Can you bottle draft beer and keep it to age

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  1. titus0010

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    The liquor store I work with has kept a quarter keg of lizard of Koz(2016) by founders and I am interested to see if it would be possible to bring some of my own beer bottles and caps into age it further. I read that filling the bottle while super cold and using a tube to keep the foam down will help keep the CO2 in the beer but do you think it will stay good for a year or so? I'm really in love with this beer and would love to have it around longer than this month (if it last that long in the store)
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  2. IceAce

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    Unfortunately, it’s very hard to fill bottles from a keg without introducing oxygen into the mix.

    Your bottles *may* last a week. They will turn to soy sauce in a month or so.
  3. WadeBridgman

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    Maybe put a little bit of priming sugar and yeast in the bottle? Not really sure but I don't see why not.
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  4. beertunes

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    If you must try this, your best hope is to purge the bottles with CO2 just before filling. Give it a good healthy blast (more than you think you need to) to displace the air/oxygen, fill 'em full, and cap instantly. Good luck.
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    I would not bet on it lasting, you would be better to consume it while it is still good. A lot of people hated this stuff I actually loved it and would be drinking that stuff down LOL.
    Cheers and good luck....
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  6. Lahey

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    If you look or ask around, I'm sure there's still bombers of it out there for sale/trade. It wasn't a big hit, so you could probably score some for a reasonable price. Would be a much more solid way to have some a year or more from now. I doubt a growler would last long unless your store has some fancy bottling equipment.
  7. dennis3951

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    If you can afford to do it, what do you have to loss. Take a shot.
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  8. marquis

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    I used regularly to go out for a pint or three at a pub and ask the landlord to fill a bottle to take home.
    I added a teaspoonful of sugar and sealed the bottle for a week: the result was a pleasant pint to drink with Sunday dinner.
    But this was cask beer which contained live yeast.
    Oxygen wasn't an issue: over a few days a small amount actually improves beer ,often dramatically.
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  9. JackHorzempa

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    What is being suggested here is basically the same thing as filling a growler or crowler. How long would you be willing to keep a growler/crowler? I personally make it a point to drink a growler/crowler pretty quickly (e.g., within a week of filling). I am personally not concerned about CO2 but the aspect of oxidation that @IceAce mentioned above. Shooting some CO2 in a growler/crowler prior to filling is likely better than not doing so but I would not expect that this process would do a great job in eliminating the air (oxygen) from the vessel prior to filling.

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  10. zid

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    I'm with @Lahey - This seems like a very compromised, inferior, and difficult way of doing something compared to simply buying bottles of this beer. If you're going to bother, just do it the right way instead.
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  11. SFACRKnight

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    Why not buy the keg?
  12. youradhere

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    Get a Blichman Beer Gun, it is a homebrewing keg tool that lets you bottle from the keg by purging the bottle with co2 while filling from the keg in 2 seamless operations. I’ve successfully aged many a homebrew by bottling like that. Use some creative engineering with converting commercial sankey keg fittings to homebrew ball lock, and you are in business. Buy the extra gimmicky O2 eating caps from the homebrew shop for some extra insurance.
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  13. Lazhal

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    There are tons of reports all over the internet and BA of people who have kept a crowler/growler for months and even in some rarer cases, years. Mixed results for sure, but I've read my fair share of good reports. I think with a CO2 purge and a tube fill, the results could be great and it is worth the risk (read: price) to fill a handful of bottles. Just don't go overboard.
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