Counterflow/Plate chillers

Discussion in 'Homebrewing' started by TooHopTooHandle, May 12, 2018.

  1. TooHopTooHandle

    TooHopTooHandle Initiate (84) Dec 20, 2016 New York

    For those of you that use a counterflow/Plate chiller do you guys one pass chill directly into the fermenter ? I just used mine for the first time and was able to do a one pass chill directly to fermenter, but I wasn't even thinking till after that all the cold break that forms goes right into the fermenter. I think next time I'll chill back into my kettle and whirlpool the stuff to the center like I do when I used my immersion chiller.
    15 gallons of chocolate coffee stout that will go in that barrel :slight_smile:
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  2. PortLargo

    PortLargo Devotee (435) Oct 19, 2012 Florida

    I do not, for two reasons: 1. My tap water is too hot (above target temp for wort), so I can not do a one-pass cooling . . . always involves pre-cooling with tap water then finish with ice slurry. This takes 20+ minutes. 2. Many of my brews have whirlpool'ed hops, once set up to recirculate I just let it rip for the remainder of the cooling. Without these concerns I still would recirculate back to kettle for the reason you described.
  3. Scope4Beer

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    I have cold groundwater from my well at home here in PA. I do only a one pass directly into the fermenter and have never noticed an issue with flavor or aroma, but likely some chill haze from the cold break.
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  4. GormBrewhouse

    GormBrewhouse Disciple (393) Jun 24, 2015 Vermont

    I have spring water, so when I used a plate chiller, one pass and done.
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  5. TooHopTooHandle

    TooHopTooHandle Initiate (84) Dec 20, 2016 New York

    Not to worried about chill haze since its a coffee stout, but next time I'm going to send it back to my kettle and whirlpool the stuff out. Problem is it takes up room where beer could be lol
  6. mikehartigan

    mikehartigan Disciple (328) Apr 9, 2007 Illinois

    One pass. Chill haze doesn't bother me except in a beer that I want to be crystal clear -- Cream Ale or a Pilsner, for example. But I'll likely fine those anyway, so it's a non-issue.
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  7. jbakajust1

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    I whirlpool hops on nearly every beer I brew so I bring it down to 185 on a recirc, then one pass it from 185 to 65
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