes: waiting for the overly polite response to that.
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    I'm waiting for him to tell Patrick he's wrong and ask for the 13th time why he can't get his damn beer.
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    im happy im not a member anymore!

  22. skelliott

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    I'm gonna give 72 hours notice to pickup this weekend just because I can. :sunglasses:
  23. Black_Rider

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    Actually I'm happy to let it go but people keep chiming in. Please feel free to ignore me

    For the record though, aside from Patrick no one here actually did give any good reasoning. I appreciate people trying, but really it was just a lot of speculation. Anyway, we disagree. Peace. Happy Valentine's Day. I'm finished discussing this (till my next pick up in a few months)

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  24. Black_Rider

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    Thanks Patrick. Appreciate you taking the time to come in and clarify. I was actually hoping an employee from the Society would chime in at some point, rather than having to listen to random people explain their theories on warehouse management "I think it's cuz of the fork lifts or something.." etc..

    I just gave notice to pick up this weekend. 4 days notice. Hope the society employees don't spit in my beer

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  25. Black_Rider

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    what year?
  26. InfiniteJester23

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    Since you're kind of calling me out in particular here for mentioning the forklifts (something I was told when I asked employees at the fulfillment center, so maybe not so much random speculation), let me ask: why did you post on a public BA forum if you don't care about anyone's thoughts but Patrick's? Why not just send an e-mail? I really don't get what you were looking for here, but I'm happy this is settled to your satisfaction. Patrick is a good dude.
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    Time to get this thread back on track: so, how about that Chocolate Rain pricing model?
  28. Black_Rider

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    Like I said in my very first post, I did send my thoughts to the Bruery... also posted them to this 'discussion' forum
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  29. RDMII

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    I call bullshit. Numerous replies on here discussed warehousing logistics, customer demand, timing and such, all being very clear about what Patrick later reiterated to you. There wasn't just one post about a forklift. You just couldn't accept it unless it came from the horse's mouth.
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  30. Black_Rider

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    I guess you want to keep this conversation going? You must since you keep chiming in

    Not one person who responded works at Bruery or worse in a warehouse. Speculation
  31. Bum4ever

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    You can’t have it both ways. In one post you say you posted your complaint here for discussion.
    And your the next post says only a response from a bruery employee is valid.

    If you were only going to accept what an employee said, you were by definition not looking for discussion. Why on earth would you want to discuss the issue with a bunch of people who you believe have invalid opinions on the matter because they don’t work for The Bruery.

    What you were looking for was for all of us to side with you, that the 24 hour thing is bad. When we all said it was fine and you are the only one who can’t handle it, you got mad and defensive.
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  32. RDMII

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    Ah, so the Bruery is the only warehouse in existence? Interesting. You don't need to work in a warehouse to understand warehouse logistics. Everyone who replied nailed the entire reason why a warehouse, during a very busy time with limited staff, would have trouble keeping up with double or triple the demand. Keep digging the hole, I'm working until 9pm.
  33. Black_Rider

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    for people who want to stop discussing this you guys are not doing much to stop this from going on and on

    I said I wanted to hear from people on why they thought it would take so long to pack up beer. People did respond with their theories. That doesn't mean any of their theories were good, or that I agreed with them (as you can see in above discussion)
  34. Black_Rider

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    thought you wanted to move on from this. I'm ready to

    Happy Valentine's Day everyone. hope to see you all at the Anniversary party
  35. SHODriver

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    Are you sure about that? You can't seem to let anybody else but you get the last word in and you sure as hell haven't admitted that you were wrong and had no idea what the hell you were talking about this whole time. The absolute cherry on top of this is that after getting a response from Patrick you had the audacity to 'joke' that the same people who were nothing but professional and courteous to you would then go and spit in your beer. I would suggest that you apologize to all of them when you pick up your beers next.

    HOPTOMIC_BOMB Aspirant (240) Feb 18, 2014 California
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    Hopefully they toss in a society only pacifier for your troubles
  37. Black_Rider

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    that's hilarious. what was I "wrong" about? I was asking a question. after a bunch of amateurish (and some rude) responses from people, it was nice to hear from someone who actually knows what they are talking about. rather than hear a 5 paragraph lecture from someone entirely speculating

    I have to say, of all the discussion threads here on Beer Advocate the Bruery thread, for whatever reason, is by far filled with the most anal, uptight people on this site

    and no I don't think I need to apologize to Patrick, pretty sure he can take a joke

    hope to see you at the Anniversary party SHODriver. I'll trade you some LA beer for good Louisiana hot sauce
  38. Black_Rider

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    they might need to bring some extras for some other people in this thread
  39. SHODriver

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    I thought you said you wanted to drop this? Do you really want me to go through a few pages of your nonsense to match your cluelessness/unhelpful suggestions with Patrick's point for point while also meshing up where most of the people in this thread were telling you the same things that Patrick told you anyway? I'm more than happy to do it if you really want to keep digging that hole.

    Most of the folks in this thread have been Society members for at least a year. I just capped off year four and Patrick's post mentioned that they will use temps to increase their manpower when demand requires it. So this means that some of us stand a good chance of knowing as much or more about how things work when it comes to the annual workings of the fulfillment center than some of the people working there. If you really wanted to dig deeper from the source you should have asked for an explanation for why they couldn't meet your request by replying to their e-mail. You would have gotten the accurate response you so desperately craved faster without the spectacle. Shit, if you would have told people in the thread that they're slammed and can't meet that 24 hour turn time people would be thanking you for the heads up instead of the cold reception you received.

    We aren't uptight. We're just short on patience from people trying to beat the same dead horses year after year.
  40. Black_Rider

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    Holy shit dude. What would make you happy and calm down?

    I'm sorry I asked the question of why it takes as long as it does to pack up beer. Are you happy now?

    You keep telling me to drop this and move on, yet keep chiming in and insulting me. I've been a member for 5 years now myself. Doesn't mean I know the inner-workings of the warehouse. You do? Let it go, bro.

    Or... keep coming back at me telling me to let it go, but throwing in personal insults

    And for the record, I did reach out to Bruery and have also interacted with Patrick himself on this subject. So, we can let it go now. I'm sorry this ruined your day. But yes, you do seem uptight actually.

    to the SHOdrivers, and RMIIIs of the world. I am terribly terribly sorry. To you and your families