Citra Mantra in Boston?

Discussion in 'New England' started by iflah45, Jan 28, 2014.

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  1. iflah45

    iflah45 Initiate (167) Jul 8, 2010 Massachusetts

    I saw it landed at Julio's today. Did anyone in the city receive it yet?
  2. Robtobfest

    Robtobfest Disciple (325) Oct 21, 2009 Connecticut

    Not boston, but CT has is everywhere and it is friggin awesome! My latest wow beer! Probably becuase i did not expect too much but it is worth every penny of the $9/sixer.....get it!
  3. Joe_Grizzly

    Joe_Grizzly Initiate (0) Jul 27, 2013 New Hampshire

    Had it in my hand but opted for a case of SUCKS

    Is it like kind RYED/ LT limbo at all

    Bring on the hops

    If the brewer doesn't toke. He's the poster boy for it

    Love my green neighbors :slight_smile:
  4. HopsHopenstein

    HopsHopenstein Initiate (0) Sep 4, 2011 Connecticut

    Had this beer today in CT on tap, really enjoyed it. Def worth a purchase
  5. ThirstySavage

    ThirstySavage Initiate (0) May 11, 2013 Massachusetts

    Loving this beer! Just grabbed a case for $33. Light and crisp, great balance between bitterness and delicious citrus flavor. It reminds me of HF's citra pale ale- a notch below it, but still great. Tastiest thing I can find at 5.75% abv without having to drive to VT, and the price can't be beat
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  6. bleakies

    bleakies Disciple (374) Apr 11, 2011 Massachusetts

    I'm on the lookout for this brew.

    Otter Creek's really been kicking new kinds of hindside lately. I'm impressed.
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  7. ReedRothcild82

    ReedRothcild82 Initiate (61) Nov 14, 2013 Massachusetts

    I was disappointed with this one after having enjoyed Kind Ryed. It's worth a try for the price, but I won't be buying again. The nose is great though!
  8. SunDevilBeer

    SunDevilBeer Defender (651) May 9, 2003 Massachusetts

    Grabbed some this am & had a few with lunch.

    Nice beer - in the same league as Jack's Abby Hoponius, but actually leans more towards a lager & not an IPA. Good value too for around ~ $8 per 6er. Wouldn't mind seeing this regularly available from Otter Creek.
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    EDNOSE Aspirant (227) Oct 27, 2007 Connecticut

    Liked it ... Not even close to Hop U ... Almost 2% less in ABV to begin with ... Throw in that Hop U is a better beer and the comparison is nil ...
  10. Horbar

    Horbar Zealot (508) Feb 24, 2012 Rhode Island

    Good shit!! I see it everywhere.
  11. Longstaff

    Longstaff Initiate (0) May 23, 2002 Massachusetts

    Nice hoppy lager that actually tastes like lager. Love it, working on my third six pack. Makes me miss SN Glissade a little bit less.
  12. afi4lifer

    afi4lifer Aspirant (203) Jan 20, 2011 Colorado

    Saw a couple sixers at Boston Wine Exchange last week
  13. KPScott

    KPScott Disciple (313) Feb 26, 2013 Massachusetts

    Had one on tap at the Tip Tap room on Cambridge street for brunch. I was very pleasantly surprised. IMAO it rivals Hoponius
  14. Pahn

    Pahn Meyvn (1,473) Dec 2, 2009 New York

    really can't wait to try this (have a 6 pack coming to me at the end of the week). love kind ryed. love the lawson's collab. love low ABV citra beers (HF "what is enlightenment" is maybe my perfect every-day beer). if this delivers as advertised i'll consider buying a case.

    edit: skimmed some reviews. main complaint i saw was that the beer was "too mineral-y". now i really want to try it; love dry, hard water, hoppy beers.
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  15. Leebo

    Leebo Initiate (192) Feb 7, 2013 Massachusetts

    Not even close to Jacks Abby. Great nose very dry and pale thin body. Calling it a pilsner? Dry like white wine dry, seemed good enough, just not to my liking. Very grapefruity.
  16. jlordi12

    jlordi12 Devotee (469) Jun 8, 2011 Massachusetts

    I agree, they are highly different beer,s but both are well done imo
  17. jbertsch

    jbertsch Meyvn (1,213) Dec 14, 2008 Massachusetts

    Nice beer. I don't like it as much as HU, however I feel this beer and HU may not be going for the same end goal. Just a hunch. I thought the citra in this beer would be more prominent, but instead it tastes more refined and balanced to me. That's great as long as that's what they intended, and I’ll enjoy the 12pack I picked up. But I’ve been conditioned to think that when a brewer chooses to use citra, I assume they’re trying to highlight it. And given OC used it on top of a pale lager backbone, I went into this beer envisioning that. Still, it drinks nice and the bottles I got were only days old so I love the freshness.
  18. Longstaff

    Longstaff Initiate (0) May 23, 2002 Massachusetts

    Considering Citra's parentage is 50% Mittlefruh and 25% US Tettnanger, its a great choice of modern hops for a lager. Maybe too "lagery" for those looking for ale profiles in their lager though. I think the balance of fruity/herbal hops and lager character is what makes it better than HU imo. But I would agree that they seem to be going after different things here - personally I would characterize HU as an IPA despite what yeast and temps they ferment with. I would consider Mantra and Peak Fresh Cut as modern American Pils.
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  19. Flashy

    Flashy Initiate (0) Oct 22, 2003 Vermont

    Nice stuff. Thank you Heady Topper and all for raising all boats with your tide.
  20. bleakies

    bleakies Disciple (374) Apr 11, 2011 Massachusetts

    I finally came across some Citra Mantra at my neighborhood packie and found it so much to my liking that the next sixer I purchased was Citra Mantra again, making it the first brew I've bought twice in a row since I can't remember when. Partly this was due to my sense that the store owner didn't get much of it. I was considering picking up a third-in-a-row sixer the other day when I spied a bunch of new cases of it piled up in back AND the arrival (at last) of Long Trail's new Limbo IPA, so I grabbed the latter.

    VT's been treating me very nicely. Thanks!
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  21. Pahn

    Pahn Meyvn (1,473) Dec 2, 2009 New York

    agree 100% with everything here, except i haven't had peak fresh cut.

    it's not at all going for the same thing as hoponius union... both are excellent, but i think citra mantra achieves what it's going for better and is overall better put together. everything works about it. 100% perfect mouthfeel and carbonation, lots of great bready cereal malt notes, citra perfectly imbuing everything with citrusy/earthy hop goodness, and a very clean yeast with just a tiny bit of cologne-like lagery tang.

    hoponius union is an IPA ("IPL, fine, whatever) with a nice malt backbone. the hops are good but more in the west coast "just put a bunch of strong, good hop flavors in, and you're fine" line of thought, rather than the "balance all the flavors together" line.

    both are beers i would never refuse fresh, but still, they're not very alike beyond that.
  22. Sesmu

    Sesmu Aspirant (211) Feb 28, 2007 Massachusetts

    Haven't had a chance to try Citra Mantra yet. Maybe tonight. But how would you compare it to Firestone Pivo, if you tried that one?
  23. Sesmu

    Sesmu Aspirant (211) Feb 28, 2007 Massachusetts

    Tried it finally and liked it a lot. Clean, crisp taste. I think I have to agree that Citra Mantra is "more" lager than Hoponius Union, if one could put it his way (not that it should diminish HU in any way). Would be interesting to try it side by side.
  24. BrianTheBrewer30

    BrianTheBrewer30 Aspirant (221) Nov 17, 2009 Massachusetts

    I loved Citramantra. I love what Otter Creek is doing with this limited series. I hope they keep pumping them out.
  25. mushrooms

    mushrooms Initiate (0) Dec 24, 2013 Uzbekistan

    no Citra in What Is Enlightenment, actually.
  26. Pahn

    Pahn Meyvn (1,473) Dec 2, 2009 New York

    wow, you're right, my favorite hill farmstead beer and i misremembered what hops are in it.

    though, simcoe/amarillo combo is even better than citra single hop. i think since my brain associates NEBCO fuzzy baby ducks with what is enlightenment i got confused.

    thaaaat said, after actually having citra mantra, i think citra is perfect for a flavorful light lager, while simcoe and amarillo would probably be too much. the latter are, as you probably know, awesome in a pale ale though.
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  27. mushrooms

    mushrooms Initiate (0) Dec 24, 2013 Uzbekistan

    Yeah, I totally agree on the latter point. Citra Mantra is a bit too "lager-y" for me- which is my own personal taste and in no way reflects the craftsmanship of the beer. Citra does work well with that though - if it was loaded with Simcoe, I think it'd not taste too good.
  28. MikeyBadnews

    MikeyBadnews Aspirant (211) Dec 10, 2013 Massachusetts

    Grabbed a 6 of it at The Craft Beer Cellar in Braintree.
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