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    IF this has been discussed please point me to old thread!

    Was perusing the stout categories and noticed the rating of irish stouts for example are quite a bit lower than say the imperial stout category.( I will just guess that the average of rating for the top 50 irish stouts is 3.8 whereas for imperial stouts it is 4.2) I thought in rating the beer the category should be considered so at the end of the day assuming there are plenty of beers to choose from in each category each categories rating should average out to be about the same

    Not sure how to interpret,... too many categories? taste preferences?
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  2. MNAle

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    Here are the rules:
    • Start at 4.25 for any BA stout or NEIPA. Go up (preferred) or down (if it's really bad) from there.
    • Start 3.25 for any light colored lager, stout less than 6% ABV, and other uncool traditional styles. Go down (preferred) or up (if it is really, really excellent) from there.
    Otherwise, rate according to normal, but:
    • Add 0.25 for any hyped brewery (either local or national)
    • Subtract at least 0.25 for any beer from the AB-Inbev or MolsonCoors empires
    Follow those and it all makes sense!

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    Lots of people rate on taste rather than style, which makes perfect sense to me.

    So yes, short & long answer, most people rating have a preference for big stouts & barleywines & sours over lagers & ambers. And that's reflected in the aggregate scores.
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  4. PapaGoose03

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    I think I have read somewhere on the site there there is a style-adjustment factor that is used in the system rating to reflect that certain less-liked styles are typically rated lower by the site users. Probably the AAL category is a good example. Most of those beers should be rated nearly perfect, but because they have minimal flavor when compared with popular styles, or just because most AALs are brewed by 'big beer's companies, they get rated downward to spite those companies.

    If anyone wants to look-up this style factor info, it might be part of the definitions of rDev and pDev where I read this.
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  5. ilikebeer03

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    "More flavorful" styles (IPA, NEIPA, Imperial Stout, sours, etc.) tend to be rated higher.

    And people tend to rate other styles, against those styles, rather than rating against the style of the beer. Ex. pils, vienna lager, hefeweizen, etc. tend to get lower ratings b/c they're less flavorful (subjectively, i suppose) than your NEIPA, stouts, etc.

    oh well.
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    For non-retired beers that have enough reviews for a BA score (I realize that narrows the pool quite a bit) - I find it helpful to look under the Style listing on the main BA page header.
    It tells you the ranking of that beer within that style - so even if your Irish dry stout doesn't compare well overall (the overall number is under Score), if it's the #4 of the style it's likely worth a try!

    ...unless it's a beer that's highly rated because it doesn't have the "unpopular" hallmarks of the style. Like a Rauchbier that's popular because you can't taste the smoke, or the "AAL" that tastes like Heady Topper.

    Shit. I don't know. Drink them all and let your liver sort it out...
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  7. pinballjj

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    sounds about right! don't get me going on sarcasm

    I think you forgot some additional factors

    * add 0.125 for each additional adjuncts up to maximum of 3. if said items are traditionally associated with a finished desert product example "coconut cream pie " up to 4 additional adjunct scores may be added.

    * add 0.25 for cool artwork . an additional 0.125 art score may be added if the graphic product makes no reference to the type of beer within
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