Drinking 8 pints a day

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by BBThunderbolt, Jan 21, 2023.

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    Maybe link this article in the WHO - no alcohol is 'safe' thread? :wink:

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    My brother in law used to travel to London regularly for work, 2-3 times a year. He said the people he works with will usually go out for lunch and a beer before returning back to work. He also said the one places gives you a free pint if you drink 4 (or 5 I forget) pints…I forget what the place was called though.

    I finally asked him to bring me back a bottle or two of something cause his last trip was this week. I don’t think he did :cry:
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    Seriously at some point in my life I wasn’t that far from this.

    Never again. This topic was brought about a thousand times on BA but I’ve known hardcore alcoholics for whom 8 pints wouldn’t be “in a day” but instead in the morning and wouldn’t want to be in their shoes ever.
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    important caveat for anyone who doesnt know anything about the history of alcoholic beverages, and this goes well beyond the UK, including in the US.

    Beer and other fermented beverages were healthier than the water, and cheaper than tea and coffee. So, yeah. Everyone was drinking. And it had a significant impact on domestic life. That's where the Temperance movement got its backing and how Prohibition was achieved.
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    It's why the Pilgrims cam ashore inn Plymouth, Beer was their drinking source.

    " we could not take time for further search or consideration , our victuals being spent , especially our beer." ~ William Bradford
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    well considering this from MensHealthUK " Nearly two-thirds of people (65%) say that they have experienced a mental health problem. This rises to 7 in every 10 women, young adults aged 18-34 and people living alone."

    I'd say they have work to do
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    8 pints a day? Pfffffft, amatuers.
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    I never understand how people can consume that much liquid in day, beer or otherwise.
  10. Resistance88

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    anything more than a pint daily without exercise to offset that ( by exercise i mean real shit that gets your bpm up and maintains /builds muscle mass and bone density not a 'brisk walk ') is some weirdo shit to me
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    Well, to reference the context of the article, let’s consider farming. Not necessarily easy work, especially in the 19th century before modern technology. Anyone who has ever baled hay or lugged around feed for a few dozen cattle or shoveled manure will profess it can be back breaking, especially after 16 hours worth. I’d say these guys deserve a beer.

    I thing there’s a huge difference between a desk jockey drinking 8 pints in 2023 and a farmer drinking 8 pints in the 1890’s.
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  12. mmmbeerNY

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    8 pints a day sounds like a lot.
    Even if low abv and doing a lot of manual labor
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    Yeah...by 4 or 5 pints I'd probably forget, too. :wink:
  14. Resistance88

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    There's nothing like a few pints after a long day of puttin up Redwood for me that's for sure.

    Most people these days are lazy and out of shape though.

    I'm sure some folks are gonna try to justify their alcoholism based on title of this thread :slight_smile:
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    And while this article mentions consuming beer with food it was also socially acceptable to fast and use beer to replace meals, particularly within some religious communities. I would have to dig into how widespread this would have been in England at the time but I am sure those traditions carried over at least for some (and if not for religious reasons for economic ones).

    But yeah eight pints a day, no thank you. I would be a bloated mess. :flushed:
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  16. industrialswill

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    But filtering and boiling our water was SO MUCH WORK..!! WE HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO GUZZLE A 1/2 GALLON OF BEER EVERY DAY...!!!
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  17. industrialswill

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    In John Seymours book "The Self Sustainable Life and How To Live It"..... he mentions that a good reaper of cereal grain could do 2 acres per day [by hand]....!
    The average effeminately raised male of today would have a heart attack after doing 30 minutes of sickle work.
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    That's just a passing thought. :stuck_out_tongue:
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    This absolutely cannot be overstated
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    Ah, the good ole days, when life expectancy was in the 40s. :beers:
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    8 pints is only a gallon.
  22. Rug

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    Bring back pre-work beers. Hell, let's make it mandatory
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  23. BBThunderbolt

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    Might improve some attitudes!
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  24. Rug

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    1 drink and mine's better already!
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  25. thebeeremptor

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    I've jokingly advocated for a shift beer at my work; something real low alcohol so you can't get drunk. When you deal with some of the absolutely shittiest and moronic people in retail all day, I think something to take the edge off is warranted.
  26. superspak

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    Been there, done that, don't recommend it. I like beer still, but using it as a crutch is just going to turn into into an obsession. 2019 was a bad year as some may be aware. I was untappd checking in 1500 a year from 2013 to 2019. Last couple years were a few hundred actuals. I micro dose edibles to treat my anxiety and depression, and finding a partner certainly helped figure out what my life missed. We usually only drink when we go out, but even then I'm just enjoying session beers. I really can't let myself go back to the way it was. I enjoy traveling instead of sitting alone drinking. Even my family tried to intervene way back. Anyways, there is so much more to life to see and enjoy. Just remember that. Peace. :+1:
  27. o29

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    Rather than the majority of society being "effeminately raised," it's almost like our bodies tend to adapt to environmental pressures, and that modern society has removed the need for the average person to be in peak physical condition.

    Exercise is extremely important, sure, but today that is for health rather than survival reasons. That farmer likely would have taken a desk job over back-breaking physical labor given the choice.
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    That could be my new account name: BloatedMess
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    Back in the early 80's when I got my first full-time job, janitors had a beer-filled pop machine that a number of people took advantage of. Many executives also kept liquor in their bottom drawer, and lunch-drinking wasn't that unusual. How times change.
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  30. AlfromPA

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    ...non-alcoholic beverages (e.g. water), or even beers that likely may have been less than 4.0% ABV spread over a full day (work and relaxation)...I can see that...but 8 pints of a high ABV beer (e.g., Avery's 'Uncle Jacob' day after day) - naw...
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    Well, most folks probably drink a gallon of fluids a day. A cup is 8oz, and most folks coffee cups are more than that. So, 3 actual cups is a pint and a half, just of coffee. Maybe 2-3 8oz glasses of water during work, and a coke/ice tea/lemonade at lunch and we're nearing 60-64oz. Some more water/gatorade during/after a workout, and one is well over a half gallon. A glass of whatever with dinner, a couple beers while watching the game/movie/TV/gaming, and we're pushing a gallon without really trying to.
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  33. MrOH

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    How many people actually read the article and didn't jump to conclusions?
  34. unlikelyspiderperson

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    I don't need to read it to know the details about the halcyon days of, circa, 2014 when the lines for such illustrious pubs as the Treehouse would begin forming in the wee hours of the morning as the mules would begin to tipple their daily allotment of 8 or 9 pints of hazy ipa and barrel aged stout.
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  35. Rug

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    Cheers to you brother. Appreciate your reviews and all your input on BA, happy to hear everything's looking up for you
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  36. butterygold

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    Factories in Spain removing beer from the vending machines is a fairly recent move.

    I've worked for companies with a cafeteria that features a system where, by forgoing your first course and dessert, you could drink 3 beers at lunch.
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  37. Wewok

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    I love beer, but drinking in the morning isn't my thing.
    To draw a parallel, beer for me is a way of relaxation after a long and tough week.
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    I've tried explaining to my wife that beers with "morning" and "breakfast" in the name are meant to be drunk in the morning. She selectively hears "drunk in the morning", so I just get the ol' side-eye. :unamused:
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    I drink about 200 oz. of liquid a day between tea, coffee, diet soda, coconut water, regular water, seltzer (not hard).

    These were like UK pints which are 19.2 oz. But still, that's only about 153 oz.

    I often wonder if you had 8 beers over the course of a day (at least an hour per beer) how much that would affect the liver. I'm not going to find out, but I was curious nonetheless.
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  40. o29

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    According to Mayo Clinic, "The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine determined that an adequate daily fluid intake is...About 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids a day for men."

    So meeting the recommended amount of daily fluid intake (3.7 liters/125oz) will get you to 97.7% of a full gallon (128oz)/8 US pints (128oz) or to 81.7% of 8 UK pints (153oz).
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