December 2018 Cellar Reviews

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  1. CaptainHate

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    2017 Ten FIDY Barrel Aged Imperial Stout - Oskar Blues

    It was with great alarm when I read what @bbtkd wrote about aging these stovepipes being not such a smart thing to do beyond six months because things start to fall off, like the coffee flavor. The good news is that this 11/06/17 can, and another, was given to me by a friend relocating across country so it didn't cost me a damn thing. But being a risk averse individual, kind of, I decided to put one of these bad boys to the test and popped one tonight into a DFH tulip. It poured nicely with a reasonable dark tan head over a dark brown body. And the smell still had plenty of barrel and alc over the nice molassesy stout aroma with a matching taste. So WTF does @bbtkd know, right? Except I think he's right. Something is slightly off compared to experiencing this a year ago. It's not as hot, obviously; but it's also not as complex. It's still been a very positive experience (I'm listening to some wild ass music which sounds *great*) but I think these are best experienced fresh.
  2. bbtkd

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    Exactly. If someone never had one fresh and you gave them an aged one, they'd probably love it since it is still a kick-ass BA stout, though it's only maybe 90% as bold as it's former self. Any beer that depends on coffee for it's wow factor is best consumed fresh.
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  3. djkman

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    I have 1 2017 waiting in the wings. I have two 2018’s just purchased this weekend. When I open the 2017, that will tell me if I should enjoy both 2018’s now or put the 1 2018 in the cellar.......
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  4. bbtkd

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    If you've never had one fresh, that won't help you since the 2017 will still be great, just not as great as when it was fresh. If you've had one fresh you'll know the difference.
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  5. dbrauneis

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    Now I am one of the people that thinks it has improved with a bit of age on it (and I have had fresh/aged stovepipes as well as fresh draft) - it was a touch hot in my opinion initially.
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  6. bbtkd

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    I always thought hot and bold were it's selling points. Would like to have had it on draft.
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  7. dbrauneis

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    Still booozy with some age on it and very enjoyable - always bold.
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  8. elohim

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    I drank this one canned 11/2016 about a week or so ago. Personally I prefer it with a bit of age on it. It is definitely less hot and more mellow than fresh 2018 but I wouldn't say it is less complex. It is different though and if you are one of the people who prefers heavy barrel and booze character I think you would prefer this one fresh. Personally I prefer a good base stout accentuated by a bit of barrel rather than a beer that tastes like it has a shot of bourbon in it. I think regular Ten Fidy also benefits from a bit of age.
  9. Jm5471

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    No picture sorry but opened a 2016 KBS I had aged. It tasted better than I expected. Smooth but still had the barrel presence. I feel the coffee is more prominent up front but the overall beer was delicious. I have yet to come across the “green pepper” flavor of an aged coffee beer.
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  10. BigIslandfarmer

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    Deschutes Brewery The Stoic 2015
    Found in the discount section of a bottle shop in August. Most likely stored at room temperature all its life before it came into mine. Poured at cellar temp leaving a small head that quickly dissipated. Reddish amber in color & fairly clear. Smell is sweet, with dark fruit, and an indistinct yeastyness. Taste is superb. The first time I had this beer, a couple years ago, it was good. Mostly your standard Belgian-style quad, dark fruits, etc. Now the pomegranate from the molasses used and the wine from the barrels really stand out. The dark fruit is still there but takes a backseat. I would say this is the best beer I've had this year. If you are sitting on a bottle or two drink up! I don't see how it could get any better!