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Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by keester, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. keester

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    Hey, im driving through Madison tomorrow, and I would like to pick up some beer for the weekend. Im just passing through so not looking for a tap room, but to go beer. I've been looking at a handful of breweries there, but I cant tell if they sell cans/crowlers. I assume almost everyone has crowlers. But hoping for some local advise on where to stop to make a couple pickups. Would prefer getting beer straight from breweries, but also if there is a liq that has a nice selection of crafts, id like to know that as well.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. islay

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    My favorite breweries in Madison proper are Vintage, Karben4, Ale Asylum (which distributes in Minnesota), and Funk Factory. Working Draft gets a lot of buzz, though I'm not personally a fan. I don't know crowler or beer-to-go status at any of those places, but Wisconsin breweries don't have container restrictions, so cans at breweries are entirely plausible. Among liquor stores, any Steve's location and Riley's downtown are good options. If you're looking for Madison locals' opinions, take this question to the Great Lakes thread.
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    Funk Factory doesn't package fresh, but does have bottles available to-go. Some of those bottles will also be found at area retailers. Steve's on University has a crowler station. Trixie's (a bottle shop on East Washington) has a taproom/to-go station next door. Barleypop is absolutely worth stopping at for fresh crowler fills of a wide variety of brewers.
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