Busch Light fan gets his face on cans

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    So first, let's put aside the "But it's Busch Light" cracks. For a dude (or dudette) to show a sign looking for beer money to actually receiving a bunch of it then donating to a children's hospital then getting their mug on a highly distributed and very available in pretty much all markets beer- is effing incredible! Imagine taking your first Tinder date to Kroger and saying, "Yea, that's me" :laughing: Props to him, AB and everyone else involved.
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    Yup I read this story and snagged a case of Bush Light buckhunter cans this week. I respect he did the right thing and Bush doubled down on it.
  3. Oktoberfiesta

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    So no questions asked, he initially got hundreds of thousands of dollars just for beer? I'm glad he did the right thing and decided to donate it all. Unless that was the plan all along. People are so giving to useless things. I'm glad he corrected course on it.
  4. MNAle

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    The original news story said he didn't really expect to get anything, but once the money reached several hundred dollars, he decided to donate it. So, while that was not his intent originally, he did decide to donate it before it reached even $1,000. Then, once his intent to donate the money was know, that is when the real money started rolling in. (At least, according to the news story.)
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    Isn't Kroger a grocery store chain? People go on first dates ("Tinder" or otherwise) to grocery stores these days? Is the guy responsible for using his store discount card or is that seen as sexist? :grin:

    Who pushes the cart? Well, first date and all - they might use separate carts? Too soon for his banana to rub up against her muffin? (You know, so to speak).

    "Here, allow me to get the door for you." (Steps in front of electronic eye. Door opens. Steps aside and let date enter store first).
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    This is really a fantastic story. Kudos to the kid, and kudos to AB - in this instance.

    Despite their business practices, which many may see as unethical (in particular in our little craft beer community), anecdotally they seem to have a pretty solid track record of community outreach and support. This is the sort of thing that local companies often do (putting someone on your label to honor them), but international companies rarely do.

    No losers here; just winners.

    I used to think that was just the funniest act of faux-chivalry. Granted, I never tried it on a date. :grinning:
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    Well, it was a little more work back when you had to step on the rubber mat...:wink:
  8. Mark-Leggett

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    That's pretty freaking cool!
  9. Loops

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    I cant believe this was not done before, great story and ending. TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!!
  10. craigbelly

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    proud day for iowa/isu...to bad everyone knows about our Busch light obsession now....
  11. hoppytobehere

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    Not so fast...

    Anheuser-Busch to have 'no further association' with Carson King over social media posts

  12. MNAle

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    Cancel culture strikes again.
  13. taylordane

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    Unfuckingbelievable. DM Registier is despicable.

    Guy was sent thousands of dollars after making a Game Day sign asking for beer money. Rather than keep it, he decided to use it to raise even MORE money to donate to a children's hospital. Now journos are trying to ruin him over tweets he wrote at 16.

    Turns out the writer of the hit piece, Aaron Calvin, has his own racist and homophobic past tweets. https://heavy.com/news/2019/09/aaron-calvin/

    You've made your bed, now lie it it.
  14. HouseofWortship

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    Impressive feat. I've never been able to get my face on cans and busch at the same time.
  15. NickTheGreat

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    I was going to post this earlier this week.

    This story took a weird turn. Not surprising, this day and age, I guess.

    I'm just glad there's no formal record of everything stupid I said as a teenager :rolling_eyes:
  16. NickTheGreat

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    Everyone in Iowa knows how terrible of a paper the Register is. It's become a little bit of a "kill the messenger" phenomenon with them, but it seems like some bad things are happening to this man, and the children's hospital because of their "reporting."
  17. Dandrewjohn

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    That's a BA score of 100.
  18. taylordane

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    Geneseo Brewing writes a nice letter to Carson King, announces a new beer in his name, while slamming DM Register:

  19. Vitacca

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    What's the point on digging back 8 years or longer on someones social media? Are they purposely looking to discredit someone? Great story and all but that's shitty. Dude was just trying to do some good in the world.
  20. HouseofWortship

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    It's very odd and there almost needs to be a law banning minors from using social media or holding the social media companies responsible for deleting all content from when the user was a minor once the user become of age. We can expunge a record for minors who commit atrocious crimes when they turn 18, but social media isn't held to the same standard.
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    Yet another in a long list of reasons not to:

    1) use Skankbook, Twaddle, Instacrap, or any other social media*;
    2) buy the Des Moines Bird Cage Liner; and
    3) patronize AB-InBev.

    * Except for Beer Advocate. :slight_smile:
  22. stevepat

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    All praise independent breweries. AB was in it for some predatory pr points and little else.
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  23. jesskidden

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    This story went national now that the Iowa paper has apparently fired the reporter --- well, according to the paper, at least, he "...no longer works for the newspaper."

    Here's a link to the Washington Post story (sorry, might require one to sign up/subscribe).

    Reporter who outed racist tweets by viral fundraiser leaves Des Moines Register after his own offensive posts surface

    As for AB, the article notes:
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  24. Junior

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    Exactly, especially when the 8 year look back goes to when he was 16. It's not like he was running for office or was nominated for the Supreme Court. It's a good lesson for today's teenagers (really anyone) and their use of social media.
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  25. hoptualBrew

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    Great for Carson King, really cool story.

    To hell with Aaron Calvin, and most other “journalists”, for being envious venom-spitting snakes. These assholes are poison.
  26. Mindcrime1000

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    Kudos to King for promoting the beer that makes people go "Busch Lite...are you from Iowa?" thanks to ISU fans drinking two football bowl cities out of BL.

    Kudos (or perhaps boos), too, to the Register for reminding those of us who left the state that it's a miserable rag, even on most good days.

    One-hundred and fifty demerits to AB InBev for caving to the cancel culture mob.

    This is why I tell my kids to stay the hell off of social media. I'm not on Facebook, Twitter, or anything else. Ironically, far-worse crimes than comments like these have a much shorter statute of limitations.
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  27. Reidrover

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    Thats turgid sh&t there..but kudos to the guy giving it to charity
  28. beertunes

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    So: the Register had done their due research, but hadn't decided whether to publish it or not (perhaps they thought a 16 year old kids tweets weren't worth reporting?), but dude did the right thing, stood up and acknowledged his past (before any media reported it). Good on him.

    But, once he brought his own history up, the Register would not have properly done their job, if they hadn't reported on his comments.

    No aspect of this is good. Except for the the fact that a bunch of cash was raised for the kids. That's good.

    Inbev bailing on dude at the first whiff of bad P.R.? Fuck those folks.
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  29. dcotom

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    I hope this comes back to bite them in the ass, big time. It'd warm the cockles of my heart to see frat boys bail on AB en masse.
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  30. drtth

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    So they get demerits for not putting the guy's face on the can. Do they get any credits for the over $350,000 donation to be made to the hospital?
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  31. Oktoberfiesta

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    All he wanted was beer. Then they promised him beer for a year. Then beer with his face on the can. Then reneged on that. They’re in for the good publicity but quickly exited. I guess you take what you can with these soulless corporations. He didn’t ask for all that.
  32. Mindcrime1000

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    Absolutely. It was great that they did that. I never said otherwise. (Although, don't kid yourself, the $350,000 was, at least at the time, some of the most cost-effective national promotion they could have dreamed of).

    BTW, I'm not giving demerits because they didn't put the kid's face on the can. Demerits because they joined the cancel culture train and disavowed further association with a kid who did a great thing merely because of something the kid did when he was barely old enough to drive. I'd venture to guess that most of InBev's upper-level management would be "cancelled" as well if the world knew every single intemperate thing they ever said, wrote, or thought when they were immature. Simply put, it speaks volumes about the state of our culture, where some people seem obsessed with tearing down any person credited with doing something good and decent, even normal ordinary people who don't seek out fame and fortune.
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  33. drtth

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    Right, you joined in with the thought police and never gave them credit for anything, just demerits
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  34. Mindcrime1000

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    Wrong. I gave a great deal of credit to InBev at the outset, as it did a great thing. (In fact, in my previous post that you just responded to, I said "it was great that they did that") So, you will have to pin the hypocrisy allegation on someone else. I just refuse to let InBev off the hook for reversing course. Nonetheless, I always have been (and will continue to be) a frequent Busch Lite drinker, (we Iowans tend to wear the stereotype rather proudly actually), even if I disagree with InBev's decision. Free country and all that.
  35. Mindcrime1000

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    By the way, I take note of your posts often and enjoy reading your thoughts and opinions on all things beer. We probably just don't see this situation the same way and that's cool. FWIW, it's probably my fault for giving an opinion on a tangential cultural issue instead of sticking to the beer itself. Cheers.
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  36. WIexile

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    Gotta agree that this is just simply a dick move on InBev's side. The right thing to to do would of been to double down on the fact that this random guy did a good thing and now we are standing by his good deed with our own match of the funds for charity. Only focus on that and keep your word of giving this guy free beer.

    I just cant believe society has gotten this bad....
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  37. NextBestThing

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    The tragic thing, other than the media wolves playing amateur proctologist with this guy's very brief and otherwise very nondescript private life is that anyone believes AB's reaction is somehow unique.

    MSM can essentially browbeat any company or any public figure into submission through endless virtue-signaling and contrived righteous indignation.

    I love that the smarmy punk who wrote the hit-piece got fired, wish the editor who approved it got the same, and hope as hard as I can hope that she does soon.

    No good deed goes unpunished by the cancel culture creeps.

    Ride on Amerikans.
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  38. NextBestThing

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    Bumping this post because liking it is not enough.
  39. Loops

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    Get real, they donated a lot of money, the Liberal newspaper and the weak culture that this nation is headed down caused the issue not Busch Beer.
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  40. Loops

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    What are you talking about, making a $350K donation to a hospital is awesome.
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