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    The title pretty much says it all. But my brewing partner and I are looking to move away from our homemade setup and into something more professional. We have found three systems we are considering and were wondering if anyone had any input, experience or perhaps other suggestions. The three systems are by Spike, Blichman and Ss Brewtech. I'll link them below; This is currently our preference based off of both price and quality of their products. We currently have a 15 gallon triclamp kettle from these guys, really impressed with the quality although we don't have any others to compare to. The price on this is the best part (considering it comes with a fermenter!), but this is not truely turnkey i believe and using gas means we can not do this indoors and winter brewing becomes much more of an issue (we live in northeast US)
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    I have a couple of friends that set up breweries and they always recommend the Blichmann. Price and quality is very good. Also, talking with some local breweries they all seem to go for the Blichmann for pilot systems. Just my two cents.
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    Most people I know have Blichmann. They love em. I have considered getting something bigger and always look at SSBrewtech... Not sure why, I think it is a price point more than most.
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    My biggest issue with "turnkey" is the fact that most, maybe all (not fully researched to say absolute) homebrew / semi-pro are not in fact turnkey. For me any investment on the scale of thousands needs to electric control of: valves, heat units, and pumps. Most seem to only control heat. For that kind of money, I want full repeatability and only manually want to do things like mash in and hop additions.

    For want it's worth, had Blichmann TOP and returned very dissatisfied to Northern Brewer. NB was absolutely amazing, Blichmann on the other hand had gave me the worst customer experience I've had to date home brewing. I will never own a Blichmann product of any kind. Vote for Spike in your mix.
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    No ruby street?
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    I will point out that to this kind of comment, I asked how people liked it trying to get info for you. Everyone made the same comment: "be prepared to make things work." Basically they do supply you with what you need, but you will be cutting, doing tons of wiring, and other little odd this and that's that were not expected with a turn key system. They all say they enjoy the way their unit works, but it was a large learning curve and expectations of what was bought changed rapidly with all of them.

    Kind of surprised to hear that too due to the fact that if you are buying something that, for these prices, you have to cut off, snipe wires, and drill holes. I wonder if you mess up badly enough if they will honor some kind of replacement?
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    I must add now that I have been in touch with Ruby Street and they seem to have a really nice system and appears easy to use. Price is good too. I am looking at a 1 BBL system myself. The best advice/two cents I can give is do your homework. Also, talk to the manufacturers and ask many of the local nano breweries what they use and what they recommend.