Extending Beer Name Lengths

Discussion in 'BeerAdvocate Talk' started by dvmin98, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. dvmin98

    dvmin98 Site Editor (2,607) Nov 1, 2010 North Carolina

    Perhaps, think about allowing for more characters in the names of beers. Breweries like Evil Twin are coming up with some crazy long names that don't fit in the current scheme.
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  2. HeilanCoo

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    I disagree. Breweries should keep this shit in check. Names are becoming too wordy.
    To wit: Burial Beer in Asheville is releasing 3 beers this weekend.
    -A Mortal Error of Mirrors French 75 Petit Sour Ale
    -A Future Filled of Broken Thoughts Hurricane Sour Ale
    -A Glimpse of Paradise Bananas Foster Bourbon Barrel Aged Belgian-style Tripel

    I for one think that's pretty ridiculous.
  3. BrewsOverHoes

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    I don't mind the long names, was a faze in music scene for awhile when bands made song titles long as books and nowhere relevant to the subject matter of the song. I found that amusing and this the same.

    But we may have you beat here in GA, I saw this and was like "wait... what?":

  4. Blake_Johnson

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    Being a beer poet, I love these names. If I could try them, so I could write about them, I would in a heartbeat.
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  5. dvmin98

    dvmin98 Site Editor (2,607) Nov 1, 2010 North Carolina

    Not sure what that really means? You think that if we limit the name lengths, the breweries are gonna give a crap? I've had a few people ask me to fix names that they've entered for a beer because they thought they forgot a word or letter. Its just that they get truncated. No big thing.

    Evil Twin has some long names. They don't make sense when they are missing 1/4 of the name. Plus with variants, etc, people won't know what is what.

    And the three names you brought up can be truncated (and fit) by removing the style of beer from the name. But that Orpheus brew is off the charts lol
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  6. gopens44

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    As a rabid Pink Floyd fan, it would be intellectually dishonest if I complained about long beer names when I enjoy little ditties like this;

    "Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict"

    But seriously, brewers stake their money and reputation on what they produce and how it's packaged and presented to the public. I think they should be able to sink or swim with all their decisions, ridiculous or otherwise. I'll never buy an Against the Grain beer simply because of their Brown Note offering, yet i'd never suggest that they haven't a right to name and package it as such. On the flip side, I seriously doubt they are losing sleep over my avoidance...

    For this issue in particular, the notes can contain the entire name, as to provide distinction between variants, if need be. The name block itself is really up to whomever ads it. Abbreviate, use acronyms, maybe use first"x" number of words, whatever. Just make certain the whole name is in the notes.
  7. HorseheadsHophead

    HorseheadsHophead Meyvn (1,327) Sep 15, 2014 New York

    I think Tired Hands is guilty here. Haha.
    "Yes, bartender, I'll have a We Are All Infinite Energy Vibrating At The Same Frequency."
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