Council Brewing Release Thread

Discussion in 'Pacific' started by JonathanC, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. MiScusi

    MiScusi Initiate (0) Feb 12, 2005 California

    yet over the last year and a few months they've released many terrible tasting things in kegs. :confused:
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  2. swolepeer

    swolepeer Initiate (0) May 23, 2013 California

    The last batch of Gavel Drop I tried tasted like pure fresh sliced green onions. Yuck.
  3. Xul

    Xul Crusader (762) May 18, 2008 California

    Not to mention the long delay in addressing the infected BA Pirate's Breakfast. Glad they made the right call in this case, but I'm not sure they should be getting awards for their willingness to hold back flawed beer yet...
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  4. maximum12

    maximum12 Poo-Bah (3,889) Jan 21, 2008 Minnesota

    I was in town for work & grabbed a couple bottles of Nicene & was eyeing the bottles of Beatitude. But after having a pour of the Raspberry, which was dead flat, no way. I've never had so much trouble getting through a 10 oz. pour of 3.8% beer.
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  5. pourmeanothr

    pourmeanothr Initiate (0) May 26, 2010 California

    Nobody was crowning them beer saints. With how much we collectively complain about flat beers, infections, etc I was merely praising a brewery doing the right thing in this specific instance.
  6. ClippersSD

    ClippersSD Initiate (139) Jul 17, 2013 California

    Bully Pulpit IPA - Can Release
    You asked and we listened! Bully Pulpit IPA cans are coming your way! We are offering two methods to secure your Bully cans via Brown Paper Tickets (10/19/2016 at 7pm) and our tasting room (10/20/2016 2pm). We're doing it this way to help make sure our out-of-town patrons have an opportunity to purchase cans, reduce lines at the tasting room, and ensure our local regulars can also secure some cans. Full release details are available here on Brown Paper Tickets.
    See you tomorrow for the Release Party!
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  7. ClippersSD

    ClippersSD Initiate (139) Jul 17, 2013 California

    This is their best IPA. Looking forward to purchasing some cans
  8. dcbullet

    dcbullet Initiate (116) Dec 18, 2013 California

    Closing. :slight_frown:

    Farwell from Council Brewing Company

    6 1/2 years ago, Liz and myself, Curtis, began plotting a course to open our own brewery. Just over 5 years ago we signed our first lease on what became our Kearny Mesa brewery and tasting room. We were blessed with enough customers to expand our brewery several times over these 5 years. There have been many ups and downs over the years including many long days to build our business.
    We entered 2018 knowing that it would be a make it or break it year for Council. We were excited when we opened our Santee brewery and tasting room and had hope for our future. However, we had many significant cost increases this year (freight, labor, rent, utilities, etc) and much lower tasting room/distribution sales due to over-saturation of the brewery market, we began taking heavy losses part way through the year. As a result, we’ve had too long of a stretch of declining sales that we can’t sustain any longer.
    Liz and I have always committed to being honest, ethical business owners. We committed to our employees that they would always be paid and that we always pay our bills. This meant that for the first couple years, we completely drained our life savings. We slowly rebuilt our savings the last couple years only to go back to not paying ourselves or reducing our already meager salary.
    We have no regrets starting and operating our brewery. We've had so many great times with our wonderful customers. One event I'll miss in particular is Talk Like a Pirate Day (aka "Pirate's Breakfast Day") and just enjoying our flagship west coast IPA, Bully Pulpit. We'll miss hanging out with our regulars, meeting first time visitors to Council, meeting fans from around the world, collaboration brews, and traveling for beer.
    We would like to thank each and everyone of you reading this for the part you’ve played in the Council story. We will miss sharing our beer with you and seeing how Council beer has strengthened friendships and helped others.

    -Curtis & Liz Chism
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  9. ryno09

    ryno09 Aspirant (201) May 1, 2010 California

  10. Wowcoolman

    Wowcoolman Crusader (771) Sep 25, 2010 California

    Interesting looking back over this thread (started in 2015)- there was a lot of action for the first couple months, then a couple posts a year later, then no thread activity for more than two years.
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  11. SDPirate

    SDPirate Initiate (50) Sep 29, 2015 California

    Bummer they won't be around any longer. I was not too crazy about them, but they did occasionally pump out a good wild ale. Some of their other beers were mediocre though, or just plain bad. I can't remember the name but I had a pint of some hazy IPA from them a while back and it was awful (and hardly "hazy"). Regardless, with them gone and Toolbox, the sour scene in San Diego will be lacking.
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  12. Djwildefire

    Djwildefire Initiate (17) Mar 15, 2018 California

    They had some great fruited sours. Bummed
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  13. InfiniteJester23

    InfiniteJester23 Initiate (81) Apr 26, 2017 California

    If there was a moment that pushed me over the edge from being "person who drinks a lot of Sculpin" to a "beer advocate and homebrewer", it was a really, really good conversation me and a buddy had in the original tasting room with Liz about brewing and beer. Lots of samples, lots of interesting thoughts about brewing, amounting to a great customer experience. I am really sad to hear that they won't be around any more.
  14. Rbarnes4381

    Rbarnes4381 Initiate (139) Oct 29, 2013 California

    I actually liked most of their beers, even their IPA’s. If I could have found them easier in LAinwould have Thad them more often. Kind of bummed a good brewery is closing and some crappy ones are still open. Also, I missed that toolbox had closed.
  15. dcgunman

    dcgunman Crusader (741) Jul 1, 2009 California

    Had a few of their bottles back in the day. Not my cup of tea. But hey...I tried. Maybe they should of taken Monks route and do a bunch of hazy ipa’s?
  16. ryno09

    ryno09 Aspirant (201) May 1, 2010 California

    Their clean beers made a leap in quality once they moved from plastic to stainless temp controlled fermenters. The sour beers were always my favorites from what they produced. Some of the better dark wild ales were made by them.
  17. chrisjws

    chrisjws Champion (803) Dec 3, 2014 California

    Shame. Santee taproom was walking distance for me. Back to Burning Beard as my only real option out in East County.
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  18. Ten_SeventySix_Brewhouse

    Ten_SeventySix_Brewhouse Initiate (130) Jul 20, 2016 Arizona

    I wasn’t familiar with them back when this thread saw regular activity, but we started getting canned distro from them in Phoenix maybe a year or so ago, which was coincidentally very soon after I first visited their Kearny Mesa taproom. I was really impressed with both my visit and the quality of their beers. I have since had a couple of their hazy IPAs that were just “good,” and one that was below average, but mostly their stuff rivaled the best that I can get locally. I especially thought “Into the Blind” was excellent.

    They will be missed. :pensive: I picked up a couple of cans yesterday in honor of their closing, and will eagerly awaiting the final shipment we’re supposed to be getting. It’s a real shame to see that they couldn’t make it when so many “mediocre at best” places seem to be thriving.
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  19. IQBlue

    IQBlue Initiate (116) Oct 2, 2014 California

    I can’t believe I missed the email in my inbox yesterday morning with the announcement. Their Beatitude series was what got my wife and I to make a mandatory visit to the taproom whenever we were in San Diego. Just sucks there’s one less option down there now.
  20. dcbullet

    dcbullet Initiate (116) Dec 18, 2013 California

    Yeah, the sour options have decreased significantly. Besides Modern Times and Lost Abbey, what other good sour breweries are there in SD now?
  21. Ten_SeventySix_Brewhouse

    Ten_SeventySix_Brewhouse Initiate (130) Jul 20, 2016 Arizona

    Also thought you guys might like to know that they are blowing out the rest of their inventory. 4 packs and large format bottles are all only $5, and the money all goes to the food bank. Merch is 50% off too.
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  22. SDReaper

    SDReaper Defender (621) Aug 15, 2013 California

    While it is only really 1 offering with different fruited variants, I would place Resident up there with their Prestige saison. Can always say Societe with their BA wilds as well. Alesmith released their first sour to members late this year and it was I would expect a few more from them starting in 2019.

    We don't have any others that are strictly known for just sours except maybe California Wild Ales, but I haven't had enough of their offerings to give a yes or a no to them.
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  23. ryno09

    ryno09 Aspirant (201) May 1, 2010 California

    You're forgetting about the Beaver. More specialty stuff coming out from then in the future.
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  24. SDReaper

    SDReaper Defender (621) Aug 15, 2013 California

    Gah....I feel bad I forgot about Peter's stuff, especially since his next release is being raved about by a few friends of mine that work there.
  25. dcbullet

    dcbullet Initiate (116) Dec 18, 2013 California

    Oh yeah, Beaver!

    I've had some CA Wild Ales but it was early on. Not a fan then but willing try again.
  26. ryno09

    ryno09 Aspirant (201) May 1, 2010 California

    He's no longer brewing production beers at 980 so expect more cool stuff coming out of there. Hoping the sour beer releases will become more frequent as well.
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  27. jwacky

    jwacky Initiate (49) Apr 13, 2017 California

    I know you're relatively far from east county, but for anyone who isn't - Helix's new Sourworx is worth a visit IMO. It has easily become my new favorite spot in the La Mesa/El Cajon/Santee area.
  28. thuey

    thuey Aspirant (217) Nov 13, 2015 California

    Woah, just seeing this thread now! That's crazy, as I thought Council was pretty well regarded.

    I don't see their beers much in NorCal, but occasionally I've spotted kegs (and they did a collab with Alvarado for perhaps my favorite ASB beer ever made - Humming Wires). Sorry to see you guys go. :slight_frown:
  29. SDReaper

    SDReaper Defender (621) Aug 15, 2013 California

    I have been hesitant to check it out, but with your recommendation I will put them on my list for early next year (this year is already pretty packed).
  30. NWH83

    NWH83 Disciple (378) Jan 2, 2009 California

    I also enjoyed the ASB collab humming wires but being in northern California that's the only beer I've had by them. Regardless, the fact that they are selling the rest of their inventory below cost and donating it to the food bank after essentially pouring their life savings into this project speaks volumes to their character. Sad to see this happen to (what seems like) good people.
  31. Majikow

    Majikow Initiate (143) Nov 21, 2015 California

    Dang. I'm embarrassed to say I haven't hit Council up in awhile, but when I first moved to San Diego I really enjoyed their sours and beatitude series (not so much their stouts and haven't had many of their IPAs). I also thought the tasting room staff was always super nice and helpful, and the place was never packed, so even my wife who isn't super into beer enjoyed visiting. Bummer to see them closing down, especially because the owners definitely did seem like good people.
  32. ryno09

    ryno09 Aspirant (201) May 1, 2010 California

    Discounted beer and merch is available. I'm tempted to stop by for some bottles.
  33. chrisjws

    chrisjws Champion (803) Dec 3, 2014 California

    I was less than impressed when I visited Helix, but on your recommendation I"ll give it a try. Lord knows we need real options out this way.