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Discussion in 'Canada' started by Toferg, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. Toferg

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    The wife and I are making a trip to Collingwood at the end of March. Coming from Indiana we'll be driving up through Detroit. We'll be doing day trips to Toronto, Niagra, and Bruce Peninsula. After searching here I think I've got a good idea of the breweries I want to hit along the way. While I prefer stouts and IPAs, I think I'll be trying out more styles on this trip.
    What I'm unsure of though is what kind of gems should I look out for at the LCBO? Hopefully the Great Lakes Anniversary Ale is still on shelves when I get up there.
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    Hey there. Your trip is a ways off so it will be hard to say what will be the best on the shelves at that time. Better to check back in closer to the date and I'm sure you will get some good recommendations. Hard, again, to say if GLB BBA RIS (the one the LCBO called their 'Anniversary Ale') will be around. You might want to consider lining up a trade. A good site to see what the new releases at the LCBO are is
    The LCBO Spring releases starts on February 25 so there should be some interesting beers coming out around that time.
    What breweries were you planning on hitting?
  3. Toferg

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    Well so far I'm figuring:
    Half Hours on Earth either on the way up or back, driving on Saturday both days.
    In Collingwood, Side Launch, Collingwood and Northwinds since I'll be right there.
    Might make it over to Flying Monkey and Redline.
    In Toronto, Bellwood (Ossington) sounds to be top priority, followed by Great Lakes, God Speed, Birreria Volo.
    Haven't looked into Niagra much yet.
    I have to figure in a lot of site seeing and likely some cideries and/or wineries for the wife so I may not get all of the above.
    I planned on checking online as I get closer. Thanks for that link, haven't come across that one before.
    Think I'll spring for some Nickle Brook bottles up there, we have them down here but I haven't seen them under $21 which is hard to justify with all of the local options.
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    Look up the beverage map on:

    It was just updated and has the most complete map of breweries in Ontario.
  5. dabeerbuddha

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    Don't forget Barncat Artisanal Ales either.
    And if you are going to HHOE order 2-3 weeks leading up and just pick up when you get there. That will give you a nice range from their offerings.