Celebrate with Cake

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    Cake is a mixture of wheat flour, sugar, flavorings, eggs and butter. The last two ingredients contain copious fats that make it a complicated beer additive. Yet to brew a true chocolate cake beer, one must have chocolate cake.

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  2. rustabust

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    i tried making this. it was fun. i had my wife make the cake, i think she omitted the oil or reduced it. the beer came out with a weird flavor, kind of burnt, i think it mustve been from the cake runoff being boiled for so long? i dont know. if i were to do it again i would maybe add the cake at the end of the boil / whirlpool.

    as a sidenote I infused a gallon of the brew with raspberries. this distracted from the base beer flaws and it was actually quite tasty.

    here are some shots of the brew day and final product :
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  3. Keene

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    Nice! Thanks for sharing your results.
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