Buffalo Bayou Figaro Release

Discussion in 'Southwest' started by TomHouTX, Aug 27, 2013.

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  1. Bluestar

    Bluestar Initiate (0) Mar 5, 2012 Texas

    Great time had last night. Thanks to Rassul for hosting us and breaking open his own cellar - despite our attempt to have a tour of The Bruery. lol...

    The figaro was very enjoyable, especially as it warmed. At room temp the taste of the figs (especially with a sample of the figs next to the beer to taste) in the beer was just awesome. For anyone that has doubts, you should pick up a bottle and try in yourself. Make sure to let it warm while enjoying as it adds lots of great dimension to the beer. The "secret beer" was also great. Can't wait to sample some more when it officially comes out.

    The GBS-trade event is an awesome idea. I want to be on that invite list! :relaxed:

    After I finish this post (now that I know where the brewery is) I'm going to drop them a line about volunteering down there this weekend I had that much fun.

    Enjoy sir! And thank you for the ride home! :relaxed:
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  2. army01

    army01 Initiate (0) Feb 25, 2011 Texas

    Replying to my post, but Specs on Hulen in Fort Worth has Figaro. :relaxed:
  3. kmello69

    kmello69 Defender (618) Nov 27, 2011 Texas
    Beer Trader

    FYI, East 1st Grocery just posted a picture of several cases of this, if any Austin peeps are interested.
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  4. Danielbt

    Danielbt Initiate (0) May 4, 2012 Texas

    Yes, I am. Buy me a couple bottles when you splurge on your favoritest style ever, will ya?
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  5. Lutter

    Lutter Initiate (0) Jun 30, 2010 Texas

    As of 7am... it's on the floor at East 1st Grocery. I know, because I made Sam get it out of his car for me so i could buy a bottle, lol. Poor guy got in from Houston very late last night. Also, more Meer Koebel.
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  6. 13DegN

    13DegN Initiate (162) Mar 25, 2012 Texas
    Beer Trader

    Thanks Sam. I'll be trying it soon.
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  7. Clonies720

    Clonies720 Initiate (0) Oct 24, 2012 Texas

    I love how Rassul didn't go all Ranger Creek on us. Seriously nice job taking the high road. And for the record, I've always enjoyed 1836, gingerbread stout, and some of the smaller one-offs y'all have done.
  8. DanzBorin

    DanzBorin Initiate (0) Apr 11, 2012 Texas

    When can we expect the triumphant return of Pistachio Cream Ale?!
  9. Ford

    Ford Defender (685) Sep 8, 2012 Texas
    Subscriber Beer Trader

    Wish I could have made it.. but I'll make the next one.. fingers crossed...

    Buffalo Bayou has always been the tour/tasting brewery I've enjoyed the most in Houston. I'm just a big fan of 1836 as it is.... love going into a place like Franks downtown and seeing it on tap there... at least it was last time I was there, though it has been a couple of months or so...

    Glad everyone had a good time... looking forward to this BA announce thingy once it happens!
  10. TxUltraRunner

    TxUltraRunner Disciple (352) Aug 16, 2012 Texas
    Beer Trader

  11. Chuk_Hell

    Chuk_Hell Aspirant (200) Apr 12, 2012 Texas
    Beer Trader

    I tried both the Meer Koabel ( more cowbell?) and Figaro today and thought they were both quite good. I think a trip to E1G is in my very near future,
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  12. Lutter

    Lutter Initiate (0) Jun 30, 2010 Texas

    IIRC... Meer Koebel is 'More Cowbell' with a substitution of Belgian yeast.
  13. chopz

    chopz Initiate (0) May 13, 2013 Texas

    i hope i get to have their chai porter and devil's food again.
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  14. morsetx

    morsetx Aspirant (275) Mar 10, 2013 Texas
    Beer Trader

    Heaven help me - I like this beer.
    Would it still be good or even better with 6 months or a year aging?
  15. HopAG

    HopAG Initiate (0) Sep 22, 2012 Texas
    Beer Trader

    I'm sure Rassul will gladly answer this for you!

    I can't see a little age being a hindrance on the flavor, only thing that worries me is the fig notes.
  16. Houston_E89

    Houston_E89 Aspirant (263) Sep 10, 2012 Texas

    CHAI PORTER?!?!?!?!

    DO WANT!!!!!!!!
  17. chopz

    chopz Initiate (0) May 13, 2013 Texas

    yep. had it at the 2013 spring festival...SOO GOOD.
  18. pwsoldier

    pwsoldier Devotee (438) Apr 26, 2007 Texas

    If anyone in SA is looking for Figaro, Spec's De Zavala has plenty.
  19. ext1rpate

    ext1rpate Aspirant (225) Feb 21, 2011 Texas
    Beer Trader

    I found some Figaro/GBS at Specs Arbor yesterday for those in North Austin
  20. DanzBorin

    DanzBorin Initiate (0) Apr 11, 2012 Texas

    Chai Porter was well done, but I couldn't even finish a half pint because I'm not a fan of Chai.

    Was a collaboration with City Acre.
  21. mhenson42

    mhenson42 Zealot (535) Nov 20, 2011 Texas
    Beer Trader

    And the Gingerbread Stout too
  22. Ford

    Ford Defender (685) Sep 8, 2012 Texas
    Subscriber Beer Trader

    Picked up some Figaro from Shell the other day. Good times!
  23. Techichi

    Techichi Disciple (392) Sep 25, 2012 Texas
    Beer Trader

    Got a bottle from Specs on Hulen. Good stuff. Look forward to trying more from BB.
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