Costco Brewer's Advent Calendar (2020)

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  1. JohnLilja

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    My wife got me the 2020 pack today because the price was right for 24 pints. But she doesn't even drink beer. I'm opening it now to do some research.
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  2. FBarber

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    the 2020 advent calendar is out? wow ...
  3. brutalfarce

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    Wife did for me last year drank about half before I quit super tinny n oxidized but some people loved them...good luck
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  4. HouseofWortship

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    You think there is a reasonable likelihood that we are actually going to make it to 2021?
  5. JohnLilja

    JohnLilja Initiate (68) Oct 9, 2013 Minnesota

    "My wife got me the 2020 pack today because the price was right for 24 pints. But she doesn't even drink beer. I'm opening it now to do some research."

    Part 2: Research complete. This was the contents of my pack with references to the BA listings.

    Costco Advent 2020 24 pack

    Ankerbräu Nördlingen Grandl Helles Lagerbier / BA score: 80
    Brauerei Ladenburger Weizenbock Hell / BA score: 89
    Bürgerbräu Bad Reichenhall Alpen Stoff / BA score: 79
    Erl-Brau Erl Hell (Not listed in BA, but may be Erlkonig Hell / BA Score: 83)
    Flötzinger Bräu Hell [aus Rosenheim] / BA score: 78
    Fürstliches Brauhaus Ellingen Fürst Carl Kellerbier / BA score: NA
    Graminger Weissbräu Kirta Dunkles Weissbier / BA score: 84
    H. Egerer Bären Weisse / BA score: 82
    H. Egerer Perlenzauber German Pale Ale / BA score: 79
    H. Egerer Perlenzauber IPA / BA score: (not listed)
    Herrnbräu Bürgerliches Brauhaus Altbairisch Hell / BA score: 81
    Herrnbräu Jubiläums-Sud / BA score: 81
    Herrnbräu Tradition / BA score: 80
    Hohenthanner Schlossbrauerei Tannen Hell / BA score: NA
    Hösl Märzenbier / BA score: 81
    Kauzen-Bräu Käuzle German Pilsner Style / BA score: NA
    Landgang Brauerei Landgang Pils / BA score: (not listed)
    Loncium Handcrafted Vienna Style Lager / BA score: 82
    Propeller Turbo Prop Imperial Pils / BA score: 85
    Schlossbrauerei Herrngiersdorf Hallertauer Hopfen-Cuvee / BA score: 83
    Schlossbrauerei Rheder 333 Jubilaumsbier / BA score: NA
    Tölzer Mühlfeldbräu Schwarze Tinte “Collab Stout” / BA score: 84
    Weldebräu Kurpfalz Bräu Kellerbier / BA score: NA
    Zwönitzer Steinbier Dark Spezial / BA score: (not listed)

    Excluding those not listed, or with no score, the average score for the pack is 81.9.
    Good enough for anyone thinking they can bring Bud Light to my house.

    I'll go back to my Minnesota locals: Barrel Theory Rain Drops, BlackStack Local 755, Castle Danger White Pine Project, Disgruntled Stupid Good, Fair State Mirror Universe, Forager Regal Hops, Fulton 300, HammerHeart Surtr’s Flame, Lupulin Hooey, Modist Dreamyard, Steel Toe Size 7, Summit Slugfest, Surly Furious, Town Hall Masala Mama, Voyageur Devil’s Kettle.
  6. AWA

    AWA Disciple (326) Jul 22, 2014 California

    This would be the first year I would actually be on board, but I'm still not going to stores and I can't instacart it. Too bad cause 2020 is the year of "Fuck it. I'll drink that."
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  7. GetMeAnIPA

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    still not going to stores?! That’s rough.
  8. BillAfromSoCal

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    That made me laugh... when I read your reference to doing "research" I assumed that meant you were starting to drink the contents early. :slight_smile: The thought never occurred to me that you were really going to look at BA ratings as "research" on the quality of the contents.:grin:
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  9. cryptichead

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    That looks to be a much better selection than what I got 2 years ago. Last time, 10 beers were all from the same brewery.
  10. Todd

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  11. Griffin2

    Griffin2 Champion (805) Aug 22, 2014 Virginia

    My wife gave this to me last year. No beers were outstanding, but most were enjoyable.
  12. AWA

    AWA Disciple (326) Jul 22, 2014 California

    I don't know. I'm kind of loving having everything just show up at my house. Grocery delivery is awesome.
  13. Grounder

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    Frankly, considering their buying power and the excellent job they do with wine, Costco could have done a much better job with beer.
  14. MNAle

    MNAle Poo-Bah (1,936) Sep 6, 2011 Minnesota

    ~ half of those beers were in last year's Costco box (indicated by bold).

    My average rating for the 20 beers I had (I bought the box off of a friend after he had consumed 4 of the beers) was 3.47, ranging from a low of 2.55 to a high of 4.21, with most being in the 3.5 to 3.8 range.

    But, I got the remaining 20 beers in the box in late February (as I recall) so they all had a bit of age on them, especially the last few since I spread them out over the next few months (!?!).
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  15. ChicagoJ

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    Now THIS is extra credit research! :grin: Well done!
  16. officerbill

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  17. HouseofWortship

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  19. officerbill

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    Yeah, pretty much :wink:
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  20. Beginner2

    Beginner2 Poo-Bah (3,381) Feb 14, 2016 Illinois

    My rating of 2019 was an A- for selection.
    2020 was relatively disappointing, currently a C+ based on selection.
    Why the rapid drop ?
    2019 hit my sweet-spot. My beer strategy is to try as many different brewers as possible. From the 2019 case, I believe I had 18 brewers new to me, or 75% of the 24 beers. The other beers, made inexpensive Christmas gifts to my nephews. Fine. Mission Accomplished. A great find indeed, since I'd only been to Bavaria once and only for two days. It pays to find locals who can find micros for you.

    So, I eagerly anticipated Kalea's 2020 Calendar. But, it turns out to be less curated than I thought. This year, there are only five new brewers, or 20.8% of the case. Another 6 beers were brews I had not tried, but were repeats of brewers from 2019. And 13 beers -- over half -- were repeats from last year. While a few may be worth repeating, I probably won't as I try to save my allowable calories for new brewers (or saisons.) But even as gifts to my nephews, Kalea's Calendar is still a good value. It also is great marketing to spread the mission of Bavarian beer.

    Bottom-line: if you want to maximize new brewers for every Advent Calendar that you buy, then buy one every three years.
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  21. schoolboy

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    My loving sister bought me one in 2018 and the beers were not good. Most were very can-bound and nearly undrinkable, as I recall.

    I was just at her house (600 miles away) so she gave me a 2020 (and one for my son) to take back. We will not wait until December to start - they are probably over the hill enough already. Sitting in her garage for weeks can't have helped. Advent will start before Halloween this year.

    I've seen some others out there (including BREWDOG!!) but I get a Costco from my sis.

    With gifts it's the thought that counts! I'm an atheist anyway!
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