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Discussion in 'Canada' started by Jerk_Store, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. LeedsZimbabwe

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    Good to know. I believe I have both of those bottles (I almost spent a day trying to buy them online).
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  2. dabeerbuddha

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    You and everyone that reads this post. Haha
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  3. LarryAppleton

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    Im sure this has been discussed elsewhere or on BT, but how did LCBO get its hands on this? Doesn't really align with HF's philosophy.
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  4. dabeerbuddha

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    Keep 6 was the importer. handled/botched the sale. Similar to Oxbow, DDC, Stillwell etc .
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  5. BakaGaijin

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    There will be a release in Quebec as well apparantly. HF's philosophy is to sell beer. They obviously can't sell all of it onsite with their increased production at the they need to find other markets to sell their stuff.

    They have a connection with Keep6 through Bim (Godspeed). It's easy to sell them a shipment of beer and then have distribute it via LCBO e-commerce. Probably less haircuts/markups then via the traditional US model of brewery to distributor to retailer model.
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  6. Sammy

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    My understanding is Bim received a gift personally from HFof many bottles to use/serve at the brewery.It was more than they he handle, so he passed over some cases to Birreria for good will, let others get a chance to try HF.
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