Europe Trip - Breweries to Hit ?

Discussion in 'Europe' started by drizzlemybeerzle, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. drizzlemybeerzle

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    Hey BA's !

    I'm going to embarking on a 20 day Europe trip in a week and a half, want to get all your suggestions for breweries / beer places to hit while I'm out.

    I'll be going to :
    Iceland, London, Prague, Budapest, Copenhagen, Brussels.

    Any and all recommendations are welcome.

    Cheers !
  2. Domingo

    Domingo Poo-Bah (2,247) Apr 23, 2005 Colorado

    Some easy options are Cantillon in Brussels and U Fleku in Prague.
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  3. Euroglot

    Euroglot Disciple (332) Dec 16, 2015 Belgium

    How long do you stay in Brussels?
  4. mc0629

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    London you should hit the Bermondsey Beer Mile, that’ll keep you entertained there.

    Copenhagen I’d say Warpigs and Himmeriget
  5. FrankenBier

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  6. Sigmund

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  7. d0n_nill0

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    If you find yourself in Copenhagen on a Saturday you can go to Amager Bryghus. They have a small shop and bar open every Saturday where you can try their beers and bring some home. And it's located at the actual brewery so if your ask politely they might even give you a quick tour.

    It's located in the outskirts of town bit you can take a bus there in no time.
  8. BoltTosser

    BoltTosser Initiate (22) Jul 25, 2017 California

    I second the Bermondsey beer mile in London. That was an awesome surprise when my girlfriend and I visited London in May.
  9. KHotchkiss

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    I just returned from Copenhagen. Lot's of great beer there. All the Mikkeller spots are great. I would highly recommend BRUS which is the side project of To ol.
  10. BeerGlassesCollector

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    U Fleku in Prague for sure
  11. hjaul7

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  12. bierfonteintje

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