CANarchy buys Deep Ellum

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  1. jesskidden

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    Local "Southwest" forum brewery news, but since CANarchy (Oskar Blues Brewery, Perrin Brewing Company, Cigar City Brewing, Squatters Craft Beer and Wasatch Brewery) is nationwide and was the #9 largest "craft brewer" according to the Brewers Association, posting it here.

    According to Brewbound:
    I see where Deep Ellum's already listed on the CANarchy website.

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  2. Oktoberfiesta

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    The lines are so blurred now. I don't want mediocre to solid products infiltrating my state. They're no better than an inbev. World domination is both their goals.
  3. LambicPentameter

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    I can't tell if this post is supposed to be satire or not.
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  4. jmdrpi

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    Doe this somehow help CANarchy avoid issues related to the Texas bill mentioned in this article? It specifically talked about Oscar Blues being hurt by it:

    Not sure if it ever passed, just recall reading about it previously.
  5. Oktoberfiesta

    Oktoberfiesta Aspirant (251) Nov 16, 2013 New Mexico

    No not really. I'm just saying next thing you know OB/Canarchy will be trying to package deal their whole line of products to out of state distributors. I don't think there is enough Canarchy uproar or hate, when they're goal is the same as ab inbev.

    We're being sold uniqueness but it's all under the same umbrella. Lines will be super blurry in 2-3 years.
  6. jmdrpi

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    Actually, Deep Ellum was mentioned as well. Looks like they were previously partially owned by an investment firm. Looks like it was a short-term flip?

  7. jmdrpi

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    This local article about the sale brings up the taproom bill issue, but doesn't sound like it helps. Instead it might make Deep Ellum affected by it.

  8. denver10

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    Looks like my guess that Great Divide would be the next cat to sell proves wrong.

    But the pattern is continuing that many of these breweries that invested big money in expanding are feeling the heat and selling for a cash infusion is becoming a means of survival.

    @Oktoberfiesta, for someone who drinks/loves Pivo Pils as much as you do (and I love the beer myself, so I am 100% on board there) I am kinda surprised you are so opposed to these mergings. I get that one group is led by a family brewery, the other an investment firm but both are playing the same game here. As far as I am aware, they aren't playing the same game as In Bev.....and I don't think they ever will be....they don't have the product to hold anyone hostage like In Bev does, there is not a beer in their portfolio that has the market as Budweiser. If they tell Jubilation that in order to get Cigar City, they have to shelf x, y and z, Jubilation can afford to probably tell them to kiss off at minimal loss to them. If they tell In Bev that, that probably puts them in a big hole.

    I don't care much for the CANarchy lineup other than Cigar City, but don't need them coming here either. Freshness matters and we all know its impossible for these guys to be able to compete with the locals on that front. I am still waiting for the chance to be able to buy my first six pack of Two Hearted IPA, one of my favorite beers, but have yet to find a fresh enough sixer to do so. If I haven't bought any Two Hearted, there is absolutely no chance I buy anything from the CANarchy lineup I would think.

    But to bring this back on topic....good for Deep Ellum, I guess. I never tried their beer before, doubt I do even after this. Maybe if I make it down to Dallas I will hit up their taproom.
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