Double pitching! Yea or Nay

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    I have some experience at brewing my own and I’m always willing to tweak recipes. With that said, I normally buy prepackaged recipe kits and add some extra fermentables to get a bigger beer. What about the addition of more yeast to get maximum fermentation?
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    More yeast doesn't (generally) cause more fermentation. But if you pitch the amount of yeast appropriate to your batch size and gravity, you'll generally get a healthy fermentation with less risk of off flavors.

    Most brewing software has yeast calculations built in. Or you could check out Mr. Malty or YeastCalc, both of which are online yeast calculators.
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    You should always adjust the amount of yeast you pitch based on your SG. The more fermentable sugars, the more yeast is needed. As mentioned above use a yeast pitch calculator. Another one is brewers friend.
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    Healthy yeast is always important, and pre-packaged recipe kits can have old yeast, so look at the date on the packet. Don't get caught guessing how many yeast cells that come with the kit are still alive.

    Also, don't bump up the fermentables to expect a 12% abv and then select a yeast that craps out at 9%. Select your yeast wisely.