Canned DRIPA

Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by moshea, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. moshea

    moshea Devotee (464) Jul 16, 2007 Michigan

    Has anyone cracked a canned DRIPA yet? If so, how does it compare to the draft version

    As much as I love Kuhnhenn, they tend to be hit or miss and was hoping for a report before I shelled out my $11
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  2. ClarkstonMark

    ClarkstonMark Initiate (64) Feb 21, 2016 Michigan

    also interested
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  3. HardyA

    HardyA Aspirant (298) Jan 26, 2013 Michigan

    Bought some today. Will let you know. They are selling singles at Holiday Market in Royal Oak. Only 10.49 for the 4 pack.
  4. drunkenmess

    drunkenmess Champion (830) Mar 27, 2015 Michigan
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    Back around St. Patty's day they bottled a small batch. 4pks for 10.99/ bottles. Was very surprised how great it tasted from the bottle. Hoping the cans will have the same quality.
  5. stevepat

    stevepat Devotee (415) Mar 12, 2013 California

    wow this is an old favorite from when I lived near Detroit years ago. I need some. Who wants to trade?
  6. drunkenmess

    drunkenmess Champion (830) Mar 27, 2015 Michigan
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    Would love to spread the joy my friend. But however... I've learned shipping to Cali has been quite pricey. At sometimes more than the beer itself. :confused:

    Best of luck :beers::wink:
  7. stevepat

    stevepat Devotee (415) Mar 12, 2013 California

    I definitely hear that. I'll throw one up in the locals trade section and probably won't do it more than once, although this beer has some quality memories attached to it so who knows how I'll end up feeling
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  8. stevepat

    stevepat Devotee (415) Mar 12, 2013 California

    Well I got and cracked this bad boy finally and It's really hitting the spot. Such a nice light body on such a beast of a beer. Great balance. And, to me, 11$ for 48 oz of excellent 9.5% DIPA isn't terrible, just shy of 4 bucks a pint. Basically a 15$ 4-pack. Not an everyday purchase but this would be often in my fridge if I lived back in the mitt
  9. Chuckdiesel24

    Chuckdiesel24 Savant (944) Jul 6, 2016 Illinois

    I was in Detroit / Ann Arbor for a few days before New Year's and picked up a 4-pack. Really is a great beer - the description above is great.
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  10. jampics2

    jampics2 Meyvn (1,460) Dec 19, 2008 Ohio

    No, it’s $11/4pack. Just because it doesn’t come in 16oz cans doesn’t mean you convert it to SHU (standard hazeboi units).

  11. croush

    croush Defender (676) Mar 20, 2015 Illinois

    I had a can over the winter break, and was pretty pleased with it. I hadn't had DRIPA in probably 2 years or so and thought it was just OK when I had it before. This was better than that. I still don't think I'd be buying it much just because of how much other stuff is around, but it's a solid option for sure.
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  12. BWichmann74

    BWichmann74 Initiate (71) Sep 27, 2014 Michigan

    I would also agree that this is a really good beer - love that clean finish!

    West Coast IPA’s are not trendy right now and are harder to come by here in MI. I’m glad to have this offering when I’m looking for a West Coast DIPA!
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  13. darktronica

    darktronica Poo-Bah (1,909) Aug 29, 2014 Indiana
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    I spent four days in Detroit at the beginning of the year for my anniversary. One of the reasons was to pick up my Solstice order from Kuhnhenn's, and it was my first time trying any of their beers. I had DRIPA on draft and subsequently brought a 4-pack home with me. I drank one of the cans two nights ago; I would say it was very similar to my draft experience, so you can buy with confidence.
  14. beertunes

    beertunes Poo-Bah (5,685) Sep 24, 2007 Washington

    Hate to be "that guy" but, waddafuq is a DRIPA? Dry rye IPA?
  15. habc_me

    habc_me Initiate (28) Mar 7, 2017 Illinois

    Double Rice IPA
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  16. AnchorDrops

    AnchorDrops Aspirant (220) May 11, 2013 Michigan

    Seemed a bit boozier than I remember but it has been several years. Otherwise, still drinks light and somewhat dry like a 6% pale ale. Incredibly easy to drink.
  17. RyanMcFly1985

    RyanMcFly1985 Aspirant (289) Oct 20, 2007 Ohio

    Canned DRIPA has been fantastic in my experiences thus far. I’ve had some pretty meh draft versions before but my dad grabbed me a 4-pack of cans when he was in MI a few weeks ago and I wish I had him grab more. So damn on point and welcome in a world of haze bro IPA’s.
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