Craft beers in Thailand??

Discussion in 'Asia' started by Imbebe, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Imbebe

    Imbebe Initiate (0) Oct 8, 2008 California

    HF in Thailand? Wow!
  2. ManforallSaisons

    ManforallSaisons Devotee (416) Mar 20, 2008 Belgium

    I didn't get out their way, and Bangkok being Bangkok, no way was I going to cross town for a bar. (Maybe I'm spoiled by having access to Mikkeller at home.) But I was tempted to try their delivery service, if only I had some idle downtime in the hotel... I'm satisfied with Singha with the food but could've used a dose of hops at some point.
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  3. Imbebe

    Imbebe Initiate (0) Oct 8, 2008 California

    I saw zombie dust on their menu, Is zombie on draft? If they were bottle the hops will fade snd it won't be good:
  4. MrKennedy

    MrKennedy Champion (882) Dec 29, 2006 Australia

    Zombie Dust was on tap in late December. About 3 months old when it arrived at Mikkeller bar.

    They also had Dreadnaught on tap and in bottles (about $60 a bomber).
  5. _drummer_

    _drummer_ Initiate (0) Nov 8, 2015 China

    Anyone ever tried out Craft Beer Factory? It's a place in Chiang Mai. I'll be here for a bit longer and was thinking about checking it out. Let me know if you know anything about it!
  6. ChiangMaiThirst

    ChiangMaiThirst Initiate (0) Nov 15, 2015 Thailand

    I think Tiger is the best bet in's brewed in Bangkok...otherwise import taxes are Hell. I live in CHiang Mai.
  7. CraftBeerAsia

    CraftBeerAsia Initiate (0) Jan 26, 2013 Singapore

  8. ManforallSaisons

    ManforallSaisons Devotee (416) Mar 20, 2008 Belgium

    Thanks, @CraftBeerAsia! Good timing for me, as I'm heading back, in a couple weeks. So, it's time to check in, whether anything local has cropped up, or anything else I need to know for an occasional Singha break. This time, Chiang Mai as well as Bangkok. All the above noted -- with thanks -- so I'm just refreshing this request for updates or reports from the ground.

    As before, my ideal would be some crisp new pils or a bit more of a dose of hops, nothing exotic or heavy -- am drinking plenty of that here in Brussels under the damp curtain of autumn... BUT, in a change from my past inquiry (excluding Belgians), this time I'm interested in hearing fresh reviews of the places stocking the Belgians, not for my own drinking necessarily but I have some other materials to drop off that might be appreciated in a belgocentric bar.
  9. ManforallSaisons

    ManforallSaisons Devotee (416) Mar 20, 2008 Belgium

    FWIW, in Bangkok I saw a (very) few places with a (very) few things other than Singha/Chang/Leo/Heineken. I tried one Pistonhead lager, twice (my first and last at the same time, haha!) saw some Belgians and a few other, unfamiliar, names in some random, hip places around Banglamphu. For example Gouden Carolus and a Japanese IPA in a place I've liked for a few years, called Dialogue, where I never noticed beer before. (And it was the morning, so, I may never know about that IPA.) I wasn't going out of my way in search of other places named above, so I take this as a sign of it creeping in generally. (At least where the hipsters gather.) Oh and a few (not many) more worthy imports at the big grocery/emporium in the Siam Paragon food court (don't judge me). I bought none and didn't check freshness labels. ... Now I'm in Chiang Mai where I might be likelier to wander past some of the helpful ideas above.
  10. ChiangMaiThirst

    ChiangMaiThirst Initiate (0) Nov 15, 2015 Thailand

    T-Bar in the Santitham area of Chiang Mai is doing 4 x 630 ml Tigers for 200 THB. It's across the street from Oxide. Just make it clear that you are too high class to put ice in your beer, and they will take good care of you. If you don't like beautiful waitresses in their early 20s, it might be best to avoid this place.
  11. ManforallSaisons

    ManforallSaisons Devotee (416) Mar 20, 2008 Belgium

    So, if I'm correctly reading between the lines, there is zero hope, all is lost, nothing to see here, move on? I was close-ish to popping over the river to check out the "Riverside Craft Beer Factory" with a perhaps indulgent definition of both "craft" and "factory." (I saw this, which looks much more like a press release than "news": Any point in that, at all?
  12. captaincoffee

    captaincoffee Meyvn (1,385) Jul 10, 2011 Virginia

    In an effort to keep the few BAs in Thailand engaged, I'll bump this thread. I lived in Thailand in 1987-1988 (Chinorot Wittaylai), 1992-1993 (Khon Kaen U), and 2004-2006 (working in BKK). I still try to visit every year or two. Sadly, it was either homebrew, Singha, or Heineken back then. I remember the original opening of Tawandang (1999?), but it was better than nothing.
    Keep posting, and I'll try to bring some good stuff to share next time I visit.
  13. innominat

    innominat Initiate (0) Jun 20, 2012 Ireland

    CRAFT on Sukhumvit 23 , wishbeer-homebar and mikeller. All worth a visit but steep prices.
  14. _drummer_

    _drummer_ Initiate (0) Nov 8, 2015 China

    Nice, I'll have to remember that next time I'm in Bangkok.
  15. Holweger

    Holweger Initiate (0) Nov 14, 2014 Minnesota

    I've been in BKK since November of 2015. There are several more great places that I've found. Mikkeller is probably the best, but here are some others:
    Hair of the Dog (near Ploen Chit BTS)
    Fatty's Bar (Din Daeng)
    Brew (Sukhumvit Soi 11)
    Wishbeer (Between Ekkamai and Phra Khanong BTS)
    Let The Boy Die (Chinatown - only local craft beers, but I had some pretty good ones)
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  16. vietrao

    vietrao Initiate (0) Jul 18, 2016

    chang beer,is that right?
  17. _drummer_

    _drummer_ Initiate (0) Nov 8, 2015 China

    It's very light...pretty plain, bitter, but not in a good way, in my opinion. Honestly, I'm not a fan at all, but some people like it. Try it once and see what you think. It's super cheap anywhere in Thailand.
  18. kinopio

    kinopio Aspirant (256) Apr 30, 2009 Massachusetts

    Any updates on Bangkok or Chiang Mai? Headed to both in a couple weeks. I'm mostly interested in good stuff from Thailand or elsewhere in Asia that I can't easily get in the US.
    From what I've gathered, some of the best spots are:
    Bangkok: Changwon Express, Let The Boy Die, Hair Of The Dog, Mikkeller, HOBS
    Chiang Mai: Beer Republic, Namton's House Bar, The Riverside
  19. ManforallSaisons

    ManforallSaisons Devotee (416) Mar 20, 2008 Belgium

    Please report and keep the thread going. (Lookin' at you, @Holweger.) I'll be back in BKK in September, finally going to get to go out of my way for a few beers. I may do an add-on to my business trip wherever in the country it's not raining but presumably nothing to ask about outside the capital and Chiang Mai. (Advise me if I'm wrong.)

    Otherwise, Singha over Chang, every time.
  20. kinopio

    kinopio Aspirant (256) Apr 30, 2009 Massachusetts

    Just got back from 2 weeks in Thailand. Here is my experience:

    Golden Coins Taproom-New spot that is a five minute walk from Mikkeller. They had about 5 of their own beers on draft. Happy Stout(made with chestnuts) was very good. Prices were very cheap for Bangkok. I think I paid 150 baht for a 12 ounce pour(may have been a little discounted for happy hour). Make it a point to stop here, especially if you are going to Mikkeller

    Mikkeller-Big selection for Thailand. Very cool outdoor area in a chill neighborhood(this can be hard to find in loud as hell Bangkok). I liked the appetizers I had. Vast majority of their tap list was their own beer

    The Beer Bridge-Nice large bar down the street from the famous Gaggan restaurant. Had a decent selection of Thai beer in bottles.

    AVOID THE BEER BELLY IN THONGLOR. I ordered some mediocre beer on draft and they charged me about $12 USD for a half pint! Unbelievable. No wonder they don't display the prices on the draft list behind the bar. Go across the street to Bad Motel instead and have an excellent cocktail in a cool setting for a fair price.

    Chiang Mai

    Craffity-Just opened this month. The best selection of Thai beers I came across(can and bottles only for now though I believe they plan on putting in draft lines). They had multiple beers available from Stone Head, Lamzing and Full Moon.

    Craft Beer Factory- Had stuff from Chiang Mai Brewing, Stone Head, Happy New Beer, Far Yeast in bottles. Anderson Valley/Deschutes and the like too. The Thai bottles are also available across the street at their sister restaurant The Riverside.
    I didn't make it to Namton's House Bar but that seems like the best spot in town for craft beer.

    I spent a couple days on Ao Nang beach in Krabi but didn't find any good beer. I then stayed at Santhiya Resort on Ko Yao Yai and luckily they had Full Moon Chatri IPA(very good) and pale ale available.

    I was glad it wasn't hard to find decent beer. I don't think I'll be going back though unless they improve public transit, make decent sidewalks and keep them clear of food carts, parked motorcycles etc. Bangkok and Chiang Mai are a dangerous nightmare for pedestrians.
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  21. DanaCaron

    DanaCaron Initiate (65) Feb 1, 2013 Thailand

    Over 200 craft beers in Thailand
    Over 100 Craft beer on Tap
  22. ManforallSaisons

    ManforallSaisons Devotee (416) Mar 20, 2008 Belgium

    Beer Bridge and Hair of the Dog (h/t @Holweger) are my best bets based on where I'm staying and the (little) free time I'll have. At least Beer Bridge looks like it has some non-crazily priced options. I saw the beer list and places on the website for Craft and -- though I give them props for posting the details on line -- it made me instantly thirsty for a Singha. HotD will do the same, or more reasonable? ... Truth be told, I'm not going to care much for the 2-3-4 I might have in a short evening.

    I really appreciate the guidance, BAs, thanks.
  23. ManforallSaisons

    ManforallSaisons Devotee (416) Mar 20, 2008 Belgium

    In Bangkok and on Ko Samui, saw some "local" Full Moon and Mahanakhon and maybe a few others in ordinary bars and shops. It's so sad to see import licenses on them because they can't brew in Thailand.
  24. beertunes

    beertunes Poo-Bah (5,587) Sep 24, 2007 Washington

    Random question, inspired by the soccer team that got stranded in the cave. What would be the "national" style of Thai beer (like AALs are "American" beer in many people's eyes)? Any brand in particular identified with Thailand?
  25. rdecker679

    rdecker679 Initiate (34) Oct 8, 2015 Massachusetts

    Singha, Leo, Chang, all crappy lagers that taste great in 90° heat
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  26. Hillprod

    Hillprod Initiate (0) Oct 25, 2018

    Basically Thai beers are all drinkable but none memorable, if you have honed your palate to a local craft beer you will not be impressed. But it is mostly 5%abv and goes down well on a hot day. All imported beers and locally made craft are very, very pricey due to punitive tax/duty. Just relax and enjoy it, it is only beer and you are in Thailand.