Electric Brewing with Immersion Chiller

Discussion in 'Homebrewing' started by DavidlovesCBC, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. DavidlovesCBC

    DavidlovesCBC Initiate (100) Jan 25, 2014 Florida

    hey all. I have a electric setup. 5500 watt element in a Keggle. My question is does anyone. Here have a similar setup and use an immersion chiller? What to you do to prevent the immersion chiller from resting on your element?
  2. GreenKrusty101

    GreenKrusty101 Crusader (733) Dec 4, 2008 Nevada

    Do not have one myself, but I would imagine it would depend on the dimensions of your heater. The ones I have seen look like a spa/water heater attached to an insulated handle. If that's the case, your IC would need to be separated from the heater (and keggle) by something insulated and inert. A ceramic block might do the trick...but I'd check with a licensed electrician and as usual YMMV :slight_smile:
  3. OldBrewer

    OldBrewer Aspirant (259) Jan 13, 2016 Ontario (Canada)

    It's probably best to circulate your wort through an external counterflow wort chiller using a pump.
  4. pweis909

    pweis909 Poo-Bah (1,762) Aug 13, 2005 Wisconsin

    I have a Blichman boilcoil and a Jaded chiller. I had the chiller custom made to fit inside the coil.
    But it wouldn’t be difficult to build a stand with copper tubing and fittings that sits above the element and provides something for your chiller to rest upon.
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  5. DavidlovesCBC

    DavidlovesCBC Initiate (100) Jan 25, 2014 Florida

    I like this idea. Mine is a Jaded chiller also. Wondering if I should tack solder it to the chiller or try to connect the stand with copper wire
  6. pweis909

    pweis909 Poo-Bah (1,762) Aug 13, 2005 Wisconsin

    I like the idea of the wire, but that could be because I don't solder. I stir my wort frequently, whirlpooling to expedite chilling. Once I had the design down and the stand constructed, I probably would want it attached to the chiller so my stirring didn't disrupt their position.