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  1. DavidRandall

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    My wife and I stopped in Charlotte Michigan at Charlotte Brewing Company. We each had a beer and I tasted another. We plan to go back when we have more time. I guess I am writing this because I want to add it to the list. A little surprised it's not here. They have been open 5 years. There were at least ten of their beers on tap. I am typing in the correct name, at least what the sign on the door and the front of the building shows. Anyone from central Michigan know about this place or have been there?

    How do I add a place to the list?
  2. PapaGoose03

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    @DavidRandall, I think I recall reading about a name change for Eaton Pub & Grill, which I added several years ago, so if the pic on this brewery's page is the same place, you can request the name change under the Place Tools / Notes on the link just above the pic.
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  3. DavidRandall

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    It did show that on the bar top. That explains it. Thanks!
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    This thread did not deliver. By the title I had hoped someone had made a trip to a town for a specific brewery and could not find it....
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    Maybe a photo of them standing in an abandoned lot? Yeah, that's the stuff....