Buffalo Breweries?

Discussion in 'Mid-Atlantic' started by Roser, Jul 27, 2017.

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  1. Roser

    Roser Zealot (540) Aug 4, 2012 Virginia

    Buffalo Breweries??? Native Buffalonian here (living in DC now). I'll be in Buffalo soon. Probably only have time to visit one brewery. Staying in Tonawanda/Amherst area but will be touring around the city for a day. So, if I can only visit one of the several there, anyone have any suggestions?
  2. ClarkstonMark

    ClarkstonMark Crusader (469) Feb 21, 2016 Michigan

    Technically, on this site, Buffalo is in the Mid-Atlantic (I first looked for Michigan in the midwest, then i realized it was in Great Lakes).
    I only know Southern Tier, and hour + south of Buffalo. ST can be fun, but crowded.
  3. pest

    pest Savant (1,005) Sep 2, 2007 Ohio

    Thin man was the best one I got to hit when I was there earlier this year.
  4. IGaveYouPower

    IGaveYouPower Savant (1,034) Dec 2, 2010 New York

    Just gonna copy/paste my post from the last similar thread:

    Definitely hit up Big Ditch. It's right near Canalside. Excellent beer, beautiful space, and stuff to go. Thin Man in Elmwood has a ton of things on tap but nothing really stood out to me. Still, in a cool area and a beautiful space.

    Resurgence is the one you really need to hit, though. Sound like a broken record here but big, beautiful space (very open inside and a big outdoor patio/biergarten), TVs, bar games, stuff to go and a crowler machine.

    Community Beer Works is like a block from Resurgence and has good beer and pinball.

    All four of these spots are in a legit, like, three-mile radius so with a few hours to kill you can easily hit them all.

    As far as shops, go to Village Beer Merchant, about a block up from Thin Man. Somewhat small but very, very fresh and well-curated selection.

    Lastly, as I say in all these threads, get wings at Gabriel's Gate. Best you'll ever have, and it's in Elmwood right near Thin Man.
  5. Roser

    Roser Zealot (540) Aug 4, 2012 Virginia

    We ended up at Resurgence and were very pleased. What an awesome space! Beers were "decent" at worst, and most were at least "good" (worth a trip). A spot and its offerings need to at least be "decent" to keep from feeling like time was wasted.

    Tried to do Thin Man but wasn't open until 5pm so missed out. Neat space, though, and extra points for being located right where I grew up.

    Community Beer Works will have to wait until the next visit, but was highly recommended by a patron at Resurgence.

    Thanks for the feedback/suggestions!

    I'm a West Side La Nova guy, so it's their wings and za for me : )

    Thanks for the
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