Attn Extreme Beer Fest 2014: Forums Have Been Cancelled

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    Due to circumstances beyond our control, we've been forced to cancel the EBF Forums for all 3 sessions. It was an unfortunate, but necessary, call to make.

    This impacts 300 tickets (100 per session), and a total of 135 unique ticket buyers; who'll be contacted according to the contact info we have in Eventbrite.

    What happens to my ticket?
    • A partial refund of $20 (the ticket difference) + any fees will be issued this week to the ticket buyer that Eventbrite has on record. Full refunds will not be issued.
    • Forum tickets will still be used for gaining entry into the fest. New tickets will not be issued.
    • We'll still honor the express entry into the fest. Simply show your Forum ticket to a BA volunteer or security in order to bypass the normal line to get into the fest. Once doors open, you'll be allowed in first. If doors are already open, go to the front of the line and show your ticket.
    What if I bought my ticket from a reseller?
    • We cannot refund you; only the ticket buyer that Eventbrite has on record.
    • You'll need to contact the reseller.
    • We cannot guarantee that your ticket is valid.
    We apologize for the cancellation, but hope you still enjoy quicker access into the fest on us.


    Thanks for your support, and see you at EBF.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.