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Discussion in 'Southwest' started by Longhorn08, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. Longhorn08

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    Headed to Cloudcroft next week for a few days and I'm looking for suggestion on kid friendly eateries that might also have a decent brew or two for me to try. I've got little kids, so kid friendly is a must. Anything that is brewed in NM that may not make it to TX that I should be on the lookout for?

    And if there is a higher end restaurant that me and the mrs. might want to hit one night while we leave the kids with the grandparents, I'll listen.

  2. Roadkizzle

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    I haven't been since it opened but there is now a Cloudcroft Brewing Company. A brewpub I think it's with pizza
  3. Roadkizzle

    Roadkizzle Initiate (190) Nov 6, 2007 Texas

    I should have said. My wife and her family went there last time they were in Cloudcroft and she said it was good.

    The only other places I know of to drink in Cloudcroft are The Western which isn't necessarily family friendly or the Country Club.

    But it's been a few years since I've had the chance to go up the mountain.
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  4. Longhorn08

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    Might also spend a little time in Ruidoso if anyone knows any spots there.
  5. chaser85

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    Cloudcroft Brewing Company is going to be your best bet for beer in town. The pizza is very good and I remember enjoying the imperial red and the porter, but was pretty meh on the ipas. I think they have some guest taps on as well, but I stuck to the house beers. I was there in September and it was very crowded on Sunday night.

    FYI, that whole town shuts down early...we went on a long hike and ended up at the buffalo wild wings in Alamogordo since everything in Cloudcroft had closed already...
  6. aschwab

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    Lost Hiker Brewing is probably your best bet in Ruidoso.
  7. Longhorn08

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    Found some Marble in Artesia. Having their IPA now. Enjoying it very much.