BYOB - Manhattan?

Discussion in 'Mid-Atlantic' started by jrnyc, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. jrnyc

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    Anyone know of any BYOB places in Manhattan with no corkage fee or low cost, west side preferred?
  2. sobeleg

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    My wife goes to Tartine in the West Village all the time with friends, and it is BYO
  3. mugs1789

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    When I was a young man, those two Indian places right next to each other, each about 6 feet wide, on or near St. Marks, were BYO. I was never charged a corkage fee.
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  4. KingforaDay

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  5. RobNewton

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    Alachi Masala on the upper west side at 84th and Amsterdam.
  6. Zonk

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    I've done wine events at Peking Duck House in Midtown. Might want to bring your own glassware though.
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  7. moon0

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  8. jrnyc

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    Ended up going to Ponche Taqueria and Cantina on 49th street. Small place, food was solid. Wasn't sure on the pricing, but we opened two bombers and one can and they charged us $5. When I originally called I think they said $5 for a bottle and $5 for a six pack, not really sure. But turned out to be a great place to do a two man bottle share and eat some good food.
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