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    Where can you find distribution information for breweries?

    Background: A group of us are trying to develop our own "box" of beers, using HalfTime's stock as a source of new beers to try / old beers to try again. Of course, we took to long to order, and some of the beers are no longer in stock. I'd prefer to try to find beers a local packies/craft beer shops, but don't know if it's a fool's errand if the beers aren't even distributed in MA.

    There used to a be a website (that I used to have bookmarked) that provided a distro map, but I recall that being quickly antiquated as the number of breweries have grown and distribution has expanded for many.
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    You could look at each distributors website, most have what brands they represent on their sites.
    If you’re looking for a specific one currently, I could tell you who has what, I do ordering for my store.
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    Maybe just reach out to the breweries via phone/email/social.