Case Sales at Three Floyds

Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by Wseitz, Jun 21, 2012.

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  1. MarkIntihar

    MarkIntihar Initiate (0) Mar 17, 2010 Michigan

    We get it. You hate FFF. Yet you still buy 6 cases of beer every time you go there. It's going to be ok.
  2. JerryM1984

    JerryM1984 Initiate (0) Apr 19, 2012 Michigan

    agreed...not much customer service...they dont like selling beer to go and get all pissy about it but yet they offer it...and the bottle date thing is true as well.
  3. JerryM1984

    JerryM1984 Initiate (0) Apr 19, 2012 Michigan

    love the beer hate the people
  4. MarkIntihar

    MarkIntihar Initiate (0) Mar 17, 2010 Michigan

    Personally, I've never had anything but good experiences there.
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  5. JerryM1984

    JerryM1984 Initiate (0) Apr 19, 2012 Michigan

    yeah ive only been there i cant really say bad sure it was just a timing issue
  6. MarkIntihar

    MarkIntihar Initiate (0) Mar 17, 2010 Michigan

    Must be the one that burns to the ground every other week.

    *low hanging fruit*
  7. Elric73

    Elric73 Initiate (132) Aug 10, 2005 Illinois

    When I went there I had a very cool waitress that I nagged to find out what band was playing over the speaker system and she went out of her way to find out and write it down for me. Was this a big deal? No, but she could have said "I don't know" and left it at that. I appreciated it anyway. I think there is a tatoo requirement to work there. I don't mind tatoos, just an observation. I do enjoy a brewery filled with a bunch of metalheads. Are there any other breweries that are sort of metal music oriented? I know Surly has some guys up there working for them that I believe may be in some metal bands. I am sure this probably belongs in a new thread.

    Anyway, back to the case limit thing. If there is one good observation to come out of this is that there is room in the market for more breweries who are willing to buck the trend and make beer they love rather than beer for the masses, and if they do it well, you can price your beer higher than most of your peers and people will still buy it. I do sort of miss the old days, 5 years ago or more, lol, that craft beer drinkers were a smaller demographic I happen to be a part of, and virtually any beer I wanted I could get a hold of and even buy cases of it without some major headache involved. People wouldn't believe that Dark Lord Day, the event that now sells out in 5 minutes on the internet, used to be a modest event that only got enough people to fill up their parking lot, but everything changes, and those days are likely gone for good. If anything, sites like this and ratebeer bear as much responsibility for case limits as 3 Floyds because people can view an aggregate as to which breweries have the highest rated beers, and fortunately for 3 Floyds, they fall into the top of that heap. Without BA and ratebeer, it is unlikely you'd find this much controversy surrounding an individual brewery. I am not saying these sites should do anything about it. This is just the result of people having better access to information that allows each one of us to go after what beer we'd like to try the most, and for breweries that do their craft well, this obvious benefit leads to case limits till the day where they can better meet the demand.
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  8. JerryM1984

    JerryM1984 Initiate (0) Apr 19, 2012 Michigan

    I agree with the two case limit.....they are small and thats all they can produce...and more people have the opportunity....that being said....if the demand is there and people want this beer, which is a good thing, and means they are making money...then I think they have to think about expanding
  9. JerryM1984

    JerryM1984 Initiate (0) Apr 19, 2012 Michigan

    more people have the opportunity to experience their beer is what i mean
  10. Steimie

    Steimie Initiate (0) Jan 7, 2012 Michigan

    I think it's pretty safe to assume that they have and that they've decided against it.
  11. JerryM1984

    JerryM1984 Initiate (0) Apr 19, 2012 Michigan

    which is fine...everyone just has to live with their decisions the two case is what it is
  12. immobilisme

    immobilisme Aspirant (231) Nov 8, 2005 Illinois

    If you are saying that 3 Floyds thought about expanding, but decided against it, you are obviously not paying attention.

    From a Chicago Tribune article earlier this year:
    "He acknowledges that the brewery "isn't as big as people think we should be," and said he plans to grow. He is working to open a brew pub in Chicago "in the near future" located "anywhere but the Loop," and he plans to buy a larger, more modern brewing system in Munster that will triple Three Floyds' output. But a New Belgium-type expansion into another state or a Goose Island-like sale to Anheuser-Busch? Not going to happen, Floyd said.",0,3768834,full.story
  13. Elric73

    Elric73 Initiate (132) Aug 10, 2005 Illinois

    Here's the thing, and I promise to shut up after this as I have accepted their decision. If you have a policy in place one day where people can buy 6 cases, and then the next you cut it down to 2, naturally this benefits one group of people and hurts another, and regardless of which side of the debate you fall on, it shouldn't make anyone an asshole just because we may not agree with someone's viewpoint. If people are going to be assholes for their views on anything, it should probably be over politics at the very least, and not beer.
  14. Steimie

    Steimie Initiate (0) Jan 7, 2012 Michigan

    My bad. I knew that too but totally forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder.

    Thank God people in Chicago won't have to drive so far now. You know...2 case limit, half hour outside the city, not worth it.
  15. claaark13

    claaark13 Zealot (504) Nov 29, 2007 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    How is this thread not dead??????

    Every angle of opinion/speculation that could possibly have been explored has been explored. FFF isn't going to read this thread and decide to change their mind.
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  16. sarcastro

    sarcastro Disciple (335) Sep 20, 2006 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Isn't this how many beer releases work? They limit how much people can buy, so more people can get some. Maybe this isn't a special one day release party, but it is the same principle. Wouldn't it make better business sense to clear the inventory faster by selling more to fewer people. It seems to me that this is good customer service by going out of their way to make sure more people get some. They are damned if they do and damned if they don't right now, but this way they probably make less people mad. It is a business decision. You obviously don't care about other people getting any, so you probably won't understand.
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  17. chanokokoro

    chanokokoro Champion (835) Jan 31, 2012 Illinois

    I love Surly's brews, and the other breweries you mentioned as well, but did you ever consider the reason that Surly, Avery, Duck Rabbit, Central Waters, etc. don't have limits is because they aren't one of the most popular craft breweries in the country and they aren't located within or in very close proximity to (depending on your definition, I usually consider NW Indiana as part of the Chicagoland area) the third largest metropolitan area by population in the U.S.? There is much greater demand for FFF brews than the brews of any of the other breweries you mentioned. It has nothing to do with not being "customer-focused." Why do you even care, anyhow? All you do is bitch about FFF.

    Bingo. I would say that FFF are the "advocates" in this situation.

    Perhaps, I'm wrong, but FFF doing their best to ensure that everyone getting a chance to bring home some ZD, Gumballhead, etc. is exactly what advocacy is about.

    There are some BA's in this thread that claim to be advocates. However, when it might mean they only get a six pack or two instead of that whole case that's where the advocacy stops. Screw the schmuck passing through from the east coast, west coast, etc. who just wants one 6 pack of ZD if it means less for me and others I'm picking up brews for...
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  18. SpottedZombie

    SpottedZombie Initiate (0) Feb 7, 2012 Illinois

    Seems like two things are being wholly ignored by everyone in this thread as viable alternatives to limiting how much beer someone can buy on any given day (maybe 3):

    1. Instead of lowering case limits, increase case prices. ---> FFF makes more money, and still sells out due to excess demand for their product. Hopefully this would detract people from buying as much as they would originally (the same affect as limiting case prices, but without all the "I'm entitled to X amount of beer (or not)" talk).

    2. Places that are buying any amount of beer from FFF directly, to resell, are in constant danger of loosing their liquor license (which is worth way more than the $100+ they'd make from reselling beer over the course of X amount of days). I find it hard to believe that the affect of resale by liquor stores forgoing the 3-tier system has any impact on FFF's ability to have ZD available. This change really should only affect people driving from any significant distance to FFF, as locals can make trips every day to restock if they want.

    Question: If I (or we) arrive at FFF at 11:00 pm, and purchase our allotments, and then wait until 12:01, can we purchase our allotments for the new day? (Probably not, but worth asking since they mention that it is 2 cases per day, and not per business day)

    3 (maybe). Haymarket Pub & brewery makes a beer called Mathias. Drink it.
  19. BeerMeFitz

    BeerMeFitz Initiate (0) Oct 24, 2011 Illinois

    Well said!
  20. Steimie

    Steimie Initiate (0) Jan 7, 2012 Michigan

    I suspect if you tried this on the wrong person at FFF, they'd punch you in the throat.
  21. cpz28

    cpz28 Initiate (0) Dec 31, 2007 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Relatively speaking, I think most people buying to-go beer at 3 Floyds are going to be unaffected by this rule. Personally I don't believe most people buying 6+ cases of something at 3 Floyds are doing it for personal use. Two cases is enough for most individuals, and if not, bring a friend or go to one of the 10 other places within 10 minutes of 3 Floyds that will sell you all of the beer you want.

    This limit, I believe, is 3 Floyds doing what they think is best for the consumer first and not what is best for 3 Floyds first. Why, you ask? First it slows down the people who are buying huge quantities of beer at the brewery and reselling it for an increased rate. Thus, the consumer isn't going to get price gouged. Second, more people will have access to the beer whether it's because the guy in front of them didn't buy the last 6 cases of Zombie Dust, but only 2 (more for everyone, less for someone), or because holding back at the brewery means more going into distribution. What would be in 3 Floyds best interest would be to sell as much beer to the first person with money as that person is willing to buy, but they aren't doing it. It would also be worth it to them to sell as much beer as possible out of the brewpub, because there is no middle man, but they aren't doing that.

    The 6 case limit was clearly working just fine for 3 Floyds if they were constantly selling out of certain beers; they made their money. They could stop there, but it wasn't working out for the (average) consumer, so they made a change.

    Yeah, some people aren't going to be able to stock up on their way through and bring back beer for friends, and that sucks. Don't hate 3 Floyds, hate the greedy assholes doing illegal shit and negative things for the beer business as a whole. This is their fault.
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  22. Retail1LO

    Retail1LO Initiate (0) May 4, 2011 Pennsylvania

    The problem is, anyone that was reselling it is going to continue to do so. They'll just bring friends and family to mule. And, since they're local, they'll be back for more the following day. It's more inconvenient for the "scalpers", but it's not going to end it. At all. It's quite simply going to prevent people who want to spend more money there from doing so. *shrug* Again, they're free to do what they want...I just think it's counter productive to send people out the door with money in their pocket when they were there to spend it. Personally, to make sure there's enough beer on tap for everyone, I think they should limit each person to two pours of beer. You know, that way no one shows up at the brewery and has to worry abou there being any there for them. :rolling_eyes: I traveled over 1200 miles to get to FFF, and if they'd have been out of something I wanted, I'd have said "Oh fuck well." Apparently that's not acceptable if you live within an hour of the brewery. Again, I guess my aggravation stems from having zero access to it when I'm in PA, and now pretty much NEXT to zero access even when I pass through. Greater tragedies in life, I suppose.
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  23. immobilisme

    immobilisme Aspirant (231) Nov 8, 2005 Illinois

    Last time I checked, 48 12oz bottles per person or 24 22oz bombers was not "next to zero"... and that is if you don't have anyone else with you on a 10-12 hour one-way road trip!
  24. immobilisme

    immobilisme Aspirant (231) Nov 8, 2005 Illinois

    I swear this is my last damn post on this thread...

    If you have the means to spend around $1,000 at Three Floyds (whether or not you got money from friends to buy stuff), you certainly can trade for their beers. I have never traded anything from Three Floyds besides Dark Lord for $4$ shelf beer or local growlers. Sure, shipping costs suck, but there is no shortage of Chicago traders who can hook you up.
  25. stxSS07

    stxSS07 Initiate (0) Nov 23, 2010 Illinois


    Apparently not.
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  26. tmarretti

    tmarretti Initiate (186) Apr 1, 2012 Indiana

    Here's a point that it seems to be lost on a lot of people. FFF has limitations of their own. They not only can brew so much product at once, FFF also has a state limit as to how much they are allowed to produce in a year (currently 30,000 barrels, which they helped to get raised in 2011 from 20,000). Going over this limit would take away tax breaks, on-site sale privileges, and self-distibution rights - which I guess would suck for both FFF and their customers.
    Also having to produce larger quantities of ZD and GH more often is slowing down (and may be even limiting) the production of their seasonal beers (apocalypse cow is a good, recent example of this). What makes FFF a great brewery is not just ZD and GH, but the other brews that show up for a small part of the year that are excellent as well. If limiting case sales means being able to produce a wider variety of beers consistently, then I'm for it.
    I would imagine that we all enjoy the fact that ZD is now produced year-round (it was not too long ago that is was not). Again I would much rather have my purchases limited to only 2 cases if it means keeping ZD year-round (not saying this would've happened, but it's not like FFF is afraid of doing the "unpopular" thing). The bottom line is that FFF will never be able to produce enough of any of their beers to meet demand, and if limiting cases means that a wider variety of people get a chance to take FFF home, then I'm for it. I understand that it sucks for those that make the trek to FFF from multiple hours and 100's of miles away to only be able to walk away with 2 cases and 4 bombers, but I think FFF really is trying to put all of their customers first.
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  27. cpz28

    cpz28 Initiate (0) Dec 31, 2007 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Sure, they could get mules and make more trips, but that gets more expensive and less convenient, thus lowering the desirability of doing it, which means the new limit is effective. By that virtue, you can just bring a mule too, or make multiple trips, but you probably won't because it's inconvenient.

    I'm not saying it doesn't suck for you, but there aren't always perfect solutions. 3 Floyds isn't doing what’s best for them as a business in the interest of doing what's better for the average consumer. You can say that locals are the only ones who benefit from this, but it's not true. This may offer you the opportunity to buy 2 cases of Zombie Dust instead of there being no cases of Zombie Dust when you do pass through. If them being out of something only elicits an accepting "oh fuck well" response out of you, then I think you'd be elated to walk out with two cases of it, rather than pissed off that it wasn't 6.

    You're most likely being satirical in saying they should limit pours to make it fair (but I'm just making sure) , as we're both aware that there is no way of taking that beer and reselling it by the glass and nobody is going to drink six cases worth in a sitting, making it an apples to oranges comparison, so it isn't an issue.

    I do sympathize with non-locals that can't stock up on their way through, but you are the minority in a decision that is trying to benefit the majority of people. Again, thank the assholes who are doing something they aren't supposed to. It's not a perfect solution, and it's one that doesn't seem to benefit 3 Floyds, rather the majority of their customers.
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  28. cpz28

    cpz28 Initiate (0) Dec 31, 2007 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Also, though it won't work for Zombie Dust, anyone, local or not, can still go to any of the liquor stores within 5 miles of the brewery and buy their lion's share.
  29. Msmith8814

    Msmith8814 Initiate (0) Feb 25, 2011 Illinois

    Yea but you don't get the case discount. Which with everyone complaining be happy we still get a case discount for bombers and sixers.
  30. Vav

    Vav Aspirant (291) Jul 27, 2008 Illinois

    I like all the comments about re-selling.

    You guys do realize this is mostly trading culture driving the demand, NOT those that are re-selling, right?
  31. FlssmrBrewAlum

    FlssmrBrewAlum Aspirant (204) Feb 25, 2009 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    ...And yet some of the idiots in this thread.. who buy 6 cases.. and trade it en masse (or are picking it up for everyone back home - which is pretty similar if you think about it).. are the ones taking the largest offense..

    This thread needs to be over..
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  32. AleWatcher

    AleWatcher Initiate (0) Jan 25, 2009 Illinois

    I just skimmed through this thread--
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  33. chanokokoro

    chanokokoro Champion (835) Jan 31, 2012 Illinois

  34. Rampage1

    Rampage1 Aspirant (233) Mar 10, 2011 Arizona
    Beer Trader

    Lol- truer words could not have been spoken.
  35. SpottedZombie

    SpottedZombie Initiate (0) Feb 7, 2012 Illinois

    I also would like to know, as I am inclined to test my hypothesis.

    edit: especially if it means I became a victim of assault by an employee of FFF.
  36. oldp0rt

    oldp0rt Initiate (0) Feb 24, 2011 Quebec (Canada)

    Imagine if McDonalds would limit their big macs to 2 per day :grimacing:. No but I understand and respect your point of view. I would feel the same if I drove to the alchemist and instead of buying a case of heady, I would only be aloud to grab a 4-pack. Would make the drive useless and would probably not waste that much time and gas.
  37. Retail1LO

    Retail1LO Initiate (0) May 4, 2011 Pennsylvania

    Which is greater advocacy?

    The guy who travels from Philly to Munster to purchase beer that a couple dozen people in PA can't get, and will thoroughly enjoy...

    Or the brewery that denies that person such an opportunity so that the same people that live within 10 miles of the brewery and can go there whenever they want, will have a lesser likelihood of not being able to get soem when they come down to the pub for their once a week visit?

    The whole argument of limiting people to two cases, so more people can try it, is simply bogus. Just because one person walks out the door with 10 cases, doesn't mean fewer people will enjoy it than when 5 people walk out with 2 cases each. In fact, I'd be willing to guess that a person with 2 cases is more likely keeping it for personal consumption than the guy with 10 cases. Seriously, what the fuck am I going to do with 10 cases of IPA??? Oh yeah, share the livin' shit out of it.

    That's all I'm sayin'. I get it. You don't want people hoarding Zombie Dust, reselling it at retail, and putting it on eBay. Limit the shit to two cases per person. The rest of your shit, let us enjoy it. I mean, how many people out there buy $120 cases of IPA in quantity anyway? It can't be that big an issue. I can list all the BA's on here who benefited from my visit to FFF, and each of them can probably name people who benefited from THEM sharing.
    People want to say I'm entitled? Why are the 12 people I'm sharing with less entitled to enjoy FFF beer than the other dozen that live down the street? I guess I don't understand that part.
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  38. raymo55

    raymo55 Initiate (0) Oct 3, 2011 Michigan
    Beer Trader

  39. Retail1LO

    Retail1LO Initiate (0) May 4, 2011 Pennsylvania

    Yeah, they make some stuff I don't care for. However, I've had nothing but awesome experiences with the Zombie Dust, Dreadnaught, Arctic Panzer Wolf, Live a Rich Life, and Apocalypse Cow. Trust me, if we had it available in PA, I can think of a ton of IPA's I typically buy that would take the back seat quite often. Just personal taste. I really enjoy their IPA's.
  40. raymo55

    raymo55 Initiate (0) Oct 3, 2011 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Please don't send me that crap! :sunglasses:
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