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    First off, I would like to say that I posted this in 'regional' because I really wanted to brag about Burnt Hickory Brewery, and currently their brews are pretty much unobtainable outside of the brewery/a few local bars, but also to inquire about other local up and coming breweries.

    For those that don't know, Burnt Hickory are based out of Kennesaw, GA, and currently hold a tasting/brewery tour on the 2nd Saturday of every month (next one is August 10th, 2013..) and sometimes tastings on Wednesday nights.

    When I say brewery tour...well...that's not much. There's not much to see. They are very much still up and coming. But!!!! Soooo....much....good beer to be had....I've been the past two months and here's what I've had. Tell me if it's not enough to make you salivate/want to visit this place/try their stuff/have sex with said beer.

    Let's also mention that I've not seen anything they do below 6%. And they generally don't filter. They mean business. BUSINESS.

    June's tasting/tour:

    - Old Wooden Head: 11% IIPA -- didn't get to try
    - Ezekiel's Wheel: 6.5% "It's the latest batch that we are Oh-So-Cleverly calling "Zombie Cutter" or "Daisy Dust". This thing is a tribute to our fave Chicagoan pale ales. Hmmm Mmmm CITRA hops!" -- got that!? It was delicious. But, save it for Zekey Stardust (below)

    - WHITE FLAG THIRD STRIKE WIT: "Our Imp WIT (yes. Imp WIT!) It's cloudy and hitting New Glarusian fruit levels with the extra dosing of very tart apricots! Makes me jealous of those that get New Glarus, this was delicious on a whole new level. Was basically an alcoholic smoothie. My mouth is watering thinking about it.
    - Cannon Dragger: 8.5% IPA. -- It is their flagship, it is that good, it is a danky, hoppy, smeller of a brew. And I love it. And they do variations every month (see below)

    - Big Shanty Graham Cracker Stout: It was big. You could taste the graham crackers in the maltiness, and it was a fantastic stout. Drained very quickly.
    - Zekey Stardust: Ezekiel's Wheel, 3F inspired pale ale infused with pineapple. Holy shit. This was fantastic. Wish I'd ordered another before I left.

    Then, they do hourly keg taps: we had a version of Cannon Dragger IPA with 4 experimental hops, which I could only deem as fantastic. 'Boo Boo's Banana Popsicle'..that tasted like melted banana popsicles...and then a brew that tasted like Rum Butter Life Savers...and then...OH MY...Killdozer, a barrel aged (Buffalo Trace barrels..) barleywine at, oh, around 13.5%. Sheesh. Feeling good at the end of the day.

    July's saw the return of Cannon Dragger, Ezekiel's Wheel, and White Flag, with the additions of Couragious Conductor Red Velvet Cake Porter (8%) (which, incidentally, tasted a lot like alcoholic Coca Cola), and Mudhoney (7.3%), their big Super Fuzzy Big and Muffy brown honey ale.
    Let's add newest version of Cannon Dragger Watermelon IPA served out of a watermelon, a version of Cannon Dragger infused with habanero, and then a cranberry wild American ale called VOID, and a sour called Angel Rat barelled in Pinot Grigio barrels that were both FANTASTIC.

    So, if you live in the ATL/GA area, I hope I've swooned you, and you will make it to August's throwdown, but I also wanted to bring up/ask how other brewery tours/tastings are -- let's save Sweetwater, and Terrapin...great times and long lines, but we've had their stuff -- let's talk about these new guys like Burnt Hickory, and some that I don't know much about like Strawn, Blue Tarp, Jekyll, etc., and I'm sure that I'm missing some, that are up and coming, and what they have to offer. I've been won over that Burnt Hickory are basically just the bacon of vegetarian Georgia breweries, I'm just hoping that there others to make me proud to be a Georgian and think that maybe, just maybe, we will have others that will rival this wave of great brews that have swept the nation. We will all win then :grinning: Until then, I've seen the light, and Burnt Hickory will BLIND YOU, son! I'm their new biggest fan!
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