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  1. cinho

    cinho Initiate (51) Jun 11, 2018 Wales

    Looking for a nice, little IP trade at Quintessence for some US cans but I'm fairly open to suggestion.

    A few breweries I'd be especially keen to try some more of (but not restricted to):
    Hops - Fox Farm, Tilted Barn, Fidens, Green Cheek, Parish, Foam, Bissell Brothers, Cellarmaker
    Lagers - Bierstadt, Moonlight, Hill Farmstead, Tired Hands, Notch

    ISO 12-18 cans of hops & lagers

    FT Cantillon - Lam, Brab, Gueuze, RDG, CSG - few other bits plus some 3F/Tilquin etc

    I arrive on the Saturday and will be at Cantillon & 3F in the day plus staying centrally in Brussels. Ideally would like to do the trade on the Saturday so we have some hops for the Sunday but drop me a PM if this sounds like it would work.

  2. swid

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    While I don't live anywhere near the breweries listed, I do have access to two local breweries that I'd rank up with the ones mentioned for hazy IPAs and lagers:

    BKS Artisan Ales
    Alma Mader Brewing

    If getting cans from those breweries intrigues you (and you didn't already get a message from someone else), let me know.
  3. cinho

    cinho Initiate (51) Jun 11, 2018 Wales

    Hey buddy, will drop you a PM!
  4. cinho

    cinho Initiate (51) Jun 11, 2018 Wales

    This is closed.