Carolus Doppelbock

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  1. DCintheMSP

    DCintheMSP Initiate (71) Jan 8, 2014 Minnesota

    I received an old bottle of Carolus Doppelbock over the weekend from my Grandmother as she recently passed away. They brought it back from a trip they took to Eurpoe in the early 90's. I wanted to ask a couple of things:

    1) How can I tell how old this bottle is? It has no dating noticeable on it, but I know that I've seen it on the shelf in their basement bar for at least 20-25 years.

    2) Has anyone here ever aged a beer of this style for this long? It was not stored in a "cellar" just sat on a shelf behind their bar at room temp for a long time. Should I open it and drink it, or just continue to keep it as a reminder of my grandparents?

    Thanks for any insight you might be able to give.
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  2. youradhere

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    Sorry for your loss man- Carolus age well, but for a dopple bock I would think 20+ years is a bit too long. There is a high likelihood the beer won't be that enjoyable, so hold onto the beer and put it up in your own home bar to bring you luck and happy memories of your grandparents.
  3. DCintheMSP

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    Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it.
  4. jcMPLS

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    I would have a hard time not popping that open. The bottle would be a nice reminder for me whether or not it was empty.
    I recently lost my Gramma as well, and am about to head up with all the cousins (all her grandkids) to the family cabin. If I had that, I'd bring it up to share with the fam...and it would be worth it, even if we all end up pouring it down the drain.
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  5. Beer_Economicus

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    I would lean this way as well. I don't know if I would gain more (personally) by it being full as opposed to empty.

    That said, I think it'd be a better story piece if it ends up being comically wonderful or comically aweful. Those lead to great stories. It being just good enough you force yourself to drink it seems like a less good story.

    Guess you have to weigh how you think you'll feel if you open it given the myriad outcomes.

    The one thing I would never do (nor does it sound like you would) is sell/trade it.
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  6. DCintheMSP

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    Thought I would respond to this as I did open it a little while back. It was a terrible oxidized mess of wet cardboard, glad I opened it anyway. :grin:
  7. youradhere

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    That sums up the flavor of the 90s lol. Thanks for sharing!