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Capital to brew an IPA

Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by Ri0, Feb 7, 2013.

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  1. bound4er

    bound4er Jul 4, 2007 Wisconsin

    When available NG IIPA is damn solid too.

    Back to topic - I am looking forward to trying Capital's take on an IPA. It is a crowded market so it better be at least a stand up double or preferably a triple.
  2. nickapalooza86

    nickapalooza86 Feb 23, 2010 Wisconsin

    I do not hesitate, if Two Hearted, Finestkind and Furious are Top notch then Lakefront is aswell.... But Maybe that is why IPAs are the most popular style, there is something for everyone! I prefer a citrus heavy Ipa with a nice bitter bite and I have yet to find one with Lakefronts quality.... That being said, my order is

    Two Hearted

    So as you can see I am parcial to the fruity Hops
  3. crossovert

    crossovert Mar 29, 2009 Illinois

    jsut drink a lagunitas sucks it is usually cheaper and smokes lakefront
  4. crossovert

    crossovert Mar 29, 2009 Illinois

    actually yeah i forgot that one but it is limited
  5. nickapalooza86

    nickapalooza86 Feb 23, 2010 Wisconsin

    Ya..... I guess we will have to agree to disagree... I have gone throu 6 6ers of Sucks, but that is because it is only around for a limited time... If it were around all the time I would grab bot Maximus and Lakefront IPA over it!
  6. crossovert

    crossovert Mar 29, 2009 Illinois

    interesting... you might be the first person to ever like maximus over sucks.
    nickapalooza86 likes this.
  7. steveh

    steveh Oct 8, 2003 Illinois

    Anything on the shelves that follow these methods and you'd recommend?

    See, I was trying the sours (Berlienr Weiß, Gueuze) many years ago and readily admit that I couldn't wrap my palate around them. That said, I don't begrudge others who like them, they just don't grab me.

    Same with BA beers. They were interesting when they first became popular, now they're all the same to me. I'm just evolving after 20+ years of home-brewing, micro-brewing, craft-brewing -- at least I haven't regressed back to macros -- I still like good beer! :D
  8. steveh

    steveh Oct 8, 2003 Illinois

    To my original comment about that already crowded market -- something that's hot? Where has he been for the last 10 years? And -- if hot is flooding the market, it's garnered a new definition from what I ever understood.

    Heh -- I still haven't tried their Pale. Wanted to, but whenever I see it on a shelf there are just too many other things I'd rather try (although, that's sort of hypocritical on my part because I tried NG's Moon Man and enjoyed it).
  9. jakethesnake9z9z

    jakethesnake9z9z Mar 5, 2009 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    This will be cool to try, but I will agree with many others on this thread that there's already some great IPA's/Pale Ales/BIPA's/DIPA's here in WI, so it's not as if we desperately need another one. Off the top of my head:

    New Glarus Moon Man
    New Glarus IIPA (when really fresh)
    Ale Asylum Ballistic IPA
    Ale Asylum Bedlam
    Lake Louie Kiss the Lips IPA
    Lake Louie Arena Pale Ale
    Tyranena Scurvy
    Tyranena BGW La Femme Amere
    Tyranena BGW Hop Whore
    Leinie's Big Eddy Imperial IPA (yup, I went there)
  10. MarcatGSB

    MarcatGSB Jan 8, 2011 Michigan

    Scurvy was a good beer.
  11. crossovert

    crossovert Mar 29, 2009 Illinois

    I'd have to dig deeper to figure that out. They aren't all the same, not sure where you are coming form with that statement. Ill go in say all german pilseners or altbiers or hefeweizens are the same then.
  12. steveh

    steveh Oct 8, 2003 Illinois

    You left out the, "Now...to me." "Now they're all the same to me."

    And yes, I can probably dissect different flavor characters from them, but they just don't excite me like they do others -- sours never have.

    Jever = Bitburger?
    Schneider = Erdinger?

    And there just aren't enough Alts imported here to claim any real distinction, but I'll ask:

    Metropolitan = Uerige? Maybe, but that's a good equality! ;)
  13. crossovert

    crossovert Mar 29, 2009 Illinois

    Im just saying there is a far greater range of ingredients and barrels used in those beers than the ones i mentioned, there is no way they can all be the same.
  14. steveh

    steveh Oct 8, 2003 Illinois

    We're not going to get into that whole perception argument are we? You might like oysters and I might like salmon, but we may not like the other. I just haven't found BA beers to be all that greatly different for me to try every one that hits the shelves.

    And yes, there are plenty other styles that hit me the same way, IPA included.

    And I'll keep clarifying myself -- doesn't mean they aren't good, just means they aren't mind-blowing beverages to make me go back again and again. I'm just a hard sell anymore.
    harrylee773 likes this.
  15. crossovert

    crossovert Mar 29, 2009 Illinois

    But if you age a beer in a wine barrel and another in a boubon barrel they will taste totally different, how long you age them in each will also affect the flavor, then add in adjuncts and you ahve even more flavors, an IPA with tettnanger hops is far different than one with summit. I find it hard to believe that someone who can taste the entire spectrum of a pilsener can't taste the entire spectrum of other beers. Enjoy what you want but I feel like you are always posting negative things about non-german styles and it seems like you don't have any good reasons for it. We get it, you have been around the block but don't be afraid of whats out there, there are so many more options for variance now than there were 20 years ago it is insane. I just feel a huge negativity coming for just about anything being brewed nowadays and i am puzzled why.
  16. steveh

    steveh Oct 8, 2003 Illinois

    Huh? Didn't I just say above that I could dissect the characters? Listen now and listen good: I DON'T LIKE BARREL AGED BEERS. I don't care that you like them, great for you -- I'm not going to throw mud at you for that.

    And I've told you how many time? I'm bored. Sorry, nothing has swayed that in the past few years -- no IPA, no Imperial Stout, no Barrel-aged, Citra, pomegranate-infused Pilsner. Sorry that you can't get your arms around that, but It's true.

    Always posting negative things about non-German styles? Have you read anything I've posted or reviewed? It sure as hell doesn't sound like it. Sorry that I think there are too many IPAs on the shelves, I'm not the only one.

    Cross, you're just getting irritating now, I'm walking away from this because your ignorance toward my opinion is unfounded and has become downright mean and insulting -- and I haven't said anything bad about your opinions at all. Back off and look a the way you're raving.
  17. crossovert

    crossovert Mar 29, 2009 Illinois

    I'm not raving, I'm just befuddled and I think bias has something to do with it. I am not debating what you do or don't like just the reasons for not liking something. At any rate I agree this conversation has gone on long enough. Cheers and drink more pilseners, hope you see the light at some point cause there is exciting variety out there.
  18. Ri0

    Ri0 Jul 1, 2012 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    I didn't say "Finally." I said finally a move away from the malty German Beers they are know for, see the difference? Yes you mentioned some that aren't German, but they still are malty with very little hop profile. Ask anyone in Madison what Capital Beer brews and 9/10 responses will be Dopplebocks! Heck, they have bock fest for crying out loud at their brewery. It's great they make some other styles, but they aren't all that exciting. If I want a Dopplebock, damn right I buy a Capital beer, but that is all I would buy from them. They are severely limited in market share right now. Why do you think they made the changes they did, and are trying to rebrand? People are buying IPA's and that is why every brewery has one.

    The point I am trying to make is that if they are going to make an IPA, they better do it well because as every single poster on here has said there are many good IPAs all over the shelves. I'm not going to buy an average IPA from them as I won't all the other breweries that are just average.

    Yes this is internet and you misinterpreted my post as patronizing, but it isn't. Capital has some very nice offerings and I want to see them do even better. It would be great if they can become a brewery as well know as New Glarus, but right now they are well down the list. I too hope Mutiny works out.
  19. Ri0

    Ri0 Jul 1, 2012 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    Thank you for getting it. This was the intent of my post.
  20. 71gto

    71gto Jun 3, 2009 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    BS. Hop Whoopin is awesome and so is the new glarus thumbprint IIPA.
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  21. Ri0

    Ri0 Jul 1, 2012 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    Lol, read my post above yours. I called those 2 out as some of my favorites.
  22. 71gto

    71gto Jun 3, 2009 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    I saw that after I posted. I was so annoyed with his post I quoted it without reading the rest of the thread haha.
  23. adamcarlson28

    adamcarlson28 Oct 11, 2012 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    Lakefront IPA on draft is otherworldly and affordable. It's balanced, not trendy.
  24. velvetgrn

    velvetgrn Sep 19, 2009 Wisconsin

    US Pale Ale isn't a move away from malty German beers? I find it to be hoppy and it certainly isn't German. You write, "Yes you mentioned some that aren't German, but they still are malty with very little hop profile." That's moving the goal posts. You specifically said German beers in your OP and that's what I addressed. Now you tell me that you didn't mean what you wrote. o_O

    "Ask anyone in Madison what Capital Beer brews and 9/10 responses will be Dopplebocks!" Considering that Supper Club and Amber are their two biggest selling beers (or were as of a year or so ago), I'd wager that less than 9/10 people would respond with doppelbock to the question!

    You wrote "if they were smart they would brew a hopped up Citra IPA" and tell me that's not patronizing. To me, saying "if X were smart" means that X is not smart, i.e. - dumb. To top things off, you say that Capital is dumb because they won't use your personal hop of choice. That certainly comes across as being solipsistic.

    "People are buying IPA's and that is why every brewery has one." This statement really sums up why your original post and this reply rubbed me the wrong way. "Every" brewery has an IPA yet you complain. Why not be thankful and say, "Gee, it's great to be a hophead these days because you can't swing a dead cat in a Madison liquor store or tavern and without hitting an nice hoppy IPA. It's also nice that Capital brews other styles as this adds to the diversity of the craft beer scene."? I'll bet a dollar to a doughnut that there are more IPAs being brewed in the Madison city limits than there are dunkles (a favorite of mine) being brewed in the entire state. Your tastes are, generally speaking and by your own words ("every brewery has one [an IPA]" and "there are many good IPAs all over the shelves"), being catered to by "every" brewery yet you complain!
  25. MooseBoose

    MooseBoose Jun 6, 2007 Wisconsin

    IMO, Capital Dark Dopplebock and Autumnal Fire can compete with ANY dopples in the world (though AF is more of a turbocharged Oktoberfest to me).

    I am happy Capital is brewing an IPA and I hope it is a smash hit, and I would like to see them get more diverse world class beers (like New Glarus). AS long as they keep making world class Doppies. :)
    bismarksays likes this.
  26. blackhusky

    blackhusky May 16, 2011 Wisconsin

    I'll put our Sproose Joose up against any II Ipa out there. Hell I'll put our pale out there too. we are small and hard to get but don't be saying Wisconsin doesn't have ANY hoppy beers until you've tried them all.
  27. MarcatGSB

    MarcatGSB Jan 8, 2011 Michigan

    I drive thru Pembine all the time, where the hell are you located?
    *I know you don't have a taproom
  28. crossovert

    crossovert Mar 29, 2009 Illinois

    As far as pale ales go yours is def world class, i guess you could call that one an ipa as well. Sproose Joose is gonna be hit or miss with people no matter how good it is.
  29. Ri0

    Ri0 Jul 1, 2012 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    how do your interpret this interview?

    Am I way off base?
  30. Ri0

    Ri0 Jul 1, 2012 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    Is this available anywhere near Madison? I'd love to try it.
  31. blackhusky

    blackhusky May 16, 2011 Wisconsin

    We are out in the middle of the woods. in fact the brewery is in one of those places where you have to drive to the mailboxes.

    I don't think the Sproose is more hit and miss than any other big II IPA.
    Yes the Pale ale is really an IPA but we are too far into this whole thing to change the name. I guess that fits in with our "going big" practice where a brown is 8% abv. I don't know what happens sometimes I just get carried away.

    We aren't in Madison and don't plan on going there. We have about 20 keg accounts in Milwaukee and plan on being a little more aggressive with 22 ounce bottles in Milwaukee this year. We will be at the Great Taste this year too.
  32. velvetgrn

    velvetgrn Sep 19, 2009 Wisconsin

    Curiously enough, I quoted that very interview on the first page of this thread in a reply to steveh. I called it bandwagon jumping and I think Destree's quote supports it.

    I tend to avoid pale ales but look forward to reading what you and other IPA fans think of Mutiny.
  33. Ri0

    Ri0 Jul 1, 2012 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    I hope it's a solid offering; as I wish their pale ale was better as well. I used to only drink capital brews, but in the past 10 years my tastes have moved away from German style beers and the craft beer market has definitely changed.

    I don't like their new packaging at all; the previous was much nicer and easier to spot on store shelves. Go look at a shelf full of their beer and try to easily pick out the style, you can't because it is overtaken by the brand image. I do hope they know what they are doing because I will be sad if they don't last.

    In terms of band wagon jumping, this is the way I look at it. You have to produce what the market demands. Right now that is IPA's, but you better not just make an average IPA. Think of a car manufacture that produced SUV's for many years when gas was less expensive. All of a sudden, gas costs more, so buyers want smaller, more efficient cars. You better start offering what the market demands or you could find yourself out of business.

    They may be better off trying Saisons or Sours as those will probably increase in popularity over the next 5 years. It's crazy how fast taste in beer is moving these days.
  34. Ri0

    Ri0 Jul 1, 2012 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    Very nice, I'll have my brother-in-law trying to find me some as he lives in the Milwaukee area. Sounds like you brew some beers I would really enjoy!
  35. velvetgrn

    velvetgrn Sep 19, 2009 Wisconsin

    With the popularity of IPAs, I think it's worth noting that Tyranena's biggest seller is now Rocky's Revenge which overtook Bitter Woman recently. I also think you should note that, while, yes, you have to produce what the market demands, the market demands more than IPAs. Spotted Cow is not an IPA yet the market demands it and it is the beer that built New Glarus. Capital's Supper Club and Amber are not IPAs yet they sell well. Both Supper Club and Island Wheat have been major contributors to Capital's growth the past few years and neither are IPAs. There's more to the "market" than the subset of craft drinkers who like IPAs. When I go to small, rural taverns, it's not IPAs on tap, it's macro crap, Spotted Cow, and perhaps Capital Amber. Do you think that House of Brews suffers because of the lack of IPA in their portfolio?

    I agree with you - the new Capital design is terrible. I don't like the tan.

    I am the last person who should be trying to predict what will be popular in the craft scene. Personally, I'd rather Capital make a Kölsch-style beer. It would actually be lagered like it's supposed to be instead of someone using Kölsch yeast and thinking they're done. I'd also like to see them bottle the radler. Last summer I could drink a 6-pack of Stiegl's grapefruit radler just mowing the lawn. Leine's puts out fruit punch beer and sells ungodly amounts of it. Perhaps Capital could take advantage of the desire for sweetness. (And the other domestic shandies/radlers I've had are horrible.) Another avenue that I'd love to see is going the Coney Island route. I really enjoy their lager tweaks.

    But if Capital really must make a hoppy beer, make an IPL!
  36. Ri0

    Ri0 Jul 1, 2012 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    I'd drink that if it was well done. I'll check out Stiegl's Grapefruit Radler, sounds refreshing.
  37. velvetgrn

    velvetgrn Sep 19, 2009 Wisconsin

    Have you tried Double Agent or Sword Swallower? I liked the latter but have not had the former.

    Let me also add that I'd love it if Capital started using rye. Great Divide's Hoss is, IMO, an exceptional beer.

    EDIT: I found out that Ale Asylum's Blood Red Ale, though not very hoppy, does have Citra. (I presume from your OP that you like that variety in particular.)
  38. blackhusky

    blackhusky May 16, 2011 Wisconsin

    Great. Hard to find but we are different.
  39. SrMonkey

    SrMonkey Mar 19, 2008 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    I'm just happy for the variety. Love their beer garden during the summer but their lagers get samey after awhile. Even if it's ok it can suffice as a palate cleanser.
  40. Ri0

    Ri0 Jul 1, 2012 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    It's on the shelves. Anyone try it?
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