Canbif, Fall 2018.

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  1. Electros

    Electros Meyvn (1,082) Feb 20, 2007 Ontario (Canada)

    It's that time again...

    Summer is officially over tomorrow and it time for the fall Canbif.

    This is a great opportunity as like always for a great experience for those new to trading/CANBIF and those returning.

    Below are the rules/details of how we intend to proceed and please read them in detail so there is no confusion of expectations:

    • Registration: Email/conversation sent to Electros with full address (City, Province), phone number and personal email before midnight on September 30th, 2018. This is for your sender as well as emgency contact purposes for myself.
    • Participants who have never traded need to inform me and I would advise on acquiring a styro shipper.
    • Please also inform me if you have regular trading partner on BA.
    • Pairing will be available by October 1st at the lastest. Pairing consideration is given to previous participants on the basis of where they have sent and recieved in previous rounds. A balance is always tried to be struck in regards to the above and to break down of participants geographically. All are choosen at random. Anyone that is interested in a second box please indicate this in the first email to me and I will take it into consideration. Also know that your targent is not your sender. 1 sends to 2, 2 to 3 and so on.
    • There should be no communication between target and sender. If there is any case for concern it ahould be relayed to myself. This is a surprise of who/where your sender it shipping from. Everyone should post a likes/dislikes of styles and your sender will try to go off this 8n alerting beers to send. Please post!
    • You must be willing to ship between October 7th and the 28th(weather permitting). If there is any question that this shipping date cannot be met I would appreciate a consideration of not signing up for this round.
    • Amount of beers to be sent: Participants are expected to fill a 12 slot styro shipper. There is no min/max fill levels. At least half of the bottles should be local. The rest can be an assortment of US/other provinces. Check out previous rounds for a feel.
    • Swag is not required, but is optional.
    Please let myself know if you have any question/concerns and also maintain communication when needed.

    Anyone new to Canbif I suggest googling previous rounds to get a feel of the what the experience is like and if it is right for you.
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  2. CurtisD

    CurtisD Disciple (384) Aug 16, 2012 New Brunswick (Canada)

    Been waiting for this, I’m in! Lots of interesting stuff in NB these days that I’m looking forward to sharing.
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  3. Tmappin

    Tmappin Aspirant (251) Sep 25, 2008 Nova Scotia (Canada)

    I'm in!
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  4. remsad

    remsad Initiate (139) Jan 29, 2018 Quebec (Canada)
    Premium Trader

    I'm in!!!!
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  5. mlegge1029

    mlegge1029 Initiate (33) Oct 14, 2017 Nova Scotia (Canada)

    Count me in!
  6. StormAles

    StormAles Champion (868) Feb 13, 2015 Ontario (Canada)
    Premium Trader

    I'm in! Looks interesting, another avenue to find good trading partners too :slight_smile:
  7. TorontoFrank

    TorontoFrank Initiate (17) Aug 28, 2017 Ontario (Canada)

    Oh I am so in on this round.
    The last time I got a huge and generous box of stouts, ipas and some lambic.

    I've already started collecting bottles in anticipation!
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  8. Phyl21ca

    Phyl21ca Poo-Bah (8,940) Jun 26, 2003 Quebec (Canada)

    I'm in as well.
  9. jk1985

    jk1985 Initiate (28) Apr 3, 2017 Nova Scotia (Canada)

    I'm excited for another round!
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  10. CaptainMurphy

    CaptainMurphy Initiate (40) Sep 5, 2014 Nova Scotia (Canada)

    I'll go in this round. Looks like it's Maritime loaded so far!
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  11. dabeerbuddha

    dabeerbuddha Aspirant (296) Feb 4, 2016 Ontario (Canada)

  12. Electros

    Electros Meyvn (1,082) Feb 20, 2007 Ontario (Canada)

  13. Electros

    Electros Meyvn (1,082) Feb 20, 2007 Ontario (Canada)

    There 13 days left to register. Tell your BA friends time is running out.
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  14. Yardsale

    Yardsale Initiate (79) Jul 31, 2015 Saskatchewan (Canada)

    Sure. I been dead for like a year. Now that we got 3 breweries canning and dropping bottles I finally have some stuff to spread around.
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  15. darcyk

    darcyk Initiate (68) Jul 15, 2014 Ontario (Canada)

    I’m in. x2 boxes if possible.
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  16. darcyk

    darcyk Initiate (68) Jul 15, 2014 Ontario (Canada)

    OP: "You must be willing to ship between October 7th and the 28th (weather permitting)."

    Canada Post: "Get ready for an epic October with Free Shipping Tuesdays! We’re thanking Canada Post Solutions for Small Business™ members with free shipping every Tuesday this October. We’ll even come pick up your package for free†. The best part? There are five Tuesdays this October." (link)

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  17. Electros

    Electros Meyvn (1,082) Feb 20, 2007 Ontario (Canada)

  18. JonCorbett

    JonCorbett Disciple (376) Mar 10, 2016 British Columbia (Canada)

    I'm in again, (and signed up my brother-in-law for a secret santa box too!)

    So whoever gets me as a target:
    I'm pretty well stocked on Stouts, Barleywines, and Porters at the moment so am looking for some summer left over perhaps? Especially if they are in the IPA family.
    I currently get the AmazingClubs monthly beer box as well, so if you have leftovers of those I probably do too. Otherwise, I'm open to anything - as long as it has flavour - see my due to my post-grad studies my BA reviews are dormant, but my untappd is up-to-date. Finally, if you happen to have any connections - I REALLY want to try anything from Hudson Valley and need to try more stuff from the New England area (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut).

    For the special someone who gets the honour of sending to my brother-in-law Gary Wedman (via my sister Amy):

    He is super keen on White IPAs and Milkshake IPAs, but not overly fond of high IBUs 50-60 IBU max unless its a White or Milkshake. And he loves stuff in the "mid to lighter zones" like regular pales, helles , lagers, witbiers, pilsners and such... he is not a fan of heavys or stouts - though he is also a rum guy and I don't think he has had a good rum barrel aged ever. Sours and farmhouse are probably at the bottom of his likes, but light Saisons, and Bretts are good if they are bright and light and not too funky.

    He is not on BA but his Untappd handle is Gar68 (Gary Wedman - ) just in case ya want to snoop his "had it" list lol :wink:

    I can't wait to send! I have a ton of goodies going out :grinning:
  19. remsad

    remsad Initiate (139) Jan 29, 2018 Quebec (Canada)
    Premium Trader

  20. cfrancis

    cfrancis Initiate (176) Jun 15, 2009 Ontario (Canada)

    I am in. Thanks to Electros for the heads up!
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  21. Whatup14

    Whatup14 Savant (906) Apr 16, 2013 Quebec (Canada)

    Then send a package (up to 5 kg)

  22. Ferris

    Ferris Initiate (63) Apr 23, 2013 British Columbia (Canada)