Lagers Dry Hopped Cali Common - Partial Mash

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    Style- California Common (Steam Beer) - Dry Hopped
    Partial Mash
    5 gallons
    OG: 1.053
    FG: 1.014
    ABV: 5.1%
    IBU: 30 Tinseth

    The mash:
    4lbs- 2-row

    4 lbs Light DME

    Hops (boil):
    1 oz Northern Brewer @ 60 minutes

    Wyeast 2112 - California Lager

    Dry Hops (Select a version):
    To add 5-7 days before bottling
    Version 1 (Brotherhood Steam):
    1.5oz Citra
    1oz Nelson Sauvin

    Version 2:
    1oz Nelson Sauvin
    1oz Mosaic
    1oz Simcoe

    Version 3:
    2oz Nelson Sauvin
    2oz Simcoe

    This is my 'House' recipe. Its a simple recipe that always yields excellent results. Minus the dry hops, this makes a great Anchor Steam Clone. The addition of the dry hops brings it more into line with my favorite from Anchor, Brotherhood Steam. I experiment with the dry hop charge and the above 3 versions represent my favorites. The key (if you plan to adjust the dry hopping) is Nelson Sauvin-- its indispensable as part of the dry hop regiment. Version 1 is the closest contemporary to Brotherhood Steam fwiw.

    Note:For those doing partial boils, this should fit in a 3gal+ kettle with about 2gal of water. The OG assumes pretty bad mash efficiency 55%(good for noobies).

    Basic Partial Mash instructions: Heat water to around 160F. Add grain in a grain bag and maintain temp range between 145-155 as steadily as possible for 45 minutes to an hour or until conversion. Pull the bag and let drain. Then proceed as normal.
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    Interesting. I am just about to get back into brewing after giving it up when my kids were toddlers in the 90's. I just wrote up my first recipe today which was intended to be a twist on one the beers I brewed back in the day...a california common. My tastes have changed, so I decided I'd hop it up a bit. The interesting thing is that I had decided to use Northern Brewer for the bittering hop and Nelson Sauvin hops for the flavor and also to dry hop with them. It sounds like my instincts were pretty good. I was going to go Nelson only as my late addition/dry hop choice. Any thoughts on that vs your blends?
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    I've never done it without a blend, but as you noticed, that blend should have Nelson. So, I think you would be fine using only Nelson for the dry hop. I'm guessing you already brewed it, but I found my favorite flavor profile was version 2, though the intensity of flavor of version 3 was the best. I would use a minimum 3 oz for the dry charge, but I don't use an aroma addition in the boil for basically any beer, just flameout and/or dry hop.