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    I'm visiting Charlotte Tuesday and have 5 hours to kill before I fly out. Any recommendations on breweries I should go to?

    I love all types of beer but like most people nowadays I'm into sours, BA, funky flavor beers.

    Any recommendations are appreciated!
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    Keep in mind most Charlotte breweries don't open until 4, so that may shape your options. You may be better off with a great local beer bar where you can eat and try several locals on tap.
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    Heist may be worth your time. Occasionally they have a sour beer on (although as of 8 AM this morning, it looks like mainly I/PA's, an Amber, Porter, and saison). Their IPAs are mainly what they are known for, but the few sour beers they've done have been amazing. And as a bonus, their food is pretty damn good too. Definitely check out their site for their current tap list, they usually keep it pretty up to date. If that doesn't tempt you, Salud bottle shop would be a great option, great tap list plus they have a sandwich shop attached next door.

    Edit: They're also open for lunch by the way starting at 11 AM
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    Idk how often you fly through CLT, but just a heads up, the Airport is typically very quick from getting your ticket to getting to the gate. I usually give myself 1.5 hours at most before the flight, unlike NYC where i give myself 2.5 hours. If that helps factor in your times.

    Ide hit up Heist for Lunch, and Salud, Good Bottle has a good bottle selection. but I would check when places open, because it could be late.

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    I know you didn't mention IPA's in your sought after beers, but on my visit to Charlotte (and about 6 different breweries) I loved Legion and their Juicy J was the best beer I had in my time in Charlotte. So many cool breweries there as far as atmosphere too.

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    Thanks! I'm fortunate enough to have status so I can get through in about 30 minutes. I appreciate the recommendations